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Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432


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Kats - I could spend hours looking at the absolute beauty and detail that goes into your projects! A second and third viewing later I notice more & more. The level of restoration is astounding! Most of us can only dream of recreating such excellent examples. Thank you for sharing your pictures & video clips. That's the first time I've heard an S20 and have never seen one in person. A real treat!

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Thank you everyone,I am happy that you enjoyed.

This Z432(PS30) is PS30-00088 and the engine is S20-000884.Japanese Z does not have a manufacture data tag,but we can see this car could leave the factory Jan/1970.Official data for the Japanese automobile production shows PS30-00073 is the first one for the 1970 production.

I noticed these,

07 Jan 1970 on the basement for the steering horn pad(actually it is 45 1,7)

15 Nov 1969 on the back of the tach meter

My feeling is,the basement for the steering horn pad is very close to the date when it left from the factory,I have seen other good examples.What do you every one think of it?

My 240Z has 02 Mar 1970 on the basement for the horn pad.My 240Z has 03/70 for the door jam tag.

I will tell you about differences & interesting features on the Z432.

Thank you,



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I’m going to reference some of your earlier threads so that everyone knows the history behind this conversation. These threads discuss the ink and paint date stamps on specific parts. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21432&highlight=date+stamp


And this thread discusses what cars and how many were produced in 1969 – early 1970.


I’m glad to see you back with pictures and information, Kats. Your new toy looks great and I hope you bring it to Florida!

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I am amazed at the quality of the restoration of the Fairlady z-432. Kats, you must truly know what you are doing to restore the car to that level of finish.

That is the level of quality I would LIKE to have, but realise I can neither afford the time or the money to achieve it. Where do all the parts come from?Kats, you say some are restored, some are new. It is impossible for me to tell the difference.

The Fairlady is a great credit to your standard of work. It produces a very high benchmark for the rest of us to aim for. I realise that some of the group also aim for these high ideals. Well done to you too.

A most interesting tour of your photos Kats.

Regards, Jack

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Again, thank you everyone enjoyed watching my web site.

What would I say if some one asked me to explain my impression of Z432 briefly?

I would say " racing model from the factory,sexy sound ! " and "it is given many special parts" and " that is why it is heavy".

S20 engine is about 440 LB, L24 is about 400 LB. Front section is relatively heavier than L-series model,Z432 got stiffer spring coils for all the suspension and front struts are slightly different.

Following items are OEM parts for Z432,please enjoy seeing and paying attention to these items which NISSAN (Prince,Alan can tell much more ) put a lot of effort and cost. I list up as much as I can remember,


#1 S20 enigne with 3 MIKUNI carbs(it is slightly different from Skyline GTR's, oil pan,cylinder block, exhaust manifold ,etc)

#2 nicely fabricated exhaust manifold

#3 air cleaner box and related parts

#4 aluminum radiator with a reservoir bottle

#5 Transistor igniter system

#6 electric fuel pump located near the final gear


#1 rear suspension got sway bar

#2 R 192 is the final gear

#3 twin tail pipes exhaust system

#4 Tach displays max 10000x

#5 rally clock is standard

#6 reclining seat mechanism is standard(this was not available for the U.S. until mid 1971)

#7 Magnesium wheel is standard(including a spare)

#8 432 emblem(All early emblems are casting metal,same as other S30 family)

Jack,is your Z is Japanese Z? i.e,Fairlady-ZL?I would like to hear more:)

This Z432 remains a lot of original early parts,Chris will be interested,like bonnet bumpers,red dot mirror,seat bottm side plastic guards,seat belt holders,non-small acess door for the tail light interior trim etc.

But Mr.Moroe who did this wonderful job,put lots of OEM parts for this Z432.I did not nothing,I just talked with him a lot and I showed my intention during this restoration.


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Hullo Kats

My car is a 1973 Datsun Fairlady 240Z-L, sold to an Australian lady working in Japan at the time. I have all the original Nissan documentation, including the following: Estimate, Sales Note, Purchase Order, Bill and separate Receipts for Deposit and Balance.

The Vin is HS30 103407 and Engine # L24 185588. I believe the build date is 48 07 13 and the vehicle was "transferred" on 48 07 25. The vehicle was first registered on August 10, 1973. First Insurance is dated 48 8 9.

Kats I know you understand the dates provided above.

The 240Z is not original, in the sense that there have been many parts replaced over the 30+ years. The lady who owned the car maintained it very well and has kept complete records of all maintenance. It has travelled approximately 195k km. It maintains the main theme of the 240Z-L, with the fender mirrors, headlight protectors, 8 track Stereo and AM Radio etc.

