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  1. Definitely the way to go with the trim installed before setting the glass in the body. That little trim tool is a great investment for under 10 bucks. Eliminates the chance of nicking or tearing the rubber seal. Glad you had no issues. Will be a big hit in Colo at Zcon if you and Cody bring it ....
  2. Did you start the string at the bottom and work around to the top? Did you have thee Lisle tool to put the trim in? Looks great, by the way!
  3. Happen to have a Nissan automatic pulled from a running car. Just for fun, removed the modulator and tested it with my vacuum pump - holds vacuum. Let me know if you need it ....
  4. It's a modified car. Has earlier front bumper, 280 vented hood, air dam etc.
  5. Yes, the 73 model year was the start of changes to the front bumper to meet new US crash protection laws. The bumper is different from the earlier ones and had filler pieces on the ends and the center section due to being moved out further from the body.
  6. Assuming the modulator valve is bad, why not just replace it. A new one is not expensive and easy to change. Other than that, give it a test run around the block to see if it will let you shift thru the 3 gears manually. Shouldn't cause any problems for your 20 mile trip if it will let you do that. Make sure the fluid level is up to snuff since it sounds like the failed modulator was allowing fluid to be sucked out of the transmission by the vacuum line before you clamped it off.
  7. Is it the S30 stainless trim you can use for the 510 Charles? If so, I can help you out.
  8. What a saga. But perseverance and patience paid off. I can tell you a similar story about a Black Pearl's strut tower black vinyl ... Looks great Charles!
  9. You are correct. Only 6 bolts align to mount the 240mm pressure plate to the fidanza flywheel. I have the same setup. Not sure if you are looking to replace the mounting bolts. This is what I went with : https://zcardepot.com/collections/engine-rebuild/products/arp-clutch-cover-pressure-plate-bolt-240z-260z-280z?_pos=4&_sid=9c06dc6a8&_ss=r
  10. Very nice Jim! A real feather in your Datsun cap! Your car looks great!
  11. I agree with Charles. If the battery gets drained to a low state, always put in on a charger if possible and spare the alternator of all that strain
  12. That's great redneck engineering! Makes me wonder if Uncle Luther offered to hone Cliff's cylinder bores when he did his rebuild ....
  13. Yes, unfortunately it appears the the new alternator has failed. Time to invoke the warranty for exchange ...
  14. What a great deal that was! Hope he keeps it original. Be nice if the buyer shows up here and joins the club.
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