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  1. Happy to have a face full of .... and yes - I made it with needle and thread
  2. Unfortunately that probably won’t be a for a while . The chassis is at the body shop getting a roof on presently . Been there for months . Hoping the slow down in business will get my car some attention .
  3. Not sure of your fuel pump set up , but I was running an electrical pump on mine . I would shut my fuel off about a block from getting to my house . This empties the float bowls which just vent to the atmosphere sitting in your garage . If they are basically empty - no fuel smell from there . Also - switching to triples usually doesn’t allow for a vent trap systems for the gas tank . How is the gas tank vented ?
  4. I guess I left this hanging . So I started the 3.2 and I couldn’t ask for a better initial start. I had to a bit of guessing on required fuel for my ECU since I upped the cc’s. I was worried about getting a good initial idle and a good AFR to properly break in the rings . She fired right off and idled at about 1500 or more for a good 15 minutes . My fan didn’t kick on so it started to get a little warm and I shut it down . Now it was time to go load the motor with a test drive . I decided to pull the plugs to look at them and dam it if I still was getting oil in #6 . So - the only thing left is the head itself . As much as I hated to do it I had to pull the head . Months later the head is still in the shop basically because the machinist has had health issues . I got a call from him here recently to come look at the head . He was scratching his head because he had pulled the guides on 6 and they were in there good, so no crack . I told him that even by the wiggle test the intake was to loose in the guide - just comparing to the exhaust side . The intake valve had more play then the exhaust . He did not have a ball gauge for that small of a guide . I stared at everything for it seemed hours and I did find something of interest . I found some scoring at the top of the valve around the seal area. Not much , but it had a bit of an edge that I could catch a finger nail on. I told him I’d find another valve and replace the guides . MEANWHILE - he had my P90 head there to be cleaned . Loosing faith in my MN for now I told him to touch the valves on the p90 and shave .080 off . Well he got that done first so guess what head is going on ! Might as well change the title of this thread to “Whatever runs” !
  5. Very sweet idea . Even the best of us can’t get that damn shaft to line up the first time . Though I hope to never deal with that again - I REALLY like the idea . I actually considered scribing the timing cover for the vague 11:25 position
  6. madkaw


    This is my biggest beef . I’ll admit I don’t like the guy . I’ll admit I didn’t vote for him. I’ll admit that I’m hoping something good will come out of his mouth . Most everything is misleading , egotistical, and contradictory to the experts . This is bad in a time like this . He is not up to the task . Just let the team handle it . Let Dr Fouchi make the decisions . He has lost his credibility at this point - so this will be an obstacle in this fight
  7. Not sure that year had the infamous MN head . I think it’s more the 81-84 engines
  8. madkaw


    Unfortunately we are all paying the price of fake news and disinformation in society right now . Politics have skewed science . Also, to many variables to compare countries . China air quality , smoking population , density of population all contributors to this . What scares me is when I hear from people they don’t even watch the news anymore , so they are not informed and make decisions based on that premise . Ignorance will play a bit part too. USA will probably benefit from our supply network and variance of populated areas . Listen to the scientists , not the politicians is my 2 cents
  9. I know soon enough when I cut the cars up. I will be comparing for sure .
  10. My 9/71 has vertical defrost lines . I thought there was a huge thread on this somewhere ? My car also had the e-88 head with the e-31 combustion chambers . My car has no pockets for seat belts . There’s lots of transition things in hose months . My car has pillar vents
  11. I have not measured , but they seem to be the advertised 18 gauge which is plenty thick for the floors . I think 16 gauge would be better for her floor frame rails, but can not say whether 16 is stock thickness or not . If installed correctly these floors would look more stock then previous ones I installed( I’ve only done floors once before ) . The seat pedestals are better than anything else on the market - that I know of . I still remember having to beat the snot out of my Zedd floors to get the tunnel side to fit correctly . It was also hard to maintain a level floor install for some reason - maybe the stamping was slightly off or just user error 🙂
  12. Yes I did . I have not fitted them, but put them up against the floor and they seem to be a good match . I not sure they are the same thickness of Zed Findings, but their shape seems to be better for the early S-30 . They look exactly like the photo above. The floors don’t come with the extension pieces for front and back , I guess you have to order the whole kit to get them ? I emailed them to ask for those pieces and have not got a reply. They also didn’t send shipping info so I had no idea when they were coming . Packing wasn’t the best either , but it all survived . The seat pedestals and frame rails also look good as a match. Again I thing the 18 gauge is lighter then the Zed’s floor frame rails . I got all of it 3 days after the order so it all came very quickly . I can post pics if someone wants
  13. I’ve got extra stock cams for early heads - spray bar . That doesn’t look terrible but could be source of tick. Sometimes these motors tick a little . Rocker condition should be inspected . Stay with stock cam - cmon - cam it !!!!!