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  1. It would be a shame to cover up the natural SS, but the ceramic really does help with underhood temps
  2. I do like that race sport header ! That’s a ceramic coat on the race sport ?
  3. The ceramic coating works well - no doubt. I am still impressed after years how well the coating has held up and it helps beat the heat. I personally don’t like MSA as a business, but the header works . I’ve heard some issues with the flange and some folks were having issues with them sealing .
  4. So your Fuji is like the GreddyTrust shape? Looks like an equal length but it’s not really . I’m looking at a used Greddy and looks identical but it’s blue :). Let me know if you decide to let yours go. I just want something that has side by side dual outlets . Currently have the MSA .
  5. madkaw

    LS1 Coil packs

    I like Duffy’s set up for sure . His is prettier ! Heres the LS version - d-585 truck coils to be exact
  6. It’s sad . Our troops don’t need another winless war.
  7. I was too cheap since my guides were good. I imagine he waits to do the valve job after wards . He can get nice and tight on those seats and if the grinder skips or gets scratched the valve cutters will clean it up. I would also think he put the larger seats in and is blending before doing final valve job.
  8. 10.5:1 is what it was designed for with a 39cc head
  9. The MN47 has found a new short block . Now the engine is a MN47/42 - 3.2 liter.
  10. FYI- my last engine I was shooting for .021 clearance . I based everything on the Felpro to compress to .049 or 1.25mm .
  11. If you have the money - I would stay EFI . Buy one of the kits that some of these Megasquirt dealers are selling for our cars . Almost plug and play - cleans up your wiring , keep your stock intake and maybe injectors too, plus the pump should be correct .
  12. There is room but the crankshaft has to be in a certain position so no crank throws are sticking down around the rack and pinion area.
  13. If you have .026 piston pop out and you use a stock Felpro gasket which is .049 , that gives you .023 . That would be a good number !
  14. Don’t mind sharing my mistakes . I’ve learned reading about others too. It would be easy to blame my cheapy Ebay Perfect Circle old stock rings that gapped bigger than stock, but that’s not the real reason. Can’t expect rings to seal on a sketchy bore. In the end, I’m glad to know why this stuff was happening and not blame it on cheap parts