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  1. I can't help much with gear boxes except to say that sending the tailshaft to Australia and getting rid of the monkey motion was the best thing that ever could happen to the A box. I couldn't believe the difference and how precise the shifts were. The owner was over the moon with the rebuild. Lou Mondello is the man. He has a machinist that makes the magic striker rod .
  2. Not everyone understands the geometry of the valve train so don't feel bad if it seems over your head. What we are wondering is what exactly was done to the head. If it was warped bad enough that the machinist had to take material off the top and bottom of the head -it will change the geometry of the valve train. If so, the camshaft is now closer to the valves and one would need smaller lashpads . There is also the possibility that the valves were sunk too deep into the seats during the valve job which would raise the height of the stem and put it closer to the camshaft. That would not be goo
  3. That really doesn't make sense. 120 is close to stock. What did he do to the head?
  4. I order all my hardware there ! Fast service
  5. Continued on with the dual exhaust fab . I now have pipe from front to back - but nothing solidly welded yet.
  6. Wow - did you look the definition up ? Symantecs.
  7. It's a poor design and should be discontinued. I guarantee there have been many more failures , but some customers don't even realize it -until maybe their car rolls away. A partial fail won't be noticed until its too late. It should NOT be a 2 piece design for an emergency brake cable .
  8. Maybe they use to sell those . The one I got was once piece ends . I actually emailed Ryan at ZCD to ask before I ordered
  9. That looks like a MSA version , not a ZCD .
  10. I ran into this - yes they are junk . What pissed me off more was it took MSA weeks to decide whether to refund my money AFTER I sent it back . I guess only one person can make that decision . I ordered one from ZCD . One piece ends - shouldn’t fail . I can’t believe MSA still sells parts like this . Do they test the parts ?
  11. madkaw

    Duals do-over

    Well I ran out of argon which forced me to go back to my spool gun . Figured out it’s issue ( operator error ), but live and learn . It’s sooooooo much faster with MIG ! This is my initial attempt , but I might redo it . I was hoping for a bit more spacing between the pipes . I could have gained a bit more clearance by get the pipes side by side sooner . It will be a trick , but I have lots of mandrel bends to use . The back half will be the easy part .
  12. Always impressed with the guys on this site. Your work is spot on!
  13. madkaw

    Duals do-over

    It’s an interesting dynamic watching dual widebands with these plenums. Mixture varies with vacuum changes . I don’t use a dedicated grinder either . I might get serious and buy one just for that . Maybe a mini that sits on the welding table. I’ve got enough strokes against with skill level, so maybe clean consumables might help me . Burned a quarter inch hole already and was able to refill it - lol. The tig is slower , but is better if I can get it done .
  14. madkaw

    Duals do-over

    Well this is going to be a slower process then anticipated. My spool gun is giving me fits and has forced me to actually learn how to TIG . I guess no time like the present to teach an old dog a new trick . I have played around with TIG, but I’m a rookie for sure . With a bad back I couldn’t refill my CO2 tank and the Argon tank was about full, so.... Almost have the first legs of the exhaust to the cat done ,which was going to be the hard part . I think I gained about an inch in ground clearance or maybe more . Got to get this right , because this will be the last time
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