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  1. No problem, thanks for starting a new thread. I'll clean this one up a bit..
  2. I wasn't going to suggest he was lying.. The reason for my comment was to express how frustrating it would be to find these cracks. Especially after a big restoration..
  3. Looks like he signed up in April. We have a lot less spam bots these days due to the sign up conditions, but, there are a few that squeak through. Typically bots sign up with a different set of parameters than this account, so, I'll leave it to the face he's busy and cannot respond right now. @davis23, we have responded to your post. Can you log in and take a look? Thanks bud.. Mike
  4. Just trying to figure out your comment... So, he restored the car and it had no cracks? After leaving it outside one day in the hot sun, he came out to see the new ones from that day?
  5. Time Left: 2 months and 28 days

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    I'm looking for an early S30 ash tray like the one pictured. Please respond to this ad or send me a PM if you have one that you'd like to sell. Thanks! Mike


    Seattle - US

  6. View Advert Wanted Early Series Ash Tray I'm looking for an early S30 ash tray like the one pictured. Please respond to this ad or send me a PM if you have one that you'd like to sell. Thanks! Mike Advertiser Mike Date 04/20/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1971 Model 240z  
  7. Good buy! I think you officially stole it. If you clean it up and relist it on BAT, you could likely see $20k+ https://bringatrailer.com/datsun/240z/
  8. Where'd you get these front valance parts? I may look at going back to stock so it would be good to have this source. I'd likely go with a BRE front airdam. Have you seen this one? https://www.bre2.net/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=B&Product_Code=020B01&Category_Code=bre_datsun_body_parts
  9. Hi all, Yesterday I ran across some search issues on the site and decided to look into it further. From what I can tell, I moved the site over to a search engine (locally hosted) that uses a technology called Elasticsearch. Well apparently this wasn't such a good idea because there were many threads that just didn't seem to show up. I actually discovered this by looking for some of my very old posts from the late 90's. Anyway, I did some digging and found a better method. The legacy posts that I was previously not finding are now showing up just fine. Hope you all enjoy the new improvement and please let me know if you're seeing any issues. Mike
  10. Good source for OEM parts, if the parts are still available.
  11. Mike

    New New Stock

    Or just download the microfiche here: https://www.classiczcars.com/files/category/2-microfiche/
  12. Just chatted with Greg, it looks like he was part of the organization as well. I must say it's great to have such a great organization and enthusiastic bunch of people who are willing to get this done. Kudos out to everyone involved.
  13. Yeah, shame on me for not keeping better track of it. I moved three times since the restoration and I thought for sure it was saved. Maybe with the title somewhere.. I have one more box to dig through..
  14. Way to go Greg Giacchi for pointing JNC in the right direction at the show. I'm not sure who organized the classic Z representation at the show, but, thank you! (Nissan perhaps?)
  15. Mine would be a Porsche 911 Carrera S... 😉
  16. Ah, completely forgot to check Banzai.. it looks like he's got just the door plate, which is the only one I need. Sure, I'll let you know what I find. it's a shame the old plate didn't turn up because this is something I'd rather use the original.. 😪 Appreciate the specification on the punch size. There's one more box I need to look in before taking the plunge -- I'll likely be doing this project over the summer.
  17. The GT-R’s incredible 50th anniversary display may have taken center stage at the New York Auto Show, but the Z’s half-century birthday did not go uncelebrated. Nissan also brought out several historic Z models from its US collection, and also … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  18. It’s been a big week for Nissan here in New York, celebrating the 50th anniversaries of its two most revered nameplates, the Z and GT-R. Nissan hosted a reception to honor the two models, bringing art, artists, and actual cars … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  19. Hi all, for some reason the door plate for my car was never found after the restoration. I have the engine plate, but am now looking to replace the door plate. Any of you have experience replacing the plate on your projects? If so, how did you go about stamping the VIN and production date on it? Looks like Zcar Depot has a plate I can buy, but, it doesn't seem to come with the custom stamp. https://zcardepot.com/collections/door-parts/products/data-plate-set-engine-and-year-240z-70-73?variant=19278798422129
  20. Mike

    Roadster Got Away

    This is a gallery of a roadster that got away from me. I didn't have the money at the time, but, kick myself for not buying it for $10k.
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