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  1. Not sure I will do ITB’s. I have a custom plenum I’m building for NA or turbo. One TB to mess with and tune . I do like the look and maybe I’ll go that route some day . I have a diesel manifold that I would love to run also - just something different .
  2. Just love breaking this engine in! The torque is very strong. I’ve limited myself to 5500 at this point, but still pulling very strong. Have to be careful not to hit it too hard in lower gears or I just break the tires loose. Able to run 35 degrees timing so far, but probably close to the limit. Need to break this bad boy in and and get to the dyno to dial it in. Running very similar tune I did with my 2.4, just more fuel. Seems to be doing rather well on the MPG- beauty of EFI. On the dyno I will probably advance the cam a bit too if I can get away with it. I’ll see where the power curve comes in. Took a peek at the cam and everything looks peachy. Just finishing up the install of my old motor in to the customers car. After it’s gone I can devote more time to tuning. Right now just driving around and letting Megasquirt do it’s thing.
  3. My 2 cents . I agree with the diagram above. Your chain wears which changes the relative position of the cam to the crank. Flipping around the sprocket to a different index hole and ALIGNING the cam to that hole advances the cam. I’ve done a lot of cam degree-ing with a fresh chain and sprocket . You have to move the cam in order to get the sprocket to index in. Nothing gets moved on the chain. Not sure if that helped or not.
  4. Lovely ! The cam makes for a very exotic sputter at idle. Trying to be patient before thumping on it too hard. Hasn’t seen more than 4500 rpm yet. Much more torque than the 2.4 for sure .
  5. I offered to paint the engine for the guy so he wouldn’t have a red engine in a green car. He picked gold - and I’m digging it- lol - get it!
  6. I just tried it and it worked fine .
  7. Really gets fuzzy when you decide you want to advance the cam 9 degrees
  8. Not sure anyone referencing this thread will get anything out of it but confusion.
  9. How much Cylinder pressure ? Lots! 97B3B5AA-2FDF-4291-8C4F-C375C5E536AC.MOV
  10. Rut roh - maybe more than I thought ? And I shaved .005 off the block -eek Should be .049 or 1.25mm thick.
  11. Well the MN47/54 ran today for the first time . Talk about nervous . 11.25:1 sounds pretty good out the tail pipe. This cam sounds pretty radical too. Only ran it long enough to move my car out of the way, but wow- can’t wait !
  12. I would say true. Closing the intake valve earlier will get some low end grunt .
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