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  1. Probably not too weird if you don't own the car or bought it to flip it. However, he or she states "my 1981 Datsun 280z". A true owner-driver would know the difference, IMO.
  2. Mark Maras

    Roadsterrama on CL

    I test drove a Tiger back in the mid seventies. Already had my Z and thought I'd like to own a Tiger too. After taking the owner for a spirited drive up and down Germantown Road and scaring the pi$$ out of the owner, I decided to pass on buying it. The snap over-steer dictated that one could not relax and drive the car at speed. I probably would have bought it if I hadn't had a Z to compare to. The Tiger gave me the impression that neither the car or I would have survived for long.
  3. Mark Maras

    Seafoam question

    @siteunseen Which one are you driving to Z Con?
  4. Mark Maras

    Seafoam question

    I'd worry about old fuel first as well as your driving priorities.
  5. Mark Maras

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    It was 180ish psi last year. Something changed. Assuming the cam wasn't changed nor the cam timing, I'm guessing the valve lash is too tight too @jalexquijano Time to check the valve lash again if you're sure the 100 psi compression test was done accurately. Yes you have to. Valves that aren't closing all the way will be burned toast in a very short time. On the plus side, IF, the 100 psi was correct jumping it back up to 180 will feel like you slapped a turbo on it. After checking the valve lash do the compression test with the engine warm. Start with #1 and go thru all six, then test all six again to verify the first test results. A written explanation of the 100 psi compression test procedure might help explain the low numbers.
  6. Mark Maras

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    How is it doing these days when idling in traffic? Still overheating or loading up the plugs? Easy enough to add a hose but what "situation" is the mechanic trying to solve with the extended air intake? The compression test looks wonky to me. First, I've never seen identical compression in all cylinders in any engine. Second, If they're all at 100 psi, IMO, they're all low. My engine tested around 160 psi (+ or - 5 psi.) the last time I checked. is it possible the valves were set too tight?
  7. Mark Maras

    Male Logic

    Years ago Kathy asked me the dreaded question. Do these pants make me look fat? I, of course, said "No". She then asked, "Are you saying that just to make me feel better?" My response was, "I would never say anything to you just to make you feel better." We both had a good laugh and the question of clothes hasn't come up since.
  8. Mark Maras

    Rust Advice 78 280z

    keep in mind that "I just wish I could do the work myself" was the first step for all of us. If you have the space and time, go for it. Many of the Zs here have been rescued from becoming a parts car, most by owners who started off not knowing how to do the work and learning as the job progressed. Take it one step at a time and ask questions. You can do it.
  9. Mark Maras

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    I'd buy them. I like the idea of brass contacts too but in reality there is only one "contact" point in the center of the rotor. The precise placement of the rotor and the precise air gap between the rotor and the plug wire "contacts" are the critical factors IMO.
  10. Mark Maras

    Parting Out 1976 280Z

  11. Mark Maras

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    I'm sure there are other quality brands out there. Perhaps others can advise on those. I haven't bought caps and rotors often enough to know which brands are best. I do know the Bosch cap and rotor made a significant improvement in performance and may have been the deciding factor in getting the RX7 thru DEQ again. A bit expensive when compared to other brands. I did notice the Bosch rotor precisely fits the dizzy shaft. It looks like the rotor was machined to fit the shaft. I've seen a few degrees of slop in cheap rotors. I'll never go cheap again.
  12. Mark Maras

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    The plugs look pretty good. #4 still looks like the ground electrode has a bit more carbon than #2. You report that the engine is running good. Congratulations on a job well done. Re-adjusting the floats and mixture screws all depends on your curiosity level. You could end up making it worse and have to return to the current settings. That would be OK too. At least you'd know for sure. Personally, I'd drive it until I either didn't care about re-adjusting them or until my curiosity drove me to try raising the floats and mixture screws. Nice that you have the option. If you do re-adjust the floats and mixture screws, be sure and report back on your findings. The more you screw with them the more you'll learn. Did you replace the generic cap and rotor with quality parts? I still think that may be the problem with #4.
  13. Mark Maras

    Discussion on idea for "air horn" fix

    No open casket. Just an urn with a Z on it. The cremation will take place at the time of the accident.
  14. Mark Maras

    ZCON 2018 Early Bird Registration

    Kathy and I will be there too.

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