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  1. I’ve gotten confused about the plug pics. I thought you said that was an old pic. If so did you clean them and recheck? What did they look like after this last run ?
  2. You really the pressure is “way too high”. 2psi could be a gauge . Doubt that is any issue with his engine running poorly .
  3. Yes. You have a center run . The video shared of the truck R&R had the same type structure on the A pillars . Does not work so well for trying to slug them together.
  4. Starting to clean up things and staring at the task ahead
  5. As promised. So more pics of ugly stuff. Obvious rust inside roof crossmember. Rust also ate away at the rear quarter where it wraps around under the quarter window. Fortunately there is a thick support panel behind it where the window bolts into. Also the rail panel that runs the length of the door and window was rotted pretty bad at the quarter window
  6. I’ll load up more pics of the GUTS later
  7. I don’t know if it’s brave or crazy. I have nothing to loose since the roof was toast. A good buddy has donated a roof for the cause . It’s not as terrible as one might think, but not something to take lightly. if the roof doesn’t get fixed - it’s a parts car This has been a tough decision . If the rest of the car was rusted badly I wouldn’t bother , but it’s a very solid 70
  8. Maybe in Zurich ! But seriously , if someone added up all the parts , machine work , labor , it adds up fast . A mild performance head could be 1500$ easy. Not too many places to do any window shopping - lol
  9. Do you think the kids understand?
  10. Just watched the vids and my money is still on ignition. That ignition coil looks like the original . I was go to fuel last . The fact that it happened kind of all the sudden, I would think ignition.
  11. Yes, Citizen Z is quite a character. I didn’t know I was going for a photo shoot when I drove up to see him. He is a Z enthusiast for sure. Funny thing is that when I went to see him I saw this 1970 he had and told him if he ever considered selling to let me know. Well I have it now. I miss those Mikunis , but can’t keep everything , I’m supporting a college kid
  12. Surprised of the lack of speculation from our viewers -lol.
  13. No insult taken, obviously there will be many perspectives on this. For someone that could build an engine themselves, would probably not spend as much money for a prebuilt motor. For someone that doesn’t have that skill and are just happy to have a ready to go drop in motor , they would pay more I am betting. The fact that size matters might not be true for everyone. Being a modified L24 might make up for it not being a L28. Someone might run it like it is and then take the head off and drop it on a L28 later.
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