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  1. Can someone please provide a phone number and address for Vintage Dashes? Am planning a trip to CA and want to stop in.
  2. I have a 1972 240Z and am working on the body. Can someone tell me if the body line above the rear wheel arches is supposed to run as one continuous line from the rear of the door to the rear of the car (as shown in this picture below) or does it start and stop above the center of the wheel arch (similar to the front). Is this the same on both sides of the car?
  3. Here is the information I was requesting from Firepower: I have a 1972 240Z and recently completed a 2.5 yr restoration. I have purchased a 123 ignition but have been waiting to install it until after getting the car back together and running. Am now ready for the install. I purchased a non-blue tooth model. Would you mind providing the following: 1) some pictures of your install. Interested in keeping wiring as stock as possible and use original tach. 2) do you any install instructions or recommendations 3) do you mind sharing the timing advance and vac advance curves that you used (my car is basically stock with a mild cam)
  4. Anyone know how to get a hold of the member; Firepower. I am interested in his experience with 123 Ignition for my 240Z.
  5. Sorry for the delay in response. I did not have to do any heavy duty bending. My lines we a good fit. It did take quite a while to get all of the lines lined up properly.
  6. Anyone have any experience with White Post Restorations or Harmon Classic Brakes for master vac rebuild?
  7. There are short and tall caps. Had to make sure I requested the tall ones when I got my wheels last Septemeber from Aspec Wheel.
  8. I know where I can get them but no one seems to do the stenciling or can tell me how to do it.
  9. I purchased the steel lines from Classic Tube near Bufffalo, NY for my 1972 240Z. I then had them zinc plated to look like original. Great to work with and good fit. Need to be careful with SS lines. They are hard to seal.
  10. Has anyone got a method for stenciling one of the replacement master vac decals? Would like to stencil the numbers from my original decal (see attachment).
  11. I was able to find staples the same width as the original hole spacing. The were rectangular instead of round so I opened up the diameter of the holes slightly. You can then carefully push the staple through the original holes. Then I used long nose pliers to bend the legs over on each staple. Time consuming but it looks good.
  12. 1972 240Z:Jeff, I am looking for a connector for the headlight.  Any chance you may have one or the wiring with a headlight shell.  This is the connector that the headlight plugs in to.  I will be up your way on a business trip next week and could stop in and pick it up.

    connector & shell.jpg

  13. These look different than the original ones. Will they work in my original black connector as shown in the attached picture. Any chance you have any of the original type?
  14. Steve: did you happen to find a connector for my 1972 240Z?