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  1. 52crankman

    Door panel restore

    I was able to find staples the same width as the original hole spacing. The were rectangular instead of round so I opened up the diameter of the holes slightly. You can then carefully push the staple through the original holes. Then I used long nose pliers to bend the legs over on each staple. Time consuming but it looks good.
  2. 1972 240Z:Jeff, I am looking for a connector for the headlight.  Any chance you may have one or the wiring with a headlight shell.  This is the connector that the headlight plugs in to.  I will be up your way on a business trip next week and could stop in and pick it up.

    connector & shell.jpg

  3. 52crankman

    Headlight Connector

    These look different than the original ones. Will they work in my original black connector as shown in the attached picture. Any chance you have any of the original type?
  4. 52crankman

    Headlight Connector

    Steve: did you happen to find a connector for my 1972 240Z?
  5. 52crankman

    Headlight Connector

    Yes female. It is one of the 3 connectors on the black plug that the headlight plugs in to.
  6. 52crankman

    Parking Brake Light

    Sorry; 1972 240Z.
  7. 52crankman

    Parking Brake Light

    Any suggestions for trouble shooting the parking brake light. It does not illuminate when you pull on the parking brake. Have checked the connection and seems ok. All dash lights were recently changed. How do you check the voltage and where? What fuse is the brake line on? Have changed all fuses but no luck.
  8. 52crankman

    Headlight Connector

    Need a source for a replacement headlight connector. I broke one while disassembling the headlight.
  9. All of the sudden the trouble light in the engine bay and the gauge lights quit working. Can't seem to find any fuse that is blown. Anyone know which fuse to check? Are they both on the same fuse? I had the main fuse box loose to check connections but everything seems OK.
  10. 52crankman

    Door Panel Felt

  11. 52crankman

    Door Panel Felt

    Anyone know where to source the felt (weather whisker strip) at the top of the door panel for a 1972 240Z?
  12. 52crankman

    rear transmission mount

    Can someone please tell me which way the arrow (see attached picture showing arrow on side of mount) is supposed to point for proper orientation of the rear transmission mount.
  13. 52crankman

    Speedometer Cable Grommet 1972 240Z

    Thanks for all of the replies. I ordered this one because price was right and had the grommet assembled. I think I will try using the old grommet by slicing it.
  14. Just purchased a replacement cable from Motorsport Auto and have a problem with the grommet that came assembled to it. It looks like they assembled the incorrect grommet. As you can see the new grommet is much larger. The hole is only 7/8” dia. The old grommet OD is 1-1/8” and the new one is 1-1/2”. I cannot squeeze the new one into the hole. They say this is the only way it comes. Has anyone else ordered and used this cable. If so, what did you do to get it to fit?
  15. 52crankman

    Dash Repair Process/Pictures

    Can you tell me what steps you used for shallow cracks, where the vinyl has become brittle and cracked but not deep. Do these areas need to be ground deeper and filled with great stuff or can you just sand and apply bumper repair.

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