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  1. madkaw

    Triple Mikuni's question

    What’s the spark plug look like on that carb? Have you checked for vacuum leaks? Checked all fasteners are tight? O-rings in good shape? Enrichment valve closed(choke)?
  2. madkaw

    280z radiator for auto trans

    Looking for a good core . It must be known as a good core if I’m going to pay for shipping thanks
  3. madkaw

    Valve Spring and Rocker Arm Removal Tool

    Good deal Ryan! These aren’t exactly easy to come by actually. I think I ordered mine out of England .
  4. madkaw

    Reproduction headlight covers

    I have all my trim blacked out on my car. I have the cheapy MSA covers that have actually lasted pretty long, and they have just the rubber trim. In a perfect world I’d like to have better lens held in with a better rubber seal. I could picture these with painted trim !
  5. madkaw

    Reproduction headlight covers

    Will there be any option to get lens and frame ( not chromed) . I would love to have a pair that I could black out the frame.
  6. madkaw

    Lightweight Flywheels

    I think your gear change is what will be the most effective in transforming acceleration in general. Theres a guy on Hybridz that sells an adapter ring to mount a 350z flywheel. The stock ones are Chrome Molly and come in at 16lbs I believe . It’s a 250mm surface so that’s an improvement also. I think it’s Godzilla Raceworks . The flywheel has the correct bolt pattern and the adapter is nothing more than a shim. I believe the 350z flywheels are reasonably priced I run a lightened 240mm flywheel, but not many places do that service anymore
  7. With regard to dropping oil pan . I would take off valve cover and see how bad it looks under there. It’s pretty easy to determine whether there was neglect as far as oil changes . If the the oil is caked or baked everywhere or there is sludge build up , then maybe dropping oil pan is worth it. Heres a pic of a 73 oil pan I did. The valve area looked sludgy and suspected the worst .
  8. Just did this. Rock auto, Z car depot and MSA have the switch. It’s about 35$. Biggest issue I had was replacing the small 5/16” formed hose that carried the coolant to the valve. If the rest of your EGR system is there and working then I’d say fix this. A lot of connected parts to the EGR system, so delete one part , you might as well delete all- but that’s a lot more work
  9. Painting trim is no different then painting any other part on the car. Properly prepped it should last. I went with powder coating on all metal pieces - and I mean all. I even powder coated the windshield trim. No issues with it holding up and black would be easy to touch up.
  10. I’m wanting that cam myself, so this will be interesting. I’m tempted to go the cheap route and pull the Isky cam out of my 2.4, but I want to keep that motor a runner
  11. madkaw

    New L28 rebuild, the no oil pressure routine

    A drill will actually spin the oil pump up to 50+ psi cold, but a drill probably is doing 2000rpm minimum . Cranking is less than 10 psi so it will only be a dribble. If it squirts with a drill - then your probably be okay . Start it with the valve cover off and clean up the mess later
  12. madkaw

    1973 Rebuild

    I read a lot of rubbing issues on the outer lip, but not much is mentioned about the rear inner fender well. I found that I could clear the lip but the rear tire would rub up inside the well on hard bumps with the car loaded. I cheated in every way to get my 17x8.5 +4 offsets to clear. Including in the cheating was actually changing rear camber by slotting the strut mounting holes. I run 225/45/17 and I bet I could get 235/45/17 in there too. So I can see how if the diameter is kept down you can get 245 in the rear. I actually ran 245 all the way around first time and the fronts cleared - barely. The 245’s just rubbed too much in the rear to keep on there. Camber in the back will gain you some room. Positive offset on the rear would allow for bigger meats , but too much positive up front it will rub the strut . I actually flattened the strut perch on the wheel side to clear my WHEELS. Being 17” the wheel rim is on the same height as the spring perch, so adjusting spring perch( with hammer) actually helped. A smaller wheel would have a tire lined up with the perch and it would flex, so might not work
  13. All the down drafts I’ve worked on - Holley , etc... the accelerator pump squirted with ANY movement of the throttle . It should be very sensitive to throttle input . I’d start there since it’s the easiest and cheapest
  14. madkaw

    Brake booster testing

    Didn’t mean jack this thread Charles
  15. madkaw

    Brake booster testing

    Nope - just parts replacement

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