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  1. A few more because... why not! Looks pretty mean with the air dam installed. Ignore the rear ride height, the rear doesn't have coilovers installed yet.
  2. And a few more photos I had from the paint booth.
  3. She's back home in the garage now, and very pleased with the paint job. Reassembly over the next few weeks and hopefully on the road in the next 4-6 weeks.
  4. Clear coat applied this morning. Extremely happy with the color choice. Hood, hatch, doors and other misc. parts will be painted tomorrow.
  5. Wet sanded all morning and then coated with green sealer. In booth and base coat applied. Leaving to dry over the weekend and then hit it with clear coat on Monday.
  6. Final tinted primer yesterday. Very happy with the result. Wet sanding today and hopefully painting over the weekend.
  7. Hi All, I am planning to order Wesco Performance WELR-N seatbelts for my car, but it's a 78 and uses the bracket on the strut tower to mount the retractor. I believe earlier models and the Wesco belts are shown to mount higher up close to the top of the side windows. Does anybody know if the strut tower location will work with these belts? I don't have access to the belts or the car right now to get a better look ? but the belts have a long lead time so I want to get them ordered.
  8. More progress. Final primer of body. Paint next week. Happy with how bodywork turned out. Lots of hours spent on it.
  9. Some more progress photos. Slow progress but we finally got some high build primer on the hood and doors tonight. The plan was to have color on by end of the month but looks like it will be a week or so behind! Getting there!
  10. Thank you, those pictures are very helpful! Nice car too!
  11. Very helpful, thanks! Any chance you could pull a tape from the center of the car (or the outside) as well?
  12. Guys, can anybody give me measurements for the 'cutout' for the exhaust on a 240z (see photo of orange car - I will be running the same exhaust). My Z is in bodywork - also see photographs - and has been shaved in the rear, so I need to make a new opening for the exhaust and want it to look at stock as possible. Any help appreciated.
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