saturday night music thread

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ok guys, its Saturday night. One of my favorite things to do is have a couple cold PBR's and record some tunes. (very relaxing)  Here are a couple pics of my machines.

feel free to post some pics of your stuff and links to your favorite tunes



one of my favorite bands.


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I was an 80's teen. Really enjoyed, U2, Metallica, nine inch nails, Janes addiction, Pink Floyd, led zeplin, Van Halen, rush, AC/DC, gunsnroses and many more.

I really like Pinks new music currently. 



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I still remember my dad paid 1000's of dollars in the 70s for all the high FI, quadrofonics or someonething like that by Marantz. Real to real and all that. 

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8 hours ago, sweatybetty said:
9 hours ago, sweatybetty said:


Nice ReVox A77 MK 3  Yes they made 4 types of them from round 1967 till 1984!!  that good were they!  It's one of the best taperecorders ever made..  A77 MK1 till MK4.


Just this week i was repairing my own B215 cass tapedeck!  After 30 years it needed only a drop of oil and 2 new pinchrollers!!

This machine is from 1986, bought it new at my work.. ReVox Import Netherlands!!  Was a ReVox engineer for a few years, but i was not the person for a 9 to 5 buro job so later on i was a service engineer, much more fun!

b215.jpg  Here you see also a part of the cd player B226..  i had a complete set B200 series.. (could have bought a Mercedes from it...haha..)   With the biggest speakers ReVox had at that time The Symbol B  MK2..  sound was great until the B251  (A very complicated power amp. gave up.  I remember that in the 80's when a B251 came in for repair.. the chief engineer asked for a new amp and powersupply for it... HAHAHA.... those things were to complicated, just put new units in it and send it to the customer!   I tried to repair my amp but no succes..   The B215 however works after 30 year still perfect!  Even the music i recorded with it in the 80- and 90-'s  sound realy good!!  (all high quality tapes and stored in a good climate!! that's important.)



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