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  1. Many months ago I posted a query on this forum. At the time I had two interior door panels in rough shape. They had been bought without door-latch holes and my attempts at cutting my own had failed - perhaps by 1/8 to 1/4 inch, but enough to make an ugly scene. My usual supplier, MSA, had new ones on back order for months, and I was becoming convinced they would ever have them. So I asked this forum for suggestions. ZKars and one or two others answered and referred me to Zcar Depot, a firm I had not previously dealt with. I called, and yes, they have them in stock; door latch openings p
  2. @Namerow Will definitely let everyone know how they look - probably this weekend - but progress report on installation might take a while. Here, in central Alberta in the depths of winter, my 240 is on a hoist, above my '78 Mercedes 450SEL. The other garage, the workshop, is filled with a disassembled 1965 oval-track sprint car and related parts. So...freeing the 240Z might be more of a project than is practical with a foot of snow on the ground. Again, thanks for your interest.
  3. Door Cards. It's been a couple of weeks since I posted my plea for advice on finding a set of 240Z door cards. My great thanks to the fellows who offered suggestions; 240DKW, Namerow, and ZKars. Here's what I found. Nissan no longer has them. I even took in the part number from the PartsManual website. Nope. Nothing on Nissan's computer older that 1975 Banzai. Expensive, and looks good, but door handle holes aren't pre-cut. I don't want to make that mistake again. ZCarDepot. Bingo. Should be delivered Friday.
  4. @240260280 Great little video. Thank you for illustrating my point - no shoulder straps in 240s!
  5. Thanks for your comments folks. It appears I kick started a bit bit of discussion (good) at the risk of going off-topic (naughty). To clarify, my car (photo attached) was not the T-Bird look-alike "SP", which was based on the 750cc "Junior." My car was the basic two door ,1 litre four seater sedan known as both the 1000 and the 3=6, and sold under the names of both DKW and Auto Union (sort of like Plymouth and Dodge, Ford and Mercury, Chev and Pontiac, Austin and Morris). Great fun actually, provided one kept a minimum of three wheels on the ground at all times. Respectfully, I
  6. Dadsun,

    Great name - it's what I have the personalized license plate on my 240.

    It started off years ago when my son bought a '71 and enjoyed it until it needed some serious work and he needed a reliable way to get to his job.  I bought it off him so he could buy a new car.  I wanted to restore the 240, and a little over a decade later, and two donor cars, with Son doing much of the grunt work, we got it on the road with the DADSON plate.  

  7. @DutchZcarguy Unless you have a roll bar, please ditch your four-point harness! Back in the 1960s I had a DKW 1000. Like the 240, it was hardtop, that is to say skinny pillars front and back, and none at the back edge of the doors. Wearing a simple seat belt, I had a roll over. On the drivers side, the top of the windshield frame came down as low as the top of the horn button. Whether because of instinct or impact I bent over at the waist, probably below the dashboard. With the flexibility of my then-18 year-old body, and more importantly the lack of any shoulder restraint, I was
  8. Door cards. I did get a set of these many years ago - not sure where - then set them aside for the decade or so during which I was building the car. When the time came to install, I had to cut openings for the door latches. Missed by a quarter inch, and it looks awful. MSA had them in their catalogue, but were out of stock for the longest time. Now they are offering "remanufactured" panels. In the photo they provide, the chrome strip is missing. Suggestions?
  9. Mark, Bingo! I think you nailed it. Long time since I've been offered the choice of detergent and non-detergent. You mention head bolts covered with the stuff. Mine were almost that bad. I could see them, but had to scrape the sludge off to get the socket to fit. BTW, my 240 is up and running, so I hope I won't be banished from this site for apostasy. The 327 is for my newest project, the restoration of a 1965 Grant King-built oval-track sprint car. Cheers
  10. Jim, I'm amazed you found the engine to be so clean after four decades. Coincidentally, just last week I began disassembly of an old Chev 327 V-8 (I know, I know, sacrilege on this site; forgive me). The fellow I got it from believes that it last ran in (another coincidence) in 1981. The oil is disgusting. It is sludge. Days after I began stripping the engine, there are still bits of black greasy stuff falling off the block. I used a spoon to get some of it off the top surface of the heads. I have to admit, I've never before taken apart an engine that has been idle for so lon
  11. Jim, You are a bear for punishment! No idea what you paid for it, but I'll bet it was a pretty penny particularly since it came with a trailer hitch. Just don't see that every day. Good luck with your latest project.
  12. I'm not familiar with this product at all. Any concerns about paint damage, particularly paint damage by long-term contact?
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