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  1. S30Driver

    77 280z basket weave seat covers

    The stock 77 seats are all vinyl. Your seats appear to be aftermarket. Any of the earlier covers should fit. You can get new excellent repro door cards in black from Zcardepot.
  2. S30Driver

    Just what the Doctor ordered. 1977 280z

    I have a mini 12v compressor with the spare. Test inflated it 3 or 4 years ago, seemed fine for emergency's, but one day will probably go the Captain's route.
  3. S30Driver

    valve stem seals

    They should be all the same. You can get the from Orielys - made by Sealed Power.
  4. S30Driver

    valve stem seals

    You have the KD spring compressor which makes it easy. The valves next to the cam towers are awkward to get the compressor positioned right, but it works. Hopefully your valves all seal well to make your compressed air do the job, always used the rope myself. You will likely find the old seals are distorted and possibly oval instead of round. Remember to cover the valley of death area where the timing chain / front cover is with a shop towel or similar to prevent dropping something down there, making for a much longer job. Good luck & hope it reduces the oil consumption...
  5. A great event this year! The weather was hot and so was Team Wodopian and their green 260z. Mike W took home first place in modified 260/280 and....... Best in Show. Nice job Mike! Team Wodopian's 5 man crew were sporting matching pit crew 260z shirts. All members of Mike's family from far and wide. First place in stock 240's went to Zup's beautiful flat top powered 73. Big congrats Jim! Jim's 3 person crew also has matching Zup approved shirts but Zupette & Tavish did not arrive in time to qualify for full team credit. Scott M. took 1st place in the hotly contested 280 stock division with his very clean red car. I think it was his new seats that put him over the top! Amid all the activity, he managed to sell 2 cars sight unseen (not to Cliff), a creampuff 280zx and his 810 goes to the new Nissan Heritage Museum. Another win for the NWA Club was Kent who took home 2nd place with his nice 71 in 240z modified. As a side note, you know you are at a great z car experience when even a pizza ordered from Domino's gets delivered in a 350z! (no joke) To add international flavor to the event, 2 couples, one from Europe and the other from Australia were in attendance. They were all just great people. Rudy & Irena were from Belgium. Rudy has a restoration shop that specializes in early Mustangs and vintage Z's. He really knows his stuff. From Brisbane Australia we met James & Judy. James is an active rally driver and loves the z cars. Judy won'''t navigate for him because she says ... they fight too much, lol. We all had a great time with these wonderful fun people. Mike W has a project car brewing and some of his discarded 73 parts he brought up to bestow on Zup. (see below) The big news of course was the ZCCA was in attendance and announced that Zcon 2019 will be in ................... Branson, yes Branson and will feature the indoor judged car show at the convention center. Since will be in July that is great news. A great week filled with fun drives through the twisties, food, beverages and great conversation. We were all sad to see it come to an end. Mike W & his son Alex pose with Best in Show One mans trash is another mans treasure ... Zup with Rudy & Irena from Belgium Run up to Table Rock Dam side emblem on gnose 350z
  6. S30Driver

    SS Bumpers from Vietnam

    Amazingly, there is a chrome shop 6 miles away from me in Lincoln, Whitworx Fine Metal Finishing. Been in business for 40 years. Around $1000 for both bumpers. Zup had his 240 bumpers done there 3 years ago, look great & he has been happy with them. The price make those reproductions look very attractive though.
  7. S30Driver

    280Z Running Rich - Fouling Plugs - HELP!!

    I agree with Philip, the coolant temp connector and thermotime connector are the same and likely plugged into the wrong sensor. Just reverse them and see if the rich condition is corrected.
  8. S30Driver

    1971 240z brake booster swap?

    Another booster option... https://zcardepot.com/power-brake-booster-7-240z-70-73-new.html
  9. S30Driver

    Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    John, if you are intending to remove the rear bumper fairly soon.... there are 3 bolts for the bumper shocks on each side that secure them to the cars underside. Only the middle bolts on each side are only accessible by lowering the tank for enough clearance. You could remove just the middle bolt on each shock mount prior to mounting your refreshed fuel tank, allowing you to completely remove the shocks in the near future without dealing with the tank. The rear finisher is spot welded on and can be removed with a proper drill bit for those numerous welds.
  10. S30Driver

    5 speed swap

    Many people swear by AC Delco friction modified synchromesh transmission fluid being superior to any other brand in the Nissan gear boxes. There have been numerous discussions of this over the years.
  11. Next meeting is May 17, likely at the Apple Blossom Brewing Company in Fayetteville, around 6pm. Or ..... a whole bunch of us including Mike W will be in Branson, the week after memorial day for the big annual event there. Worth the admission just to see Mike & Zup's award winning cars.
  12. S30Driver

    71 240z Oil pressure Sending unit not working

    It looks to be not the correct type or defective. The gauge & wiring appear to be functional. You can get a correct one from ZcarDepot for about 30 bucks.
  13. Yes, jeffc, I am in the Prairie Grove area & the other Jim is nearby in Bentonville. We also have a club here, NWAZCC that meets once a month.
  14. S30Driver

    280 Alternator Upgrade - will Not Charge

    Looks like my pins 2-5 jumper does indeed drain the battery while the motor is not running. Will re-pin for 1-5 again and give that a try. With all accessories on at idle, the 60amp alternator output drops to and maintains about 12.65 volts. I'll make that measurement again when I have the battery back to a full charge. Bruce, this is the circuit I am looking at in the 77 shop manual (BE41) for the charge lamp problem ........
  15. S30Driver

    280 Alternator Upgrade - will Not Charge

    Pretty much. At least I saved the brain damage of getting it tested at Oriely's. ZcarDepot covered the shipping on the replacement & the return is prepaid. Dave, I did a quick test with all the lights on at idle, about 8 to 900 rpm , it held at 14.8 volts. Will test it tomorrow with a bigger load, fan, brake lights, seat heaters etc. and update. Only thing left to do is I lost the functionality of the charge warning light in all my experimentation. It does not come on any more with the ignition on and the motor not running. I know there is a fuse & a charge relay associated with that circuit.

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