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  1. Mark Maras

    SU carbs will not sustain Heavy load

    Thanks, Cliff. That low fuel level made me wonder if it is float level related.
  2. Mark Maras

    SU carbs will not sustain Heavy load

    Post #64 he says he pulled the bowl covers after it "starved" and found the fuel levels "significantly lower."
  3. Mark Maras

    1973 260Z Driveshaft

    I always use Greyhound Express.
  4. Mark Maras


    Still looking for new parts?
  5. Mark Maras

    Steering Effort Differences Between Years

    When I changed my springs (Mulholland) and shocks (Bilstein) on my early 71, it dropped the car a bit as anticipated but one of the first things I noticed was the heavier steering at low-speed (parking lots). I did run a bit more negative camber than stock. I drove Jai's 76 at ZCON and it was definitely easier than my modified 71.
  6. You didn't mention if it was for sale. More info is needed about the car. The condition of the engine, body (rust), running gear, electrical, maintenance records, the reason it hasn't been on the road, etc. Above all you want to leave them with the impression that it's going to a better home and will be loved and cared for. However, don't take it on if you can't afford to fix it and keep it running. Good luck and keep us posted.
  7. Mark Maras

    SU carbs will not sustain Heavy load

    Many Z owners have found the pumps from the 1st gen. Mazda RX7s (1980ish) are nearly silent and put out the proper pressure for carbs. Less than $50.00 at RockAuto.
  8. Mark Maras

    SU carbs will not sustain Heavy load

    It might be time to pull a needle to identify them and cross them off the list of possibilities.
  9. Mark Maras

    SU carbs will not sustain Heavy load

    Here's a remote possibility that I experienced long ago. Similar symptoms, different vehicle. After much testing and frustration, I found the culprit to be an old rubber fuel line that had delaminated inside and had essentially made a flapper valve that closed when the fuel demand was high. I had to cut the hose lengthwise to discover how it worked. I could blow through the line in both directions and it seemed to be clear but the fuel would force its way behind the delaminated piece, push it into the mainstream and block the flow.
  10. Mark Maras

    Series: Building a BMW V10-powered S30

    Eureka! He could build a shaker hood. Something along the lines of the late 60's Hemi hoods. Hmm. Got to find his number. Edit. I sent him a message. We'll see if we can get him to put a hood on it.
  11. Mark Maras


    Earth to Cliff! Earth to Cliff! Come in, please! Or do we have to wait for Sunday morning?
  12. Mark Maras

    Series: Building a BMW V10-powered S30

    I don't think he ever intended to put a hood on it. When I sold him the driver's door the only additional thing he needed was a fender, which I didn't have. This was about a week before the SEMA show. Maybe I should contact him and see if he wants a hood now.
  13. Mark Maras

    1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build

    You're on a roll. I'm sure your list is growing.
  14. Mark Maras

    1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build

    She's making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty and nice.

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