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  1. Richard McDonel

    240Z parts for sale

    240Ziggy, Try this again. I seem to be having problems having my post show up. I wrote yesterday saying that I had not received a message from you since yours of September 7, 8:30 AM, and further, that I did not know what "PM" meant. But my message is not showing up on this thread. I went on Canada Post site, and using a random Toronto postal code came up with a shipping cost of $37. Are you OK with that? If so, I'll get it off to you Monday. I looked at the second set of seats I have, and both have tears; one on the seating surface, and one around the perimeter. I don't think you want them. Richard McDonel
  2. Richard McDonel

    240Z parts for sale

    M3333hp Sorry, I have badges, but not the metal ones you need. Good luck with your project. Richard McDonel
  3. Richard McDonel

    240Z parts for sale

    Pete, You had earlier sent me an e-mail enquiring as to Canadian or U.S $, and I replied that C$ were OK - we're both in the same country. Somehow that e-mail got sidetracked and I got a message from "Mike" advising me I could only reply to you via the Z car website, so I'm not sure you ever got that reply. In any case, yes send me the postal code and I'll start bundling things up. I may have a decent seat cover - I'll let you know later tomorrow. Richard McDonel
  4. Richard McDonel

    240Z parts for sale

    Here is a photo of one each pair - part #s should be visible.
  5. Richard McDonel

    240Z parts for sale

    240Ziggy. I believe so. According to the Gabriel website, G44869 in the front strut part number. They do not list G44868 - I'm guessing it's the right one as it's only one digit removed. Probably no longer in stock, and they're not making any more. Going out to the garage this evening - will take photos and send. $48 for the set, and you pay shipping. Fair?
  6. Richard McDonel

    240Z parts for sale

    Pete, Thanks for replying. I'm no help on the padded firewall panels, but I'll root though my piles and boxes with respect to the emblems. Sounds like you're doing a very precise restoration. Last week I was at Pebble Beach and followed some of their judges around - yeah, they seat that kind of stuff! I'll get back to you in the next day or so. If I can't be of any help to you, I would suggest you try Jim Karst in Calgary. z240@shaw.ca. Great guy with tons of knowledge and parts. Best regards, d*** McDonell
  7. Richard McDonel

    240Z parts for sale

    I have recently completed the too-many-years restoration of my '71 240Z. Having used more than one car as a parts source, I find myself with quite a bit of surplus: Chassis and Body factory service manual. Lots of miles on it, but it's complete. NOS Gabriel shocks; two of G44868 and two of G44869 Powder-coated - beige - steel Series 1 fan L & R doors New - still in box - dash cap from Black Dragon New driver's side floor pan from Black Dragon Powder-coated (machine black) front brake baffle plates More stuff to come, but that will get my sale started. Pictures and prices, just enquire. I haven't figured it all out yet. Richard McDonel Red Deer, Alberta
  8. Richard McDonel

    Before I go to Kijiji...

    Having just finished the too-many-years, ground-up restoration of my '71 240, I find myself with a multitude of surplus parts, among them: NOS Gabriel shocks; two of G44868, and two of G44869 - please check if right for your model Powder-coated (beige) Series 1 steel fan L and R doors One new driver's side floor pan (Black Dragon purchase) One new - still in the box - dash cap (Black Dragon) Two powder-coated front brake baffle plates I'm just starting this project, and as I get organized there will be more stuff to list. Let me know if interested, and I'll snap some photos. Richard McDonel Red Deer, Alberta
  9. Richard McDonel

    Monterey Historic Races August 2018

    I was there with my son Thursday and Saturday. Got to meet Pete Brock. As a 72-year old I was mightily impressed with 76-year old John Morton running in the GT class, in a field of 55 cars dominated by Porsches. finishing 8th overall. No fuss. no muss, just the same precise lines, lap after lap. One other thing, BringaTrailer.com had a booth at the Friday Legends of the Autobahn event for German cars. They were selling BringaTrailer hats, featuring the silhouette of a 240Z atop their usual trailer trademark. (of course I bought one).
  10. Richard McDonel

    floor carpet

    photos attached
  11. Richard McDonel

    floor carpet

    ps ( I must have touched "send" too early) If anyone has a car that could use the mat shown, I'm sure we can work out a good deal. In the meantime, any suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. Richard McDonel

    floor carpet

    Having let this restoration project drag on for far too many years, I find myself with stuff I don`t remember buying. There are two things I need help in identifying: First, taped to the driver-side floor mat was a package of funny little metal things - see photo - but how they attach to what, I don`t know. I believe that this mat came from MSA, but they`re closed today, and I sense more wisdom on this forum than at their order desk. Anyone? Second, I have a number of mats that would replace the vinyl over the shock towers, the transmission tunnel, and the front wall of the luggage compartment, but none that fill the floor area in behind the seats of my '71, sr. #28726. There are two, apparently a left and a right, that have curves that match the wheel well (see photo), but are way off the mark elsewhere.
  13. Richard McDonel

    Wiper puzzlement

    Done! Many, many thanks to everyone who replied. Bearing mind I've never driven a 240 in the rain, I am disappointed at the speed of the wipers, and definitely will be following Zerpie's advice and switching to a more powerful brand of WW motor. This forum is really exceptional, with so many knowledgeable people ready to share their experience and wisdom. I think I'd better sign up for a monthly contribution. Cheers, Richard
  14. Richard McDonel

    Windshield Wiper puzzlement

    I've never used the "help" page before , but for reasons detailed in my posts under "Electrical" I've got an issue with windshield wiper drive, and I have to get it fixed much sooner than my limited diagnostic skills
  15. Richard McDonel

    Wiper puzzlement

    Thanks for all your thoughts fellows. The old battery seemed OK, but I put in a new one just to be sure, and got the same result. The connections are well lubed and rotate nicely, but here is where the problem is: When I test the wipers with the blades standing straight out, they are trying to move the wrong direction, so what is happening when they stall in the park position, it is because they are trying to go down against the cowl instead up across the glass. The only way around this seems to be to mount the blades in the full upright position at rest, which is obviously not what's supposed to happen. I went on MSA's catalogue and found that they list (but don't have in stock) two different motors for 240s; one for '70-'72, and another for '73. By coincidence I have in my garage bits and pieces from a '70, a '71, and a '73. Unfortunately, I did not label the three motors I have, but here is a photo, and as you can see one appears to be the reverse of the other two. Having said that, the screws on the oddball unit weren't really tight, so someone might have been fiddling with it at some time over the past four and a half+ decades. I like the idea of replacing the stock motor with the later-model Honda as Zerpie suggests, but right now I'm running out of time for hot-rodding. As the previous registration for the chassis I'm using (28726) was out-of-province, I need a safety inspection before I can get it licensed, and that ain't going to happen without wipers. Son and I have prepaid for our tickets ($325 each) and an RV stall for Pebble Beach (first time since 1999). The plan is to haul the 240 down there behind the motor home (1,500 miles / 2,400 Km.) and then spend five days driving the newly restored car to the various events. Dream vacation for DadSon (that's the vanity plate I've reserved) bonding. Gotta get this sucker going! I'm sure that either my Taurus or his Infiniti would get us there, but a lot of charm would be lost. Any further suggestions would be appreciated.

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