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  1. DaveWM Agree that is very much nostalgia driven. That's what drives the collector car market. Guys in their peak earning years can now go out and buy the cars they lusted for as 18 year olds. It's a market that comes and goes. Model A Fords used to be worth a lot more than they are today just because that demographic is past their wrenching, tinkering, and show'n' shining days.
  2. 240260280, Well, a 240Z with a hot-rodded BMW engine, and a faux GTO body - who knows, it might beat a real GTO at LeMans. And a lot cheaper to insure, as the most recent GTO sale I'm aware of was in August at RM Sotheby's Monterey auction: $48 mill + buyer's premium. Hot-rod Zs have a way to go to catch that.
  3. ps, I'm Canadian, and our $ has shrunk, so $68,000 U.S. = $91,500 C. Never thought I'd own a $90k car.
  4. OK Gang, we all just moved into the high rent district. Last week, BringaTrailer.Com listed a Ferrari 308 - pretty decent looking car. Bid topped out at $68,000. This week on BaT, a `70 240Z sold for $68,000. Time to have our insurance appraisals updated? Cheers
  5. Thanks Granny (as always). The new bolt was always in the cards. 8.8 grade and bigger head (yea I know, it's not original, but who else is going to be crawling under the tranny?). "Time-cert" is a term I'm not familiar with, but will be looking it up asap. Best regards,
  6. Threads on the captive nut at the right-side end of the transmission mount are in lousy shape. I tried to tap out the hole but it still looks ugly, and the bolt won't go in smoothly. I don't think I've got much left there. So my question is if install hel-coil, will it be strong enough to withstand the torque of the transmission? Many thanks
  7. Granny, Thanks for the words of encouragement. The dent is actually quite shallow (shallow enough that it did not show up on the screen on the back of my camera), but it's still there. Certainly nothing that anyone would notice once mounted on a car. But it's still there and I should have noticed. It is originally from the Series 1 that I bought from my son in the hopes of restoring, but ultimately had to give it up to rust. My finished car is a Series 2, so it has the plastic fan.
  8. Thanks for replying, Two things, First the colour. Actually, it is very close to the colour that was originally on it. It was definitely not yellow. As for the damage, this is embarrassing for me. I simply did not notice it until I pulled up my own ad and saw the photo, full screen size. Pretty hard to miss, one would think. But I've had this thing hanging up on my garage wall for several years, then I brought it down and took the picture, and just never noticed it. In fairness, The dent is not as pronounced as it appears in this picture. In any case, I'm open to offers.

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    This is a Series 1 steel fan that has been professionally powder coated in the original colour. No damage. $50+ shipping or best offer 403-347-6567


  10. View Advert 240Z steel fan This is a Series 1 steel fan that has been professionally powder coated in the original colour. No damage. $50+ shipping or best offer 403-347-6567 Advertiser Richard McDonel Date 03/07/2019 Price $50.00 Category Parts for Sale  
  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts fellows. As bolts that aren't torqued properly tend to come loose, I'll install fresh bolts, with lock washers and lock-tight, but keep the torque under 19 ft. lb. Sort of like wearing both a belt and suspenders. Cheers
  12. A 240 for less than $1k? Good luck. You will get what you pay for.
  13. I recently pulled my transmission, and to my own embarrassment noticed that when I installed the clutch last year, I had used a variety of bolt grades. Now that have the opportunity I figure that I should attach it properly. The clutch is held by 8mm bolts, and I began to install new 8.8 grade pieces. But I'm confused about torque. The FSM calls for 17.4 to 18.8 ft/lb, which to me sounds pretty loose. I then went into the Haynes and Clymer manuals, and they're all about the same. The chart I use for general torquing reference calls for 30 Nm, or roughly 40 ft. lb for 8 mm, 8.8 grade bolts. Can anyone tell me why, in a fairly heavy duty application such as clutch-to-flywheel, we'd be looking at half the normal torque? Thanks,
  14. Six SUs on a 240Z? Sure. As long as you're the guy who has to tune them.
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