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  1. So I have the Gen 2 Mini in my 73. It works well enough but if the car has been sitting in the Florida sun on a 95 degree day it takes quite a while for it to cool it down. I’m going to upgrade it to something larger. I called Vintage Air to get some tech specs on the various models. The person helping me was able to search for sales by car model and said they sold a Gen IV Magnum last year to a person with a 73 who lives in Austin TX and they never returned it. Now we all know that doesn’t mean that it fit or if they ever even opened the box but I figured I’d throw it out there to see if anyone knows about it. As a side note has anyone fit anything larger than the mini in their S30? Thanks Derek
  2. I'm running the Vintage Air Gen2 Mini and I'm up in Ocala. It fits really well up in the dash and does a great job at cooling October through June and a good job July through September. There are a few write ups on this forum about the units.
  3. The engine tilts 12 degrees. I verified this many times during the development of the KN20.
  4. +1 on this. The more poly I ad to the car the more cabin noise I get. I'm toughing it out for now but at some point I'm going back to rubber.
  5. Well actually in stainless it comes down to alloys. 400 series will rust like crazy but is designated as stainless. 304 and 316 less so. As I tell my customers. "It's stain LESS not stain proof". 🙂 I have had bumpers from Harrington on my daily driven 240 that spends a good deal of time outside for years and I have zero complaints. No rust and they shine up nicely.
  6. I'm running mine with in the "hang" style with no snubber and no bottom mount but tried a few variations before that. The mount transfers noise for sure but the best configuration was OEM rubber mount below with the snubber up top. I kept an air gap between the snubber and the diff though so that it only came into play during hard acceleration. One other thing to note. If there is any other issue in your drive train the mount will telegraph and amplify it. Derek
  7. I own a Sunnen line bore machine and I would be trying different sets of towers before I went that route. Setting up the boring bar to bore the correct ID and getting the head true to the machine is a major PIA.
  8. So many questions:) Durability and reliability are directly connected to HP, torque, tire width, driving style etc etc. Turbo car with wide tires and a propensity for hole shots....You are going to have a bad day. Under 275 to the wheels and the occasional hole shot when your brother in-law comes to visit....Probably going to be fine. Here is the first non functional prototype. I took one of my extra CD009 prototype castings and sliced and diced it to see if the conversion was feasible. This is the final-ish shifter design. It uses the stock BRZ shifter. There are aftermarket short throw shifters available. Costs are going to be in line with the CD009 conversion. The bell housing will be right around $1000.00. The shifter mount should come in under 250.00. For the total package you will need a TL70 new or used, bell housing, shifter, new yet to be designed cross member and most likely a driveshaft. Used transmissions are around 250.00 - 500.00. New ones are available for 2300.00 or so. Rebuild parts are Reilly available as well as aftermarket gear sets. Also there is no provision for a speedo cable so you either need to use a GPS speedo or Speedhut makes a motorized conversion that takes GPS data and converts it to a motor drive. The biggest reason for this conversion is for you to help fund my retirement but beyond that you don't need to modify your sheet metal so returning to stock is easy. Second would be bragging rights. "yes but mine has 6" Seriously though, rebuild parts are drying up for the 240sx transmissions and that is what originally got me started on the CD009 conversion. I wanted a new transmission in my car and both the CD009 and the TL70 are available new at what I think is a reasonable price. I'm waiting of the first two castings to arrive from the foundry so I can finalize things. They are poured I'm just waiting on them to heat treat. I'm keeping a list of people interested so if anyone is, email me at [email protected] with the subject: TL70 6 speed. Derek
  9. Not trying to plug my product but I'm working on a conversion bell housing for the Aisin TL70. The TL70 is a six speed out of the BRZ and FRS cars. The swap does not require cutting the car like my CD009 conversion does. I've had the CD009 in my car for a bit and I can say with certainty that a 6 speed with 1:1 5th matches my style of driving. Fast off the line and the overdrive in 6th helps a ton on the highway. I'm running a 3.54 rear. Here are the TL70 ratios. You may want to plug then into your calculator. The TL70 is cheap and plentiful since young drivers have a habit of wadding them up:) TL70 Gear Ratios 1st 3.626 2nd 2.188 3rd 1.541 4th 1.213 5th 1.0 6th 0.767
  10. I'm running a Rostra 250-1223 with a Rostra 250-3592 Dash Mount Cruise Control Switch and a 250-4165 Magnetic VSS Speed Pulse Generator. It works pretty well. It's a little finicky about engaging but other than that it's been fine for probably 15 years.
  11. +1 for Timesert. I use both coil inserts and timeserts. They both have their place. Lots of aluminum parts require coil inserts especially in aircraft work.
  12. Any bearing (bushing) that is pressed in would probably need to be reamed or honed FYI.
  13. Well we are now talking visceral vs physics which is a different discussion. A quicker ratio will require more input torque. That I believe isn't open for discussion but I will certainly listen. That was a joke. If I was in the UK I would want a RHD. I'm in agreement as to the slow side. I installed comp steering arms 20 years ago and have never regretted it. Agreed. It's a fair outlay of capital I'm sure. The only reason I've commented is the question about the input torque being higher and Jason's non answer. It will require more input torque. It will have a faster (better) response. Coupled with the new power steering low speed assists would make a great combination in my opinion.
  14. But doesn't the ratio effect the input torque required to turn it? I know in every other application gear ratios and torque required go hand in hand. Probably had to do with the steering wheel being on the wrong side of the car in the UK. With the stock width tires on the S30 input torque on the steering wheel is manageable but since most people that own these cars have increased the tire sizes, input torque becomes a valid issue. That is why you see kits available for power steering available now.
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