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  1. Seconded, Z Car Garage is your best bet, although they tend to be backed up with requests for work. Don's Nissan and Z (also in San Jose) are also recommended but I heard he may have retired - not sure if the shop remains open.
  2. Are you referring to mine pictured above? It's actually still in epoxy primer, not white 😂 . I started work on it about 2-1/2" years ago also! Getting close! To bring back on topic, here is the seller I purchased from:
  3. Yes I bought Rota RK-R's 15x8 (pictures fitted below). I haven't driven on them yet but my comments would be that build quality seems decent, finish seems decent. No fitment issues other than I needed to fit extended wheel studs and open ended long wheel nuts; but I knew that before I bought them. I bought them on Amazon as it happens, they were on sale at the time so got a good deal.
  4. 43 and 44 are the fuel tank J-Bolts, correct? I have those. What I am asking about is what they actually bolt into on the side opposite the tank strap.
  5. I'm in the process of reinstalling the fuel system this week, and came across a missing part. See attached picture from the FSM. I can't find any reference to this 'bracket' that the fuel tank strap bolt actually connects to. Specifically on the passenger side. Looks like it bolts thru on the front side. Anybody have any more information on this part?
  6. Just received my JDM muffler from Sean at ZStory. Very nice work and great service!
  7. It's been a long time since I updated this, but I have been working on it between actual paid work, moving house, travelling, buying another Z (Z32 Twin Turbo) etc. Anyway, drivetrain is back in! Yes, I wish it was a more complete rebuild - but as I said in a previous post - I do want to actually get this on the road this year, and I'm building a second motor on the side. For now, we have a new clutch, flywheel, driveshaft, cleaned up transmission. Motor has new front and rear main seals, timing set, water pump, oil pump, valve cover gasket, alternator and belt, oil and fuel filters, etc.. Also got the ceramic coated 6-1 headers installed. Waiting on my MSA mandrel bent system and Zstory JDM muffler. I do have a Pallnet fuel rail, but decided to install the stock one for now until I get things up and running. Wiring still a bit of a mess, but getting closer.
  8. So that begs the question - where is my reverse light switch?
  9. Gents, I'm assuming this crusty old wire/switch is for the reverse light switch. However, it mounts to the top of my transmission as opposed to the side (which I have seen). Can anybody tell me if the one linked below will fit? It looks entirely different... Thanks!
  10. Very good catch! I also find myself distracted by the green pretty often 😂
  11. It's been a slow month/six weeks due to work and moving house, but some progress this past weekend. Starting to put the front end back together. Hopefully things pick up speed over the next few weeks.
  12. It was a friend of a friends'. Sitting on a stand for a little while but not too worried as it'll be rebuilt anyway. For now I'll sit on it in case I need to harvest any parts for my original motor, which should be going back in within the next 2-3 weeks (I've been saying that for a while 😅).
  13. Took a Sunday drive down PCH to pick up a second L28 - N42/N42 today. Plan is to build this into a 200hp+ NA motor in parallel with the build and in 12-18 months to upgrade to Megasquirt and drop this motor in. Most of the accessories (alternator, AC compressor, clutch fan, valve cover, flywheel, fuel rail, exhaust manifold, etc.) will be coming up for sale so if anybody needs anything let me know.
  14. I've already taken the coating out of this area. Bushings are being pressed right now. Also got my new engine mount insulators bolted up, and for some reason I felt compelled to use some more of the foam I used on the fuel tank straps on the jacking point of the cross member. I guess in my head it's going to stay in this condition 😅