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  1. I own a 1st gen. RX7. The elec. pump in it is virtually silent. Many z owners over the years have reported using the 1st gen. RX7 pumps (not sure about later gens) with satisfactory results.
  2. I use Ospho which uses phosphoric acid as the active ingredient. It removes rust quite well and leaves a film of iron phosphate. When I'm ready to paint I wipe the area down with a little baking soda, and water on a sponge. Then a water rinse and a wipe down with lacquer thinner.
  3. Well, There's good news and bad news. The good news, Kathy was exposed to Covid-19 by another volunteer last week. She was tested yesterday and received the negative results back today. She'll be quarantining one more week. The bad news, There must be some kind of memory scrubber in the infrared thermometers the stores are using to check customers temperatures. I went to the store yesterday to pick up milk, and bread. I came home with beer, donuts.
  4. He can't control Covid 19, nor can he throw it under a bus. The only other option in his playbook is ignore it and hope It will go away like a miracle.
  5. Instilling fear of "something" and instilling the belief that "someone (egotistical, charismatic leader) and an egotistical group (pick one) has the ONLY answer is the basis of mind control to gain and retain power. "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".
  6. @jalexquijano Are you going to replace the seal or have it done by someone else?
  7. Excellent. The hoses they sell are amazingly limber. I doubt their lines could or would ever cause a nozzle to bind.
  8. @SteveJI've only purchased them with the rebuild kits in the past. However, item ZT20, fuel line, $8.00 ea., must be the bowl to nozzle line. I can't think of any other fuel line on an SU. I'm sure it's possible to mold a hose to the right shape. The question in my mind is, will the nozzle bind when the shape of the bend changes during the operation of the choke?
  9. I wonder what Courtesy Nissan is asking for them. If it's considerably less, I'd take Courtesy's quote to the manager of that local dealership and tell them you'd rather support local businesses but their pricing policy makes that impossible.
  10. @MartinoThere's a 75 280Z on Bring a Trailer that looks close to what you're looking for. If you can live with a 75 and a sun roof.
  11. Silicone was my guess. That's what they feel and look like. I'm confident that ZTherapy's hoses are compatible with today's gasoline.
  12. I've used the ZTherapy hoses. They're super floppy silicone (I think). They don't kink or bind up the nozzles during the choke operation.
  13. They can sit in front of their Vanity mirror and ask "Who's the fairest of them all"? It's a wonder they never thought of driving a Furrari.
  14. I'm a bit disappointed Biden didn't thank Trump for his part in the record voter turnout. He shouldn't have taken all the credit.
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