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Still struggling with car at idle after 8 years


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I've been following your struggle for all of those eight years.  If I remember correctly, the person who sold you the car has a less than stellar reputation.  You might be stuck with the problem until you have the engine and carbs rebuilt by a reputable shop.

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13 minutes ago, jalexquijano said:

I called him and he said the engine was reconstucted perfectly. 

Clearly, it was not or you wouldn't have been struggling with this issue for the eight years you've owned the car.  It's a hard pill to swallow, but having the engine and carbs rebuilt or selling the Z and starting over with another one may be the best solution.  You've fought a long hard battle with your current Z.

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9 minutes ago, jalexquijano said:

So you are of the opinion that those plugs should not foul black as shown even if the car is sitting in traffic for 20 to 45 mins?

I have to ask, Why do you let it idle instead of turning it off? Trouble restarting when it's hot? It's obviously too rich. The most common problems, aside from float levels, are stiff nozzle hoses, misaligned nozzle choke linkage or misadjusted choke cables. All of these can prevent the nozzles from raising up all the way when the choke knob is pushed into the off position. How many turns down are the nozzles?

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