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  1. Hi all, Today I reverted the website design to our 'Basic' theme by default. The design was impressive regarding how it worked. It was also very beautiful, however it impeded many things for me as an administrator. I'm going to run with the basic design by default for a month to see if it improves things. If you like the design, you can still set it to be your default theme. You can do this in the bottom of the page by selecting 'Theme' and changing it to 'Dynamic'... Thanks. Mike
  2. Considering the current demographics you might do better if you get Stewie Griffin to do the voice
  3. https://www.gorilla-auto.com/gorilla-tech-tips
  4. Thanks for the update. I love the easy solutions.
  5. @siteunseen, what's the deal with the goofy new pics? You get a new toy or subscription to something?
  6. I only ran around like this for 1 day. modified original mount-so its on solid!
  7. I use that tape technique to straighten lines. I use a pencil and mark the high points on the door, for example, then I use a 4' level and draw a straight line down the door in pencil, Then I tape one side of it and block it. Then switch to the other side and block it again. Spray high build or filler then repeat...
  8. Things are moving along now. Headliner should arrive today, so should have that installed tonight and windshield in on Saturday. Also waiting for Dash, exhaust system and air cleaner.
  9. I’ve got the standard mag wheels. The car only came with 12 lug nuts and a couple anti theft nuts. So one of the first things I did was order a set off amazon. The new lug nuts are clearly longer than the originals. Again amazing diagnosis! So before I put my 14” Watanabes on the car I should probably find out what length/size lugnuts they need...
  10. Oh yeah, the curiosity is driving me nuts the same way as repairing something on a car and I can't figure out what caused the problem. The end result, either way, it's fixed and I have time to do some research now. The cost of the test is preventing me from finding out. One would think in a perfect world, our government would be offering tests to discover active cases and antibodies in those who believe they were infected and recovered, but NO, that would just increase the Covid-19 count.
  11. I haven't changed. Maybe it's you?
  12. Hi Steve, I took the turn signal switch out of the 240z today, took apart the switch where the contact points are located and cleaned all the contacts with electrical cleaner and a brass wire brush. Reasemble the the switch and installed back on the 240z. Turn on the turn signal switch LH and RH, working like new again. I would like to say " Thank you" Steve for your help in solving this issue. Ron
  13. Submit 100 photos to Bring a Trailer. Their reserve suggestion might shock you.
  14. Thanks Jim, one of your answers is better than 10 from many others .... Here is the work in progress on vin 19270
  15. Looks like there should be one on each side. I'm only good for one answer today. 😉
  16. Bump - Just did the KIA door seal on hatch and both doors on my 72' 240z. Very nice looking and closes easily with 1 finger push.
  17. The Fonz used it for "I approve" followed by "aaaay".

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