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  1. madkaw

    A week in Japan

    Following ! My son wants to go too, but he is hoping to represent USA in the olympics. I asked him if he would mind if I wondered off to find some Z hangouts -lol. Fortunetly they understand me
  2. madkaw

    Modded 71 Brings big bucks on BAT

    I’m putting mine up for sale - 45k gets it guys!
  3. Needs a few more things , but soon. Ive been getting rid of all the fire hazards(nests) before things get too hot. More no rust pics!
  4. Jim came over to help bleed brakes. He was jealous of how well the engine sounded . 30k miles - so it’s not broke in yet
  5. Well I didn’t take the dizzy apart, but cleaned it the best I could by spraying it down . New/used fuel pump pressure checked good. FIRE IN THE HOLE!! This engine starts better than my Megasquirt motor! Sounds smooth and healthy . Can’t wait to drive it around.
  6. madkaw

    New 280z "Hawk" - wish me luck.

    The screen is in the inlet of the fuel pump . No screens in the tank I am aware of.
  7. Good point- but hate the thought of disassembling the dizzy. I’ve been into one of them before and it’s not pretty .
  8. If you decide you or your mechanic rather do SU carbs I have a clean set I’d trade for the Mikunis. If you were closer I would offer my services to get the Mikunis running. They can actually be set up off the car, but final adjustments need to be on the engine running based on the motor build
  9. madkaw


    It’s definitely easier going EFI to carbs then the other way around
  10. So close to getting this thing started . As beautiful as the fuel pump looked on the outside, the inside was not so good. I’ve never taken apart one and not sure they are made to be rebuilt. You can see the crusty mess inside that froze the motor up from spinning. I cleaned it easily with lacquer thinner, but I don’t have the O rings to replace on the pump assembly. It went back together okay, but alas, I couldn’t make more than 18lbs of pressure. So I bought a used one and I need to install it. I am going to try and find the correct O rings to salvage the original motor Oil pressure was also an issue. Sitting this long cavitated the pump so I had to remove the oil pump and prime the engine . It took a second to pump thru the crusty oil and come out thru the cam lobes, but it did. Distributor wires were cut for some reason , so I had to mend them. Note the blue overspray on the back of the dizzy . I guess they painted the motor with it installed?
  11. madkaw

    New 280z "Hawk" - wish me luck.

    I followed up with Por-15 tank sealer kit. I used the white vinegar first and then followed up using the por15 instructions. The marine clean is an excellent product for cleaning, but they only supply you with a quart in the kit, so why I go with vinegar to remove rust
  12. madkaw

    New 280z "Hawk" - wish me luck.

    Get a bucket of white vinegar and drop it in, you’ll be amazed! Don’t forget to do a baking soda and water mix after it’s clean to neutralize the acid. white vinegar can be had for 2.50 a gallon . 5 or 6 gallons in the tank rotating a few hours or more and you’ll have a clean tank. Might need to use a high pressure hose to knock loose some stuff, but the vinegar is great and a great weed killer
  13. madkaw

    Automatic trans gear selector handle

    I found one local, but I discovered later it had a crack on the underside. Sad thing is I can’t either handle to work worth a damn. My car was an auto whe I first got over 25 years ago, but I dont remember it being this sloppy. Are they all that bad? Adjusting the thing doesn’t help much. Might need to start a thread . thank you for the reply
  14. madkaw

    Just what the Doctor ordered. 1977 280z

    Wow- would have loved to have had that access cleaning my 77 tank. It really wouldn’t have helped much though with my issue of clogged return line . White vinegar and Por-15 kit she is good to go
  15. Looking for just the handle ( T) part of the selector in good condition .

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