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  1. I must admit, the thought did cross my mind. Especially with access to the supplies. Back to the loyalty oath. It had nothing to do with security. On the contrary, it had everything to do with insecurity.
  2. Wow, you're good. Check printing, credit card embossing along with all the paperwork that banks used back then. Curiously, later on as I tried other occupations, I ran into that same loyalty oath in the upper management. That was one of the things in my life that drove me to study Behavioral Psychology. I found the answers to a lot of "Abby Normal" behavior there.
  3. Thanks, but No Thanks. I waded into the corporate world of banking and manufacturing when I was younger. I started to run into superiors? that asked me for a loyalty oath. That told me all I needed to know. Long story short, I found that creating something with my mind and hands, as well as treating others as US rather than THEM , to be far more satisfying than chasing money and power.
  4. I don't see the need to remove the head. Either way you'll have to come up with a valve spring compressor. IF, the compression is satisfactory in all cylinders, leave the head on. Removing it may open a Pandora's Box of broken bolts and studs. The rope in the cylinder and the lever action spring compressor is the easiest method of changing the seals. Watch several different videos until you can't find anything else to learn and then go for it. That's what I do.
  5. 4-5 psi fuel pressure may be too much pressure for the float valves. 3-3 1/2 psi is all the carbs need. I'm assuming the 5 psi occurs at higher RPMs.
  6. Roller bearing crankshaft and spins up to 8000 RPMs. I watched most of the video. Sounds like a nice lumpy cam but he never does wind it up.
  7. It wouldn't have been that difficult to oust them. Take a lesson from history. Lay siege to the compound. No one in or out. Cut off water and food. Three days after the water runs out their focus would change from their selfish Narcissism to I need water. No shots fired.
  8. I think they're plan was the same as Trumps. No real plan but If you won't let me win, I'll fix it so no one can play the game.
  9. Most Portlanders are amazed that it showed up here first. The remainder are adding this to their list of conspiracy theories.
  10. It's time for new bearings.
  11. Birds of a feather, flock together.
  12. I wouldn't because I would obsess about it. Were the two caps that melted the same brand? I'd check the continuity of the coil wire (coil end) to the rotor on the bottom side of the cap as an assembly. Then separate the coil from the cap and check the continuity of the two components separately. Then check the continuity of the assembly again when you plug the coil wire into the cap. My first thought was something simple like the coil wire wasn't plugged into the cap all the way. The juice from hot coil wouldn't have any trouble jumping that gap but it would produce a lot of heat. I've not seen a dist. cap melt but I have seen a coil wire boot that kind of disintegrated caused by a poor connection.
  13. I agree. Their plan is to follow the example of their "Fearless Leader". Hold their breath, stomp their feet, whine about how unfair life is to their EGOs, figure out who's to blame and how to exact revenge. If this reeks of emotional insecurity, it's because that's what drives it and most emotional immaturity is caused by childhood trauma.
  14. I have no iron in the fire , just a relatable incident back in the seventies. I was a passenger in my friend's TR4A IRS when the left front wheel came off. (knock-offs) In very short order we were upside down, sliding down the tarmac. The car had no roll bar. We both bonked heads as we tried to get as low in the car as possible. The bonked heads and few strawberries where we briefly touched down were our only injuries. The Triumph was totaled.
  15. I cleaned mine with lacquer thinner too but when I installed it I noticed that all oil holes were not squirting oil equally. I used a torch tip file to clean the holes. All was well after that.
  16. If the oil tube joints have not separated and the oil tube holes are clean, (common problems) oil should squirt out the holes as soon as you see oil pressure. That includes, spark plugs out and spinning the engine with the starter.
  17. It looks like there may be three spot welds.
  18. If your oil pressure gauge shows oil pressure, you should see oil coming from the spray bar.
  19. My early 71 came with yellow springs. I think they all did. I'm not an expert on springs but logic tells me that a stiffer spring would raise the piston a bit at idle and richen the mixture unless one raised the nozzle to compensate. Thicker oil will increase the mixture during acceleration. It acts like an accelerator pump on a normal carb.
  20. realmazdaparts.com has an OEM Mazda fuel pump for $87.86. Part #887-13-400B. Some Z owners in the past have used these with good results. I can verify that the elec.fuel pump on our 81 RX7 is virtually silent.
  21. He'll start with a small one. "Oasis Trump"
  22. What now, did they detect oil in the Sahara?
  23. At the age of fourteen I worked for a beekeeper one summer. Interesting job. Cutting the limbs out of trees containing swarms of bees, putting as much of the swarm in a burlap bag as we could, then pile three people and the swarm of honey bees into a VW Beetle. The beekeeper had little to no reaction to stings. As the summer wore on, my reaction to stings became worse. The last time I got stung, one had crawled up my pant-leg so I reached down and crushed it from the outside, ignoring the stinger that was still pumping venom into my leg. The end result was the calf of my leg swelled to the point that I had to split the calf inseam on my Levis to get them on. I'm still fascinated with bees and much of our yearly garden is focused on drawing bees.
  24. Jimmy Carter once said there should be one single six year term for the President. He stated that in the current system the President is learning the job the first year, doing the job for the next two years, and running for re-election the final year. We don't get our money's worth.
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