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  1. Derek


    I'm not sure that is a fair statement regarding Biden. He really hasn't been a leader in an executive branch nor was he ever a governor or mayor. He chaired two Senate committees but I'm not sure if that is really considered a leader. He was Vise President though and has most certainly been in the same room when decisions were made.
  2. Derek


    It's a lack of leadership that has put the US in the position it is in. A good leader sets the example and sets the narrative. Nations across the globe are under attack. How the leaders responded dictated the outcome. It's like we were attacked by a foreign enemy and the answer from the federal government was for states to buy their own bullets on ebay. Not in a pandemic. In a pandemic your actions control MY destiny as well as yours. I'm fine if you want to jump off a cliff. If you try and grab me as you go off the edge I'm going to have something to say about it.
  3. Derek


    Vaccine for Covid or selfish stupidity?
  4. North of Mount Dora up to Ocala can be pretty decent. There are so many little lakes that the roads have to do a lot of meandering and that can be nice. Between Ocala and Gainesville west of 75 has some decent runs. Since we have no mountains, lakes and swampland dictate the path the roads take.
  5. And you are correct. Just happen to have my car up on the lift and rotating would probably make it worse.
  6. +1 for Flipping the rear vent tube. This would make replacement of that hose a lot easier. Great job though and the price seems very reasonable to me.
  7. So the brackets that came with it don't line up with the holes in the evap? Most of us here have gone the Gen 2 mini route so you are kind of a pioneer. From the angle of the pictures it looks too large to fit under the dash. Have you test fit it yet? You are going to have to fab up some custom brackets no matter what.
  8. The Jamb nut would need to be tighter than the locked up motor and that could be tough.
  9. Now you all know I love to machine stuff but it occurs to me maybe taking an old crank gear and grinding flats on it would be an easier way to go.
  10. Derek, 

    Do you still have the 280Z kick panel speaker pods available?




  11. Hi everyone. Here is a link to the FAQ on the head. http://www.datsunworks.com/Blog/faq-for-twin-cam-cylinder-head/ The blog has most of the posts from Hybrid Z without all the discussion in between. I'm in production as we speak on 4 non-VTC heads and one VCT prototype head that is for me. The head is based on the Honda K20 and uses all K20 valve train for the exception of the cams and the timing chain. The S7 tool steel cam cores are produced by me and then after heat treating are sent to Schneider Cams for semi finishing. They can also grind the lobe profile as well or you can send it off to another grinder. Semi finishing is basically grinding all of the bearing surfaces to spec. The pricing being thrown around are based on what I think it's going to eventually take to produce the heads. Keep in mind there is no "economy of scale" on these. It is and will always be a very small market. The price will never go down. I'm happy to answer any questions but the FAQ has most of the pertinent info. Thanks Derek
  12. All good considering. Just got the power back on at the house Friday. No damage to the shop or the foundry so hopefully I'll be back on the heads asap. Thanks Derek
  13. Someday we will have replicators but that time is not now. It's a good thing that people get excited about this technology but it's a better thing that they are realistic about what the end product will be. Then time isn't wasted trying to make something that is destine to fail. I think OP should produce the electrical plug mentioned earlier. This will be an excellent item to test the limits of both the human and machine. The overwhelming descriptions on 3D printers is "for visualizing and prototyping" not production. Recreating an injection molded electrical plug will give everyone an idea of what to expect and what can be done. In my opinion the cross sections are way too thin for printing but this tech changes by the minute so I could be wrong. Not trying to be a downer just trying to steer this in a practical direction:) Derek.
  14. 3D scans without a ton of refinement are best suited for organic type items. Any item that needs to meet size criteria like an electrical plug is probably not a good choice. Traditional reverse engineering techniques would be better suited. The only time I go from scan to part is when it is something like an ornamental leaf or a reproduction part that needs to have all the detail and mistakes. With a scan you are working with meshes. Even though printed parts are from meshes they are generally a solid model that has been meshed as the final step. Scanning is very handy for reverse engineering though. I'll often scan something and import it into my solids modeling program. I then start building a solid model around the mesh. In my opinion the foam that dashes use is ill suited for CNC machining. Too soft. You would want to scan the dash, create a solid model. Use that model to make an injection mold for the foam. Nice equipment for sure but if you can't solid model and CAM then they are paperweights. It is great to see that they are making the investment in this kind of stuff. The best advice I always give is learn to solid model. Fusion 360 is free and powerful. They probably have post processors for all that equipment. The list of equipment sounds like Tony Starks workshop:) Derek
  15. The problem for me here is I can't edit any of my posts. On HybridZ I was able to go back and update all of my posts. It kind of sucks because I have a couple of "how to" posts here that I would like to update.
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