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  1. So sorry to see this happen Geoff. Best of luck with whatever route you decide is the future of the car.
  2. By dimmer switch, Zed is referring to the turn signal stalk that also controls the hi / lo beam circuit. Also, closely examine the soldered connections on the top of the combo switch circuit board.. Look for any that have or are about to detach for that board due to heat.
  3. Yeesh, what next. You're absolutely right Jim. Thanks for posting that Mike, I'll bring it up at the club meeting tonight.
  4. Wow. must have been weakened from those 10,000 rpm shift points of your spirited driving . Only thing I can think of is a bearing froze after the break or a flaw in the metal that decided that was the time to let go.
  5. Sorry to hear that, but understandable. We will all miss your presence my friend...
  6. Of the tires you posted Mike, I vote for the Yokohama S-drive. One of our club members has them on 2 cars and loves them. I also lean toward tires from Japan on a car manufactured in Japan.
  7. Very glad you found your wiper parts! The post pivot mount arms & blades are indeed the correct oem parts for that year as the picture below of a all original 77 280z depicts ...
  8. How many clamps does it take to get the headliner trim held in place? ............. Answer ... Many..... Been working lately on trying to get finished and drive-able local nwacc member & club president Scott M's super nice Black Pearl car. Nice to work on a car where dirt & grease have been banned everywhere ....
  9. A meeting took place last Saturday in Eureka Springs with the Ozarks Z Car Club, and both Arkansas clubs to discuss the Zcon 2019 event planning. Sadly, I could not attend but Zup was there and might chime in to elaborate a bit. I do know that trailer parking was discussed.
  10. They are notorious for leaking when they get old. Time for a new one. ZcarDepot or MSA have them.
  11. Are the front parking lights also not functioning?
  12. Go with the good old NGK copper plugs, nothing fancy, no platinum, g grove, tri fire, just the plain old NGK copper plugs.
  13. If you are referring to aftermarket seals : https://zcardepot.com/collections/door/products/door-rubber-seal-weatherstrip-240z-260z-280z For the Kia seal ... 93-2002 Kia Sportage P/N 0K01858760B
  14. Assuming he does indeed have a bad injector, you guys are cheap..
  15. It would be smart to replace all 6 as a matched set unless the budget does not allow it. To get to one, you have access to all at that time. Renews all the seals & the short fuel lines. The Ebay set looks good to me, price wise and they are Nissan. My 2 cents.
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