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  1. Well blow off the dust 😃
  2. Well- the fronts are Koni’s ! They are not as good of shape as the Bilsteins . I think both of my rear Bilsteins are okay - amazingly, since this car probably hasn’t been on a road in 20 years . The Koni’s are lifeless . Not sure if they can be rebuilt . Need to some research
  3. I’d like to have a complete set to try on my z . I have the same springs already . I’m running KYB’s and have been happy with them . Not in the same league as Bilstein . Curious that it looks like that only the fronts are adjustable . I should get more pics today
  4. I might be interested in them if my fronts look good . Someone should have a complete set 🙂 - either you or me !
  5. I believe I read a previous post you commented on these years ago. I have one that the shaft looks a little scratched, so not sure I can a complete set . I haven’t removed the front yet, but everything came apart easily. Like to run these but not sure without a complete set . Do you have the nuts also? I am going to test them based on the suggestions on the 2009 post . The car sat very square but it wasn’t drive- able at that time , so way to tell for sure . The fronts look adjustable with a smaller shaft. Did you have the fronts?
  6. Someone can school me on these shocks ? This is one of the rear shocks from # 4858 . The shafts on the front are smaller . Are these the infamous p30 Bilsteins ?
  7. It’s hard to fathom how much work this is !
  8. I have some rockers and some other stuff if you know anyone needs it . I’m ready to just give this stuff away because I want someone to use it .
  9. Impressive work Chris ! A friend down the street owns a repair shop and had two of those motors sitting on stands . I keep drooling at those ITB’s and thinking .....
  10. It would be a shame to cover up the natural SS, but the ceramic really does help with underhood temps
  11. I do like that race sport header ! That’s a ceramic coat on the race sport ?
  12. The ceramic coating works well - no doubt. I am still impressed after years how well the coating has held up and it helps beat the heat. I personally don’t like MSA as a business, but the header works . I’ve heard some issues with the flange and some folks were having issues with them sealing .
  13. So your Fuji is like the GreddyTrust shape? Looks like an equal length but it’s not really . I’m looking at a used Greddy and looks identical but it’s blue :). Let me know if you decide to let yours go. I just want something that has side by side dual outlets . Currently have the MSA .
  14. madkaw

    LS1 Coil packs

    I like Duffy’s set up for sure . His is prettier ! Heres the LS version - d-585 truck coils to be exact
  15. It’s sad . Our troops don’t need another winless war.
  16. I was too cheap since my guides were good. I imagine he waits to do the valve job after wards . He can get nice and tight on those seats and if the grinder skips or gets scratched the valve cutters will clean it up. I would also think he put the larger seats in and is blending before doing final valve job.
  17. 10.5:1 is what it was designed for with a 39cc head
  18. The MN47 has found a new short block . Now the engine is a MN47/42 - 3.2 liter.
  19. FYI- my last engine I was shooting for .021 clearance . I based everything on the Felpro to compress to .049 or 1.25mm .
  20. If you have the money - I would stay EFI . Buy one of the kits that some of these Megasquirt dealers are selling for our cars . Almost plug and play - cleans up your wiring , keep your stock intake and maybe injectors too, plus the pump should be correct .
  21. There is room but the crankshaft has to be in a certain position so no crank throws are sticking down around the rack and pinion area.