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  1. The Z accident is a bummer, but I'm not really angry about it. That kind of thing happens; we're all human. The G tweaks me. No note or anything, there was *plenty* of space, and I'll probably be out a $500 deductible to get it fixed. Lots of things I'd rather spend that money on.
  2. Got to dig into my situation. Preliminary assessment: One good dent on the hood. Wish it weren't so close to the edge. Bad photo, but there's very small break on the opposite side that I don't remember seeing. If I can avoid repainting the bottom of the hood too, that'll be a win. Bumper buckled on the top and bottom. No scrapes or dents anywhere, though! Not sure the best way to get it back to shape, but seems doable. Bracket got pretty well twisted. Probably need to remake at least one of them. Air dam took a little damage from the bumper and one of the holes isn't looking great. I can clean up the bumper recess with body filler. It's not a super-visible piece, so maybe I can get away with touchup paint instead of repainting the whole thing. Headlight needs a massage. Grill was mostly unscathed. As does the hood hinge and the fender support piece on the front end. Best news: no damage to the area around the radiator core support. Feel confident that there's no frame or structural damage. The headlight bucket is wrecked. The fender isn't much better. Gotta source a few parts. Not sure what I'll tackle first. Even though everything here is about the best I could've hoped for, I'm kind of unenthusiastic about it all right now. Oh, and when I came out of the gym last night, I found that THIS happened to my other car in the parking lot. You gotta be kidding me....
  3. The other party was in Jeep Compass. They were in a rental (I think some kind of private party rental) and looks like it just got their bumper and some trim. I filed a claim with my insurance company mainly just so I don't have to worry about any of it. No determination of fault yet. If I get anything from my insurance company, great, but honestly, it's the time and work that's hung over me more than any of the costs. Assuming everything looks good after I pull it apart, I'm probably at ~$500 in parts, paint and other materials. I'm with you guys on the fender and headlight. I'm still just coming to terms with having to re-weld it again and don't want to think about it :) Passenger side hood hinge was tweaked; same with the front of the fender support (at least). Hope nothing too bad happened to the hood -- they're harder to find. And the bumper's stainless, which I assume is easier to fix than one that's chrome plated. Buddy of mine suggested that the vanity plate might be a little too on the nose. Next time maybe I'll pick something way more positive and hope it's similarly prophetic 😄 (I dunno...maybe LTRYWNR?)
  4. No injuries at least, so that's something to be grateful for. Peeked under the hood and didn't see anything that worries me. You're right about the fender and headlight though. I'm dumb enough to at least try to fix it, but almost certainly will need to find new ones. If I do it myself and if I only have to paint the hood and fender, that's not so bad. I had flaws in those panels that nagged at me anyway. There are other flaws that nag at me, and will try hard not to think re-painting the whole care would somehow be a good idea.
  5. Car pulled out of a driveway across multiple lanes of stopped traffic to get into the left turn lane, which I was already in. Stood on the brakes, but wasn't enough. I'll tear into it tomorrow after the adjuster comes, but it looks like the hood and air dam are probably salvageable. Bumper is bent, and maybe fixable too. Door looks fine so far, so I'm hopeful there's no structural damage. Haven't decided how I want to deal with any of it yet.
  6. As my only car? The new one. As a second car? S30.
  7. It's still ugly now ? This is stolen from a Jalopnik commenter who says he spent 10 minutes on it, and it's definitely an improvement: All in all, it's not bad --not at all-- but I can't help but think it presents like a 370z that got a bunch of work done (given the situation at Nissan, that'd make sense). It doesn't jump out as distinctly new and exciting. Can something just be "whelming?" Because this car is very "whelming." If I were shopping for a reasonably priced sports car, I'd put it on my list, but it doesn't make me want something I didn't before.
  8. The grill and front fascia is a big whiff IMO. Looks like it should have "FPO" in big letters...maybe the designer got stuck and forgot to come back to it! Headlights aren't doing it for me either. The rest looks pretty good!
  9. I'm about 2 miles away from the Bobcat fire. Homes aren't immediately threatened (so far), though many people around here have been told to prepare to evacuate. We've been lucky with this fire with respect to location and weather. Air quality is the biggest issue. Wednesday was tolerable, but by Thursday my house smelled like a campfire. Woke up Friday morning and couldn't even see the mountains a mile or so away. Not gonna lie, I'm kinda glad I'm not up on the hills right now (I was a firefighter once upon a time) -- this year is shaping up to be as bad as any I can remember.
  10. It's just a couple tabs that are spot welded on. I'd imagine they could be left out if someone's doing a production run. If not: 30 seconds with an angle grinder. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  11. You're talking about what Nissan called the "sight shield" right? It's been years since I took mine off, but I seem to recall having to bend it upwards quite a bit to get a spot weld cutter in there. Mine had been in a collision, so I wasn't trying to preserve it or anything, but I think it'd be tough to take it off without doing at least a little damage.
  12. I made my own brackets for front and rear, so spacers weren't necessary. But like siteunseen, I didn't want anything rubbing directly on the paint, so I cut up a bike tire tube and used that on the rear on the bracket and side mounts.
  13. I covered the roof entirely in Dynamat...needed a flat surface, like you said. Was a mistake to do that before I did body and paint, but you're doing it in the right order ?
  14. My approach was to remove all the stock tar mat, then small Dynamat pieces on large flat panels, and finished with mass-loaded vinyl with closed-cell foam backing. I picked that up about 7 or 8 years ago when I was active on DIY Mobile Audio and is what SDS was promoting as well. There might be a new hotness these days, but I've been very happy with it. I didn't do any decibel readings before/after (should have), but it's considerably quieter --and cooler!-- than it was. I'm not a fan of using Dynamat sheets on the whole panel; I don't think the cost and weight is worth it. Plus installing (and removing, if you need to) that stuff is a real PITA.
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