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  1. Just watched it get trailered away:( I'm sad but Happy... Thanks Ramses. You'll sell yours, just be patient.
  2. Well Guys, The auction is up to $5700 with two days to go and 118 people watching it:eek: I 've received an offer of $6300, and i'm taking it. He's coming to get the car tomorrow morning. I know i could take a chance and let the auction go to close, it could go past $6300, but who knows? Even if it does, then i've got to worry if the winner is gonna pay me, etc... He's coming cash in hand, so i guess i'm aring on the side of caution. I won't cancel the auction untill the money's in my hand though. I'll keep you all posted. I'm already missing it :stupid:
  3. Thanks everyone for the kind words about my z... Trisha, i definitely understand what you're saying. But i just can't consciously let the car just sit anymore (except for the occasional Sunday drive). I'd rather see the car go to someone who will get a lot of use/enjoyment out of driving/working on it. For me there's just no time in my life right now. I've had some great cars over the years, and it always hurts when they go. But i believe I'll always be able to find another (albeit at a higher $ value than I'm selling mine perhaps). Ramses, I'm asking $5+K So I'm looking for offers between 5K and 6K (hopefully closer to 6K). I'm trying to be realistic and get the car sold quickly. If I've learned one thing over the years, you never get back what you put into cars... Good luck with your sale too! *edit* Ramses, your z is very clean! And i see it's already at $5400! Maybe i should raise my buy it now price!
  4. Hey everyone, After much internal struggle over the past few months, I've decided to put my 72 240z up for sale on eBay. I honestly never drive the thing, but when i do i really enjoy it (that's what made me take this long to finally sell it!) There's a few factors why i'm selling: I'm never home (work a lot), and the car just sits for months at a time. When i am home, i have so much to do that i have no time to work/play with it! I'll be relocating to NYC in a few weeks, with no real place to store it close to me (or the funds for the added expense of storing it). I just bought a bunch of computer/camera equipment to further my career (film/t.v.) and honestly could use the cash from the sale of the z to pay for some of it. Don't hate me fellas I'll have another some day (i just hope i can find one in as good a shape as the one i own now!) Take a look and tell me what you think... <A HREF="http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220087479042" target="_blank">Ebay link</A>
  5. Thanks jmortensen. Every time i post a thread you always reply with great information! Thanks again. So have you figured out how to "seal" the areas where the frame rail didn't meet perfectly in the back, or are you just going to leave it open?
  6. Hi All, Been thinking about finally doing some frame connectors to stiffen up the car (240z) and connect the front and rear rails. I was looking around the internet yesterday and saw that bad dog parts now offers new front/rear rails. Anyone have any experience with these? They look very nice, but i'm not sure how strong they would be. Am i just better off making my own from square tubing?
  7. Interesting, i'll check it out. So i just read that article, it ditched one SU and then just used one? Am i looking at that right? How could one provide enough fuel? Weird... Veritech-z, that hybridz thread is really good. Thanks for posting it. After reading that, it's a dead issue as far as i'm concerned. Oh well...
  8. I'm not a big fan of blown carburator cars (mostly because they never seem to work entirely great and are a bitch to tune). But i was thinking today, the SU's are not like your standard carb, since they meter the air as it comes in and add fuel accordingly, their almost (in theory) like a fuel injected car. You guys think i'd be possible to take a small turbo, maybe one from a 300zx Twin turbo (just one), and split it into two pipes and direct it thru the SU's? Just bored and thinking about different things. Would it work (moderate boost maybe 8psi). What gains (hp) you think you would get? Too hard to do? (i'm not thinking so). What do ya think?
  9. I don't know why you guys are having such a problem with the TEP bar, it really fit near perfect on my car. I had to enlarge 2 holes just about 1/16th of an inch. I have had a crazy busy few weeks, but i will try and snap some pics off when i get a chance. Jay
  10. The triangle design stops front/back movenent as well as side to side. I did not cut the vinyl at all, the lower triangulated part is like a U groove that fits over the shock tower brace (vinyl and all). It did come with a bolt, but there were no holes drilled into the U, nor do i think anything to bolt it through at that location. The top caps can be put right back into place. I think it looks great! I've been slacking on getting some pic's up. I'll try and snap a few off tomorrow...
  11. Hmm, the rear fit quite well. I had to elongate the bolt holes just a hair (probably because the car was already flexed/tweaked a little with age). Other than that, no problems...
  12. I have that hole too. Mine was from a trailer hitch i removed when i bought the car. That's probably where yours came from too...
  13. I've had this thing sitting in the garage for a few months now. Never got around to installing it. Finally put it on the car yesterday and Wow, all i can say is wow! My car feels like a completely different car. Gone are all the shakes/rattles from the rear of the car. It feels completely solid now. Going around turns... no flex at all! The car's tighter, more agile. Even simple things like going over bumps, potholes, driveways, etc. No flex, and the load is distributed so evenly, you can really feel it. Probably the best thing i've done to change the driving experience of the car for the better. I never thought it would do so much! My only regret is not buying the front one too! I highly reccomend it...
  14. Beandip, I don't know how you got that muffler to tuck up so it can hardly be seen. My muffler is almost touching the trunk floor and it is an offset inlet as well, at least half of the muffler sticks out of the bottom...
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