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  1. I guess somewhere between Bloomington and Jasonville I have lost my AC unit for the 240. I would like AC back on the car. Will this be possible to do as it was before?

  2. This pic jars my memory
  3. You should have my number if you want to talk about it.
  4. Make sure you get your old (unusable) ones back.
  5. #retiredlife. I am tired from working on being retired .
  6. I didn’t think your door cards were that bad a shape ! Maybe I didn’t look close . Good luck
  7. Maybe the cam had been dropped at one time and was cracked - and it finally gave out.
  8. It’s funny how you need to get to work when you retire from work!-lol! I can’t keep up with retirement .
  9. Lots of meat on that header flange . I might consider a little sanding on the thermostat housing . I believe I had to trim the gasket too
  10. Can’t believe this thread is 4 years old. Man I’m slow. I did order a cam today for the build . Potter Racing cam! Once I have it in hand I can actually start the rest of the assembly. Need to work out lash pads once cam is here, then check PVC - hope that works out well -eek! Meanwhile the 3.2 block gets a bath so I can drop the crank in!
  11. Keep in mind that unit(s) are not light to move around. I bet the 5000 model weighs in at 75-80 pounds per ramp. I have the 3500 and I am pretty pleased . I paid much more for my 3500, so the price is good. Biggest issue is lowering of ramps has to have weight on it . So if you raise a car and then put on stands it’s a bit of a pain to lower the ramps. Also not a big fan of using the pinch welds because you have to line up everything perfect . Maybe the longer 5000 will be better than the 3500 I have. The 3500 definitely has to be set just right to raise the car on the pinch seams . I’m considering welding an attachment for using the frame .
  12. Retired - sorry 🙂
  13. Anyone know for sure if the s-30 roof structures are all the same? I know things changed down below, but not sure about roof. Depending on what you consider as a roof component , the shoulder belt attachment would be different - would it not? Forward of the shoulder harness attachment I think everything is identical. I will be studying this for obvious reasons. I am working with a friend - who owns a body shop and has been in the biz for 40 years.
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