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  1. Touge Con in Fayetteville AR was last Friday & Saturday. A very fun event with a great turnout. All jdm event with a underground vibe going on Friday night. Lots of lights & music. Main event took place at the 4 block town square, all reserved.
  2. Thanks Steve! I'll add that to my list of parts.
  3. View Advert 70-76 Datsun Threshold Plates A pair of door sill threshold plates from a early 240z. Have the Datsun name on plates. Should be correct for 1970 to 76 Z cars. In good condition, have not cleaned or restored them. They are undamaged and should clean up very nicely. $132 including USPS shipping in lower 48 Advertiser S30Driver Date 09/12/2022 Price $132 Category Parts for Sale  
  4. Time Left: 2 months and 7 days

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    A pair of door sill threshold plates from a early 240z. Have the Datsun name on plates. Should be correct for 1970 to 76 Z cars. In good condition, have not cleaned or restored them. They are undamaged and should clean up very nicely. $132 including USPS shipping in lower 48


    , Arkansas - US

  5. The problem with the lock is likely the soft pot metal cam on the back of the lock is worn and no longer turns the lever attached to it in a big enough arc. The solution is to remove the lock, precisely drill a small hole in the cam, mount the lever and put a short length of coat hanger or piano wire thru the hole, bend it around the lever. This restores the full motion of the lever when you turn the key. Not too difficult, search on... lock repair to find some threads with the details. Have done this a number of times. The other option is new locks from ZcarDepot. https://zcardepot.com/collections/interior/products/door-lock-cylinder-set-with-keys-77-78-280z?_pos=4&_sid=0d683f898&_ss=r
  6. Would have been perfect for Motorman7 Was in San Diego but moved to Idaho I believe last year...
  7. I would leave the new switch alone. There are probably no electrical contacts under that plastic piece since it is a aftermarket switch. Just abandon the buzzer. it is annoying anyway, at least for me. I have never had to slot the anti theft screws on the lock. I remove them with a small screwdriver, tap them with something counter clockwise to get them started. Some have drilled a small dent near the screw edge to help with the screwdriver or punch.
  8. Courtesy's shipping on that item is only $5 Looks like the way to go...
  9. Also still available from ZcarDepot ... https://zcardepot.com/collections/interior/products/door-panel-handle-pull-strap-oem-240z-70-73?_pos=5&_sid=86743404d&_ss=r
  10. I assume the leak you are seeing is engine oil? Did you use any sealant on the new cover gaskets? Copper coat is what I sealed the cover gaskets with.
  11. Gets bigger every year. Around 200 registered. Big thanks to Scott, Taylor, & Mike for the super great brisket and pork. Some fun drives with the GeeZer gang to the suspension bridge & table rock dam. The BZF photo shoot with the new Z was fun too... The organization of this event is absolutely top notch, thanks Josh!! The dam run The bridge run One red Z with 647,00 miles and a new one with 300 miles Somehow, the curves look better on this Z33 A full on twin turbo swap, (you won't see that at a SteveJ cars & coffee...) Part of the GeeZer brisket line My favorite part of the event Running up the tab with Cliff approved appetizers ...
  12. A cool narration of Donald Osborne driving a 1970 240z in Rhode Island.
  13. What about a T3 rebuild kit Dave? After the 5 speed rebuild you did, the turbo should be a piece of cake.. Make certain the oil feed line is in good shape or replace it.. One of the big causes of turbo failure. https://www.amazon.com/Turbo-Charger-Repair-Rebuild-Garrett/dp/B07SCGSTS4?th=1
  14. Was going to recommend you call Turbo City in CA for a stock garrett T3. But it looks like they are no longer in business. Maybe look on HybridZ for a source. Don't be tempted to buy a cheap chinese knockoff from ebay.
  15. Received new fuel tank from S30World to replace the tank in a friends 77. Impressive quality, identical to original. Comes with what looks like a primer coat, you need to do the final finish. Slight damage in shipping to one vent and corner of flange area. Installed & car runs great, owner happy except for the cost to fill it... Joined our local club and will be going on our drive to Eureka Springs Sunday to meet up with the Ozark club. Corrected a number of other issues with exhaust manifold, egr, fuel rail, locks, etc. Back down to six S30's in garage again..
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