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  1. Has anyone found a good cruise control for the 240Z. I installed one on my 1972 years ago but it quit working and am looking for a good replacement after a recent restoration.
  2. Have replaced all rear brake components and now seem to get squealing from rear brake shoes. Any suggestions on a cure? Seem to be able to hear it right before you come to a stop.
  3. Thanks. Just wanted to make sure that I had them in the correct position.
  4. Does anyone have a picture showing the proper position of the leading and trailing rear brake shoes for a 1972 240Z.
  5. I finally just used some adhesive to hold the molded foam in place at the arm rest area. I also placed some additional foam under the middle of the seat area where a gab was created after pulling the two sides into place. This seemed to work out well.
  6. The black area is the metal frame where the molded foam does not cover the arm rest. Yes, it has two channels, one on each side. However if you pull one side to cover the arm rest area it uncovers the other side. It seems to be too narrow.
  7. No. You don't understand, I can get the cover to fit ok. It is the foam insert that is too narrow. If I pull the foam insert over enough to cover one arm rest area and then pull the seat cover down then the molded foam does not cover the other arm rest area. You can see the black metal seat frame in the picture where the molded foam insert is not covering the other side.
  8. I recently purchased the molded foam insert from the Z store. I am having trouble with it fitting properly at the arm rest area. It seems to be too narrow in this area. If you pull it over to fit over the armrest on one side then it pulls away from the other side. Anybody else have this problem. If so what did you do to make it work. Looking for suggestions.
  9. I have a 6/72, 240Z and looking for exact replacement decals as shown in attachment. Seems the emissions decals I have seen are slightly different. Anyone have an idea where I can purchase them?
  10. The parking brake cable goes there.
  11. Can someone please provide a phone number and address for Vintage Dashes? Am planning a trip to CA and want to stop in.
  12. I have a 1972 240Z and am working on the body. Can someone tell me if the body line above the rear wheel arches is supposed to run as one continuous line from the rear of the door to the rear of the car (as shown in this picture below) or does it start and stop above the center of the wheel arch (similar to the front). Is this the same on both sides of the car?
  13. Here is the information I was requesting from Firepower: I have a 1972 240Z and recently completed a 2.5 yr restoration. I have purchased a 123 ignition but have been waiting to install it until after getting the car back together and running. Am now ready for the install. I purchased a non-blue tooth model. Would you mind providing the following: 1) some pictures of your install. Interested in keeping wiring as stock as possible and use original tach. 2) do you any install instructions or recommendations 3) do you mind sharing the timing advance and vac advance curves
  14. Anyone know how to get a hold of the member; Firepower. I am interested in his experience with 123 Ignition for my 240Z.
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