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  1. CHL240Z

    HLS30-01121 Gets A New Life

    I got a call from John at Just Dashes today and he told me that they are not going to be able to repair the Tachometer Lens or the Clock Lens. He asked if I could source the parts it would help them greatly. I have been all over the sites looking for a place to get the lenses to no avail. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. On a positive note. The body is almost complete and should be home soon.
  2. CHL240Z

    1970 HLS30-06521 Re-Restoration

    Looking forward to watching your restoration. Looks like some body work is definitely in the cards for you but glad that you are keeping her alive. Clay
  3. CHL240Z

    240Z - All done and ready to...

    Very nice looking car. Also, that's an awesome space to work on cars.
  4. CHL240Z

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    @motorman7 great to see that you are taking on another restoration. Looks like this one will take my spot at the shop soon. Clay
  5. CHL240Z

    E31 Head

    @siteunseen been talking to Sandyl in PM. Appreciate the bump brother.
  6. CHL240Z

    HLS30-01121 Gets A New Life

    You don't know how lucky I am that the donor car was there and available. Many thanks =).
  7. CHL240Z

    Pretty cool early Z

    I was thinking the same thing.
  8. CHL240Z

    HLS30-01121 Gets A New Life

    So I went to Just Dashes last Friday and dropped my Dash and Center Console off. Talked to Abe and John for about an hour. I was really impressed with the staff there and their quality of work is top notch. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the dash but really, who among us wants to see another Z Dash that has been thrashed over the years. I did take this one though. Saturday I went to Miguel's to make another payment and pick up my Front and Rear Suspension. I brought my friend from Dallas along to see the car and meet the master himself. It has been in the shop for a month and I think they are making great progress. I will start tearing into the rear suspension soon because I want to get the R180 checked out and rebuild the half-shafts. I am also looking into completely building the three wiring harnesses from scratch using new wire and vintage connectors. I can grab a fuse block off of summit racing and completely re-fabricate a plug and play wiring harness for 1121. I have been doing electrical work in the Navy for 19 years and looking at the existing harness and schematics, I know I can get it done. Im just wondering if this is something anyone else would be willing for me to do for them? Clay
  9. CHL240Z

    Purchased my First S30 Today!

    Welcome to the Forum. There are a lot of years of knowledge here. I would read as much as possible and never be afraid to ask a question. As far as your car being a black sheep and undesirable??? A car that was in production for only 1 year (here in the US) is not non-collectible in my book. Great job and good buy imho. Clay
  10. CHL240Z

    HLS30-01121 Gets A New Life

    @Mark Maras That makes since in my mind, that chisel's blade angle probably made it easier didn't it?
  11. CHL240Z

    HLS30-01121 Gets A New Life

    @Patcon i am not sure, it sure looks like he is. Just finished reading your thread and glad we both got our projects jump started again.
  12. CHL240Z

    HLS30-01121 Gets A New Life

    It is as I thought, the frame rails on the passenger side are shot and quite a bit of rust. Miguel just happened to have a front clip from a 1970 donor car that is in much better shape. So 1121 is off to be sand blasted and work on the donor front clip has start ed.
  13. CHL240Z

    HLS30-01121 Gets A New Life

    @Patcon me to. I also talked to Dave Rebello today and should be sending my engine to him next week sometime. I will be glad to start making some progress on this project again. I am just excited that it is at the shop. @wheee!It is nice!!!
  14. CHL240Z

    HLS30-01121 Gets A New Life

    Well I finally pulled the trigger and went to speak with Miguel at Customs by Miguel. Had a great conversation and had the Z delivered to him yesterday. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile

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