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  1. Good to know, thanks for posting this info! I have been looking for one of these for my '71. They are hard to come by (in good shape anyway). I've been pondering the purchase of another one so I can restore it. This will give me the information that I need to make a purchase.
  2. Mike

    Server Move

    Ah, Zed Head... all that work and...
  3. Mike

    Server Move

    thanks guys, seems like everything is working great.. it was a lot of work but now I can breathe.. @=Enigma= Appreciate the re-subscription.. it looks like the data exchange with Paypal seems to be working and you were my first test since the move. Thank you, Mike
  4. Mike

    Server Move

    Please reply to this forum post if you are experiencing any issues (or just want to make comments). Thank you for your patience everyone. Update took approx 48 hours, and I did manage to get some sleep. Mike
  5. Mike

    Server Move

    Wow.... freaking FAST!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Mike

    Server Move

    Testing new post on our new server. Attaching a file as well.
  7. Center exhaust is very difficult to pull off... and Honda did not do that one right.. lol I will never buy a fully electric car, it needs to have an engine backup (hybrid) otherwise I'd be sitting somewhere begging for a ride. Ever run your phone out of battery because you forgot to charge it? Yeah... Of course you have the same issue with running out of gas, but, at least you can pull over somewhere and fill up in less than 10 minutes. An electric car you'd be sitting there for an hour or more...
  8. Does anyone have information about the driveline and frame? Just wondering if they put this on an Altima frame or they build something new? My guess is they went with an existing frame and driveline, but, that's just a guess.
  9. Porsche did a good job making their 911 more modern and updated rear end.
  10. Yeah man, we were discussing in another thread. But, that's ok. I really want to see something done about that ugly arse. It really destroys the look of the car in my opinion. Make the tail-lights more like the 240z. There is space to make the lights taller. And they really should widen those exhaust pipes. They look stupid so close together.
  11. Mike

    Server Move

    It looks like life has grabbed me by the balls again... I haven't had a chance to get to this server move but will plan to do it toward the end of this week.
  12. Some takeaways: Distinctive Z profile and roofline LED headlights Rectangular LED tail lights Pearlescent paint V6 twin-turbocharged engine Dual exhaust 19-inch alloy wheels Modern sports car cockpit Bespoke yellow accents Iconic Z triple-meter gauge Six-speed manual transmission Z Proto Design Pure sports car proportions. Long hood, short rear deck and wheels pushed out to the corners. The Nissan Z Proto stays true to its DNA while adding a modern twist to its iconic styling cues.
  13. And their next promo video....
  14. Here's passion for the Z right here:
  15. Yeah, I'm not too attached to the headlights or brake lights... we'll see how they go into production with these.
  16. Not bad... he says it's close to final... not a prototype
  17. Here's a link to the reveal for today:
  18. Mike

    Server Move

    Appreciate it, Jim. Mike
  19. Mike

    Server Move

    Hi all, Just wanted to let you know that I will be taking the club offline so we can move our data to a new machine. The existing machine is running an operating system that is EOL in a month. Like with all technology, there comes a point where we must adapt for the future. Our new machine is prepped and ready to go. It's simply waiting for me to take some time to get in and make the move. As we do the move to our new machine, you may notice a few bugs here and there. Please let me know about these bugs by filing a support ticket. This is the best way I know how to track the issues if I miss anything. As with these kinds of technology swaps, there may be some glitches that I'll need to work out. As far as costs, we are looking at a new machine that will cost us double our current fees. If you've been holding off to support the club, now is a good time to join our supporting members group by purchasing a subscription. I know I am asking a lot, but, if you really believe in what we do here please support our cause. In exchange, you'll see a decrease in ads -- which is awesome if you are using the site on a consistent basis. In exchange we will have the funds necessary to continue down this venture. Running this site is a passion of mine, but it does take a lot of work and there are real costs involved in maintaining this venture. Things are a bit different since our last move. This time we are leasing a server, instead of buying one. I decided to go with a physical machine because the costs are more controlled. If we were to go into the "cloud" there is no way to estimate our costs. Too many cost variables in cloud hosting for this nerd [*points to self]. Look for an announcement soon, when this move will take place.
  20. IMHO, these look a lot more like they should for the Z. I'd be curious to see how the other headlights look on the car though. So, please post some photos. Maybe we should make a Z headlight photo thread? ?
  21. This is one of my favorite sources to check pollution levels. This link shows particulate matter in 2.5 parts per million. You can also mess around with the settings on the bottom left to see other readings. https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/particulates/surface/level/overlay=pm2.5/orthographic=-120.33,39.35,2015
  22. Yeah I'm in Seattle as well. The smoke has moved up here since the winds changed in the last few days. We had an West blowing wind early in the week and now it's blowing North/NorthEast. So all of that smoke has moved in from Oregon. I'm inside with the AC blowing and double filters on our furnace. I put one of these on the front of our regular filter: https://www.homedepot.com/p/True-Blue-24-in-x-36-in-x-1-in-Budget-FRP-2-Washable-Filter-HD0124361/202195941 You can also grab one of these as well to control the odors: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Web-20-in-x-25-in-x-1-in-Absorber-Odor-Control-FPR-5-Air-Filter-WABSORBFPR/100011568 It's not healthy to be outside, so, please take care of yourselves.
  23. Saw this small leak on youtube
  24. A little image ****ery and we can see more details... at least until the 16th.
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