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  1. Derek

    Stripped threads

    +1 for Timesert. I use both coil inserts and timeserts. They both have their place. Lots of aluminum parts require coil inserts especially in aircraft work.
  2. Any bearing (bushing) that is pressed in would probably need to be reamed or honed FYI.
  3. Well we are now talking visceral vs physics which is a different discussion. A quicker ratio will require more input torque. That I believe isn't open for discussion but I will certainly listen. That was a joke. If I was in the UK I would want a RHD. I'm in agreement as to the slow side. I installed comp steering arms 20 years ago and have never regretted it. Agreed. It's a fair outlay of capital I'm sure. The only reason I've commented is the question about the input torque being higher and Jason's non answer. It will require more input torque. It will have a faster (better) response. Coupled with the new power steering low speed assists would make a great combination in my opinion.
  4. But doesn't the ratio effect the input torque required to turn it? I know in every other application gear ratios and torque required go hand in hand. Probably had to do with the steering wheel being on the wrong side of the car in the UK. With the stock width tires on the S30 input torque on the steering wheel is manageable but since most people that own these cars have increased the tire sizes, input torque becomes a valid issue. That is why you see kits available for power steering available now.
  5. Derek


    I'm not sure that is a fair statement regarding Biden. He really hasn't been a leader in an executive branch nor was he ever a governor or mayor. He chaired two Senate committees but I'm not sure if that is really considered a leader. He was Vise President though and has most certainly been in the same room when decisions were made.
  6. Derek


    It's a lack of leadership that has put the US in the position it is in. A good leader sets the example and sets the narrative. Nations across the globe are under attack. How the leaders responded dictated the outcome. It's like we were attacked by a foreign enemy and the answer from the federal government was for states to buy their own bullets on ebay. Not in a pandemic. In a pandemic your actions control MY destiny as well as yours. I'm fine if you want to jump off a cliff. If you try and grab me as you go off the edge I'm going to have something to say about it.
  7. Derek


    Vaccine for Covid or selfish stupidity?
  8. North of Mount Dora up to Ocala can be pretty decent. There are so many little lakes that the roads have to do a lot of meandering and that can be nice. Between Ocala and Gainesville west of 75 has some decent runs. Since we have no mountains, lakes and swampland dictate the path the roads take.
  9. And you are correct. Just happen to have my car up on the lift and rotating would probably make it worse.
  10. +1 for Flipping the rear vent tube. This would make replacement of that hose a lot easier. Great job though and the price seems very reasonable to me.
  11. So the brackets that came with it don't line up with the holes in the evap? Most of us here have gone the Gen 2 mini route so you are kind of a pioneer. From the angle of the pictures it looks too large to fit under the dash. Have you test fit it yet? You are going to have to fab up some custom brackets no matter what.
  12. The Jamb nut would need to be tighter than the locked up motor and that could be tough.
  13. Now you all know I love to machine stuff but it occurs to me maybe taking an old crank gear and grinding flats on it would be an easier way to go.
  14. Derek, 

    Do you still have the 280Z kick panel speaker pods available?




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