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  1. Does your 1969-71 time frame include Series 2 - that is to say later 1971 builds? Reason for my question is that I have a Series 2, build 28726, but it includes parts from three different cars; a '70, a '71 and a '73. Not sure which seats I finally installed. Are your plastic protectors applicable to 28726? Thanks, Richard
  2. Not sure the value of used 240 SUs, but I have some, and am not greedy. The question is shipping cost. Not sure where you are, but I'm in western Canada, and the price to ship can get pricey. What are the carbs worth? I also have a pair of Webers off a 240 - I'll try to find the model number. Richard McDonel

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    1. Wick Humble Z Car restoration manual. Fair-rough condition, but all pages are there. 2. Chilton's hard-cover Datsun Repair and Tune-Up Guide 1961-1972. Intact and good condition.


    Red Deer, Alberta - CA

  4. I've one advertised here since October. The ad is still up, with photo. Straight and powder-coated machine-black. I'm asking $75
  5. Av8ferg, Given your profession, and what was found in your glove box, may I say that this was a case of Dreams Take Flight.
  6. Racer X Just finished painting my birdhouse. White. Made a mess. Haven't the faintest idea how you did that mailbox.
  7. Just for fun, I decided to look up the early road tests of the 240Zs. Not sure who did the driving, but in 1970, Road & Track had a 0-60 acceleration result of 8.7 seconds. Car & Driver came in at 7.8. Misprint, or numbers criss-crossed? Bad driver at R & T? Top speed was also in two different ball parks. Car and Driver had it at 109 mph, while Road & Track claimed 122 mph at 5,800 rpm. Could it be a difference in gear ratio? Road & Track shows a rear-end ratio of 3.36/1, while Car and Driver does not mention that. Were the early batches of 240s sent over with two different rear ends? Curious
  8. @Mailnome, Quite right. Other things a guy will likely get right on the first try. Make sure everything is clean, get the right parts on in the right order with the proper torque, and even if it's your first time, you will get it right. But painting? Not so much. It is a practiced art. Best equipment in the world and you will still have too much or too little - all bald spots and leaks. It would be as If you were a lousy golfer and Phil Mickelson loaned you his clubs. You would still be a lousy golfer.
  9. Siteunseen, Thanks for the tip on the silver sharpie. I'll try that. As for the hood emblem retaining clips, I had a s.o.b. time getting them off back when I was at the tear-down stage. Easy getting the nuts off and on with an 8mm socket if I need to ever touch up the emblem.
  10. I can't say whether this bright idea of mine has been offered by others before, but here goes: The metal badge on the front of the hood has a raised centre section and DATSUN letters that are chrome finished. The recessed areas are painted black. Over half a century the black paint had faded to pretty much nothing. I briefly tried to paint the recessed areas, but getting into tiny areas like the interior surface of the "A" was beyond my artistic skill level. What I came up with was to take a very thin touch of vaseline on my finger, and run it over the raised chrome areas, being careful not to get any on the black areas. Again, a very thin layer on the finger. Then spray paint the badge - three coats in my case - let it thoroughly dry, then wash off the vaseline with soap and water. It worked! Attached is the finished product. I regret not taking before and after pics, but I think any 240 hounds will have a pretty good idea of what it looked like when I started.
  11. View Advert cowl finisher Used 1973 cowl finisher. Good condition. Advertiser Richard McDonel Date 10/31/2021 Price $50 Category Parts for Sale  
  12. Time Left: 14 hours and 32 minutes

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    Used 1973 cowl finisher. Good condition.


    Red Deer, Alberta - CA

  13. View Advert 240Z rear control arm Used rear control arm, Straight. Powder coated machine black. Advertiser Richard McDonel Date 10/28/2021 Price $75 Category Parts for Sale  

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    Used rear control arm, Straight. Powder coated machine black.


    Red DeerAlberta, Alberta - CA

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