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    . I have owned 240z and 300zx, currently own a 73' 240z with less than 35,000 original miles with many updated modifications done to the 240z.

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  1. Hi Steve, I took the turn signal switch out of the 240z today, took apart the switch where the contact points are located and cleaned all the contacts with electrical cleaner and a brass wire brush. Reasemble the the switch and installed back on the 240z. Turn on the turn signal switch LH and RH, working like new again. I would like to say " Thank you" Steve for your help in solving this issue. Ron
  2. Thanks Steve, I have looked at your https://fiddlingwithzcars.wordpress.com/2012/12/04/turn-signal-repair/ very helpful, this will help me when my problem. Stay safe and take care! Ron
  3. I have a 1973 240z, my problem is I have no RH rear tail light signal flashing, the same bulb is used for the 4-way hazard and work OK when hazard switch is activated. RH front park lamp flashing OK when I signal to the right. I have replaced the T/S flasher and check and replaced all bulbs on both sides. Hazard flasher is working on all four corners when activated. LH front lamp and LH rear tail lamp signal is working OK. All the bulbs works fine when I apply the brakes. If anyone have any suggestions, I would appreciate the help. Thank you for looking!
  4. I have 1973 240z with Riken 16X7 and zero offset mounted with Bridgestone 225/50R16. The Z is lower with Nissan adjustable racing coil over suspension with no problem rubbing.
  5. Excellent work on the 240z, thank you for keeping us updated on your project. The 240z look'in awesome?
  6. Thank you for all the pics and showing your progress on this 240Z. Looking foward to see more pics as you continue with this restoration.
  7. I also needed the two front park lamps for my 1973 240z, looked every place and best pricing. I purchased the the two lamps on ebay from JDM for $169 plus tax and freight, lamps are new/ blem. The quality of the reproduction lamp is very good, I'm very happy with these lamps.
  8. Hi DatsunZGuy, The pics you send is what I'm looking for. Thank you very much for your help with my 240z??
  9. Thx for the pic of the retractor mounting holes, do you have pic of the location where the belt that anchor to the side of the floor next to door openings ?
  10. I have a 1973 240z that the seat belts has been removed, previous owner took them out to install padding and carpets which he glued them down. I do not want to pull up the carpet to locate the bolt holes, can anybody provide me with pics of your seat belts locations where that are bolted in? The pockets for the seat belt retractors are also padded and carpeted over, I do not have any of the belts or retractors, planning on purchasing all new belts assy. Any help will be appreciated.
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