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  1. Looks like it's been kicking around SoCal for a while: https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/13959-mid-engined-240z/ The pictures you posted were taken in Malibu. The wheels are from an Infiniti G35. Give the guy credit for keeping everything Nissan.
  2. Man, Juno! What a throwback! I remember having a (free, which was kind of astonishing) Juno address for a while back in the mid 90s. Mostly so my parents couldn't see my inbox. Though in retrospect, they had no idea how any of it worked...
  3. Similar to S30Driver -- got 6 nuts and bolts and some washers from the hardware store. Sealed with some pieces of rubber cut from a bicycle inner tube.
  4. Been there Charles! Watched a ton of Youtube videos (a few good but a lot of bad) and tried to find reviews worth reading (waste of time). Ended up with the DeVilbiss FLG4. I don't know how it compares to the pro-level guns that start at $500, but even to my very novice self, it's definitely an improvement over the cheaper ($50) Harbor Freight guns. ETA: looks like HF has a new gun: https://www.harborfreight.com/air-tools-compressors/air-spray-guns/20-oz-professional-hvlp-gravity-feed-air-spray-gun-56152.html I don't know anything about it, but a lot of HF's new professional tool lines have received good-to-excellent reviews and seem to be properly legit. It might be worth a look.
  5. Went through this myself a few months ago. zcarsource.com has the best price, but the condition of the part might be a crapshoot (ask me how I know). If you want to know what you're buying beforehand, best bet is eBay.
  6. Got mine from Bumper Automobile as well. Had to adjust the tabs on front and rear to get it to sit how I wanted, but otherwise no issues with fitment.
  7. Add me to the list of folks that doesn't think the 240z bumpers work with the 280z valence. Actually, I think the stock lower valence on both the 240z and 280z is kind of a miss. A replacement air damn or the BRE style spook air dam is a much better look. One more hot take: the placement for the turn indicators is better on the 280z than the 240z.
  8. I remember that post making the rounds and thinking it was a neat look. Different and distinctive without being garish. Thumbs up on taking it out of the turn signal circuit, too.
  9. I don't have the stomach (or budget!) to take on big projects like audio or motor right now, so I'm keeping idle hands busy with some of the little things that have been bugging me for a while but never got around to fixing. Stripped the ratty paint off the wiper arms and hit them with some satin black and put on new blades that'll probably never be used. Someone commented on them this morning, so time well spent. On to the tail lights, which were really bringing the exterior down. Something had melted the right one, the chrome foil on the bezels was lifting and torn and the lenses (esp on the left) were rather faded. I also wasn't crazy about the graphite color I used on the panels -- too light, and too matte. So I ordered a new (used) tail light assembly from Z Car Source and was not too happy to find that the one piece of it that I really needed was also the only part of the new one that was damaged 🙄 Ended up cutting the broken end off the new one and then super glued on the end from my old one. I tied to match up the seam with the lens pattern and it's...good enough. Meguiar's polishing compound brought the lenses back to life. I used Duplicolor Perfect Match GM Iridium on the panels, which I'm much happier with. The bezels I'm still not sure about. I bought 3 different kinds of "chrome" paint, which are all just silver (here's a test of two -- Duplicolor and Krylon. Not chrome and not even close). Supposedly you can get better results applying it over gloss black, but it didn't matter. I thought about leaving them black, but it was a little too 1980s retro for my taste. I can live with them for now, but might try wrapping them in chrome vinyl one day. Still, I'm a lot happier with the view back here now.
  10. View Advert Free: 280z Bumpers Front and rear bumper from my 280 are available for free to anyone that wants to pick them up here in SoCal. Both bumpers are quite straight, but the chrome is rough. The rubber end pieces are pretty beat up as well. Trying to clear out some space in the garage and would rather these find a better home than the dumpster. Front filler piece is already gone. Advertiser charliekwin Date 08/08/2021 Price Category Parts for Sale

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    Front and rear bumper from my 280 are available for free to anyone that wants to pick them up here in SoCal. Both bumpers are quite straight, but the chrome is rough. The rubber end pieces are pretty beat up as well. Trying to clear out some space in the garage and would rather these find a better home than the dumpster.


    Arcadia, California - US

  12. Ha, that makes sense and honestly it never crossed my mind! (Not here fishing for compliments. Just dense sometimes.) I always like talking to other people about their cars, but who did the work seems to rarely come up.
  13. Fun morning today. Took the Z down the street to Carcadia at Route 66, the local cars and coffee event here. It was my first time going (naturally, I took zero pictures) and the first time taking my car to an event like this. Mine was the only S30 there this time, though a couple of roadsters padded the Datsun ranks, and I chatted with their owners for a bit. A lot of people had nice things to say about the car, which was very gratifying. No less than 5 asked "who did the paint?" (I guess this is just one of the standard car questions to ask) and being able to say "me, in my garage" sure makes all the time and effort worth it.
  14. Thanks for the kinds words y'all. As is often the case, perseverance pays off! I definitely underestimated how much more difficult it is to deal with a properly damaged panel vs simply fixing dings and dents.
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