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  1. Richard McDonel

    Help Clear My Garage - Package Deal $950 for all 280Z Parts

    I'll be interested in how you make out. I've just finished the wheels-up resto of a 240 - from parts of three cars - and find myself with a pile of "stuff" similar in magnitude to yours. Good luck with the sale.
  2. Richard McDonel

    For Jim and the gang in Alberta.. Stand up to watch!

    JSM and psDenno Careful what you wish for guys! I'm about 90 miles north of ZCars Jim, and while we didn't get much snow, we've just gone through the coldest September since 1965, and now November weather in early October. I've got a list of outdoor, nice-day house and car jobs (*) I've been wanting to do since Labour Day, but the nice day hasn't happened yet. Must admit I don't do very well in 90 degree F, but a break from the crap we've been getting would be nice . *Wax and saddle-soap old Benz; rake leaves; fall fertilizer; flush cooling systems; winterize motorhome; paint trim on #2 garage; weatherstrip back door; take just-completed 240Z out for a nice, long, country drive, etc.
  3. Richard McDonel

    New dash cover, and old Fact. Serv. Manual

    Jamal, It appears I already have a paypal account, but they can't tell me when I last used it (perhaps once, 10 - 12 years ago?). In any case, as I read it, you send the money to them, using my e-mail address as an indentifier. That would be albertaracers@yahoo.com. They will in turn notify me, and arrangements will then be made to get $ to me. I in turn will need your name and / or e-mail address. If I'm off base on how to proceed with this, please let me know. Alternatively you could send cheque or money order? To be clear, I'm sending you the dash and service manual at a price of $60 U.S., plus shipping cost of $90 U.S. Total $150 U.S. Look forward to hearing from you. Best regards Richard
  4. Richard McDonel

    New dash cover, and old Fact. Serv. Manual

    Great! I'm not on paypal, but you're the second guy to ask for it, so I guess I'd better figure it out. Can you give me a day or so to get it set up? Best regards, Richard McDonel
  5. Richard McDonel

    New dash cover, and old Fact. Serv. Manual

    $121.50 C ($90 U.S.) via Canada / U.S. post Does that work for you? Richard McDonel
  6. Richard McDonel

    New dash cover, and old Fact. Serv. Manual

    Will do. Can get back to you tomorrow.
  7. Richard McDonel

    New dash cover, and old Fact. Serv. Manual

    Bought this dash from MSA a couple of years ago, but never used it. Still in the original box - see photo.$30 U.S. or $40 Canadian + shipping Factory service manual for 240 chassis and body. A bit rough, but complete (the copy I'm keeping is in comparable condition - I just drilled it for a large-ring three ring binder, and it works fine). $30 U.S. or $40 Canadian + shipping. Richard McDonel
  8. Richard McDonel

    240Z parts for sale

    240Ziggy, Try this again. I seem to be having problems having my post show up. I wrote yesterday saying that I had not received a message from you since yours of September 7, 8:30 AM, and further, that I did not know what "PM" meant. But my message is not showing up on this thread. I went on Canada Post site, and using a random Toronto postal code came up with a shipping cost of $37. Are you OK with that? If so, I'll get it off to you Monday. I looked at the second set of seats I have, and both have tears; one on the seating surface, and one around the perimeter. I don't think you want them. Richard McDonel
  9. Richard McDonel

    240Z parts for sale

    M3333hp Sorry, I have badges, but not the metal ones you need. Good luck with your project. Richard McDonel
  10. Richard McDonel

    240Z parts for sale

    Pete, You had earlier sent me an e-mail enquiring as to Canadian or U.S $, and I replied that C$ were OK - we're both in the same country. Somehow that e-mail got sidetracked and I got a message from "Mike" advising me I could only reply to you via the Z car website, so I'm not sure you ever got that reply. In any case, yes send me the postal code and I'll start bundling things up. I may have a decent seat cover - I'll let you know later tomorrow. Richard McDonel
  11. Richard McDonel

    240Z parts for sale

    Here is a photo of one each pair - part #s should be visible.
  12. Richard McDonel

    240Z parts for sale

    240Ziggy. I believe so. According to the Gabriel website, G44869 in the front strut part number. They do not list G44868 - I'm guessing it's the right one as it's only one digit removed. Probably no longer in stock, and they're not making any more. Going out to the garage this evening - will take photos and send. $48 for the set, and you pay shipping. Fair?
  13. Richard McDonel

    240Z parts for sale

    Pete, Thanks for replying. I'm no help on the padded firewall panels, but I'll root though my piles and boxes with respect to the emblems. Sounds like you're doing a very precise restoration. Last week I was at Pebble Beach and followed some of their judges around - yeah, they seat that kind of stuff! I'll get back to you in the next day or so. If I can't be of any help to you, I would suggest you try Jim Karst in Calgary. z240@shaw.ca. Great guy with tons of knowledge and parts. Best regards, d*** McDonell
  14. Richard McDonel

    240Z parts for sale

    I have recently completed the too-many-years restoration of my '71 240Z. Having used more than one car as a parts source, I find myself with quite a bit of surplus: Chassis and Body factory service manual. Lots of miles on it, but it's complete. NOS Gabriel shocks; two of G44868 and two of G44869 Powder-coated - beige - steel Series 1 fan L & R doors New - still in box - dash cap from Black Dragon New driver's side floor pan from Black Dragon Powder-coated (machine black) front brake baffle plates More stuff to come, but that will get my sale started. Pictures and prices, just enquire. I haven't figured it all out yet. Richard McDonel Red Deer, Alberta
  15. Richard McDonel

    Before I go to Kijiji...

    Having just finished the too-many-years, ground-up restoration of my '71 240, I find myself with a multitude of surplus parts, among them: NOS Gabriel shocks; two of G44868, and two of G44869 - please check if right for your model Powder-coated (beige) Series 1 steel fan L and R doors One new driver's side floor pan (Black Dragon purchase) One new - still in the box - dash cap (Black Dragon) Two powder-coated front brake baffle plates I'm just starting this project, and as I get organized there will be more stuff to list. Let me know if interested, and I'll snap some photos. Richard McDonel Red Deer, Alberta

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