I am "refreshing" the car only, but am anxious to get it back on the road. I am waiting on important parts and upgraded seat belts (retractable) and then I will be away.

Congratulations on your cars once agian. I am particularly impressed with the Z432. It is amazing.

Regards, Jack

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Hi Jack,

That is a very interesting story,I love to imagine when your Z was on the trip by a ship.The Australian lady made a good choice of colour,blue Fairlady is very rare and I love blue.We hardly have ever seen this color on the road.Japanese people like to have White and Silver still nowadays.They do not want to have fun with colors?

Especially for old days like 40 years ago,people chose not-loud color.To own a sports car,that was not usual thing for ordinary people.Even the people could have Z,they chose white/silver.We often say why so many Fairlady Zs are white or silver?Because here in Japan!

I think Nissan knew this Japanese choice,then the factory made many white/ silver S30 prior to receive customer request.On the other hand,in the U.S. there are lots of Orange Zs,are not they?I guess Nissan was reported people in the U.S. love to have Orange for a sports car...

Hi Chris A,

The black box is an aircleaner box.It contains an wet paper filter.On the 432 run up video,you can see the orange box attached carbs,that looks like an air cleaner box,but it is not.It is air induction box.The orange box is connected to the black box.

Attached pictures are from the Fairlady catalog. Cooling fan is made of plastic from the beginning of its production,not like an early L24 used a metal fan.

You can see how is engine mounted , it is slant not level from the ground in order to make the drive train axle strait to the final gear.

So the engine of S30 (L-series and S20)has to be high.Skyline mounts engine lower than S30.But drive train axle is not strait.




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Hi Kats:

Speaking of 240-Z's and Z-432's.

Do you know if any of the Fairlady 240-Z's that were raced by the Factory supported teams are being restored by private owners today in Japan? Or for that matter any of the Fairlady 240-Z's that were raced by any of the famous private owners. After the Fairlady 240-Z's were released in Japan.


Carl B.

BTW - you may recall that the very earliest L24's, that were planned for the DATSUN 240-Z's did have a plastic fan. That was the L24 with triple side drafts, and 175 HP - recall the early 1969 Sales Brochures - that engine was however killed by the US Emissions Standards that took effect in early 70.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello Carl,

Yes I know what you are talking about L24 with plastic fan.

I think that early days,some important things were not settled down yet,like this sales catalog said. U.S. Nissan planned to sale standard 240Z(150ps with S.U. carbs) and sports model 240Z(175PS with solex carbs)???

For the Z432,there were 180PS model which is tested in the factory.It has got sports cam,valves,exaust manifold,etc.Engineers pushed this 432 to be listed on the brochure as a standard Z432. But that model was not listed.They all disapointed that decision.

I recently became to know Mr.Miyazaki Takeo who was a Nissan engineer and talk with him by E-mail.

Mr.Miyazaki told me very interesting S30 developing story which I have never heard of.

He tested not only Fairlady-Z,also 240Z.Especialy he tested HS30,because he was in a europian 240Z team.

Late 1960's and early 1970's,there were still conflict of Prince and Nissan.Mr.Miyazaki said Nissan bought Prince,but Nissan really did not use their skills.





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Hi Kats:

As always, very interesting. Do you have captions, for the pictures of Mr. Miyazaki? Is that him standing by the Z's and 510? What year was it taken?

As I understand it - the conflict between the former Prince employees (Skyline Group?) and Nissan employees (Z Group?) continued far into the 90's. More understandable now, if Nissan used Prince's engine for the 432, but not the people that developed it, it would cause some hard feelings.

It is a shame that Nissan Management allowed the two groups to compete within the corporation for so many years. Mass production and the sale of the Skylines in the US might have added significantly to the NISSAN brand here, as well as adding sorely needed revenue.

The story is that when Renault took over - the Skyline group was finally forced to join the rest of the Nissan line-up. Of course the RB engine plant was shut down, the Nissan Competition Dept. in the USA was consolidated into the overall NISMO umbrella etc. So we might finally see the new Skylines sold here in the US.

Of course with the very cheap cars predicted by Carlos and Toyota coming from China, we might well see the "DATSUN" brand brought back to the States as well. They are all saying a new car will be about $6K in the near future....

As a side note - seeing the 510 in the picture you Posted and speaking of the return of DATSUN, here is a picture of my latest Datsun - a 1972 510 Station Wagon! It has about 200K miles, is mostly all original, and runs like a top. The original engine has never been taken apart, and with the exception of the hood, left front fender and door - the paint is all original. I'm the third owner now. As much fun to drive today as it was in 1972.


Carl B.


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