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    battery chargers

    I run an Optima red top battery and use their matching charger. It's nice because I installed a quick release directly to the battery and this unit is a small footprint with a tough casing. https://www.optimabatteries.com/products/chargers/digital-400
  2. Looks like I figured it out.. poll is now on the front page.
  3. Anyone else want to chime in or vote on this ? So far it doesn't look like anyone really uses the social media connector or single sign on. Scratching my head to see if I can link the poll to our front page...
  4. Typically there's a yellow wire for ignition and a red wire for the power. Did these possibly get swapped? m
  5. Mike


    I'm sorry @conedodger, my thoughts go out to his/her family..
  6. Mike


    Ok, I said I wouldn't get into the serious discussions around this topic because I am not a medical professional and I don't know how this virus or vaccine even works. But I do have something to say based on the perception of what's going on in this thread. First, you seem to be putting most of the population into classifications of vaccinated vs unvaccinated. While I get this is simple because of your media and internet research, I don't think it is fair to bash or ridicule those who have not vaccinated. I truly believe this has serious social repercussions and has the potential to t
  7. Mike


    I get all my news from social media and the National Enquirer. Are you guys bullying me? I may have to report you to management. 😛
  8. This pic is pure sex... love that shot..
  9. Mike


    They were vaccinated... ouch
  10. Mike


    Well I'm not getting into the vax vs no-vax discussion, but I am pretty concerned about the idea of government sending volunteers door-knocking. This has the potential to end badly and dividing the country even further.
  11. Hi all, I am considering the removal of a single-sign-on technology from the website. For instance, I know some of you are using your Facebook account to sign into the website. If we remove the connection, this would mean you need to manage your password directly on our site (instead of Facebook). There are several reasons for this, but, my main purpose of this exercise is to remove the complexity around managing the connection. I'm also a bit concerned about the security of passwords, bot access, and possible data-sharing issues. So, my easiest solution is to just remove the feature.
  12. Thanks guys, I eventually found it and removed the link. Yes, they are getting pretty smart about finding ways into the site. It's been a challenge keeping up with all of their attempts. m
  13. Mike


    Just a bit of humor in a pretty serious thread.. 😉 And to be clear, you have misquoted me. I requested that we stop the bashing. This is a forum that is open to all conversations, no matter which side you take on the subject.
  14. Keep me posted on your experience with these guys. I'd love to list them in our links area but I won't if they don't follow up. m
  15. Mike


    Here in WA, I'm starting to notice that stores are taking down their "mask required" signs and people are allowed inside without a mask. It looks like employees are still wearing masks but this is a good sign things are starting to return to normal.
  16. Mike


    Gents, I need to request that we keep this thread moving about COVID statistics and information. It's not a bashing session. Remember there are people who cannot take the vaccine due to medical or religious reasons and I do not want our platform to be a place where they do not feel welcome. Thanks guys. Mike
  17. Hope all of you are having a great weekend celebrating America's independence day!
  18. That's just a partial list. I count anywhere from 180-200 unique hack attempts per day. Some days are worse than others.
  19. I must say, however, that most of our hack attempts are originating from China. Check out these logs. Sorta reminds me of the logs I have seen from the voting machines that were "not online" during the last election. 😛
  20. I don't know what happened, actually. The boot partition on the server was corrupted and I had to go through a series of steps to recover the partition. After that our database server wouldn't start because of another socket-layer issue. I ended up figuring it all out with the help of some pretty smart guys. I don't see any evidence of hacking or hardware failure. But, I'm still digging. It may be a coincidence the server went down just after I removed the caching service (which hides the server behind another service). As far as hacking, it's not just the Chinese. The Russians are
  21. My poor A/C was trying to keep up... at least most of the work was at night early morning hours. I may have drank a gallon of ice tea and water. Just gotta appreciate those unplanned late nights. 😉
  22. Hi all, Looks like we had an event that caused our system to go down for a few days this week. While I am still looking into the exact cause of the issue, we should now be back in business. I spent about 20+ hours debugging the operating system and restoring was able to bring it back online around 2pm PST 6/26. Please accept my apologies for the downtime and I'll post more information here as soon as I know what happened. Mike
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