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  1. S30Driver

    Fan Quiz

    If there was an "optional" electric fan, it worked in conjunction with the factory AC system, to move more air thru the condenser. My 77 has one, it is aftermarket, installed by the original owner.
  2. S30Driver

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    Didn't I see you & Zup borrow those 2 helmets from the PLN car in the hotel lobby prior to the trip up there....
  3. S30Driver

    Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    Have a safe trip John. Best of luck refreshing that 77 beauty!
  4. S30Driver

    s30 NOS quarter panels

    To maximize your return, consider selling them individually. Many times, only one side is needed.
  5. S30Driver

    Tri Scrabs.jpg

  6. S30Driver

    Hagerty: What to look for in a Z

    I like that! Few car enthusiasts can say that they hit a higher speed going to Road Atlanta than on Road Atlanta. You're tough to keep up with Jim, thanks for a great week!
  7. S30Driver

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    Great video Steve. Thanks for finding the time and energy to do that.
  8. S30Driver


  9. S30Driver

    Cody 1.jpg

  10. S30Driver

    Zup 1.jpg

  11. S30Driver

    window defrost grid

    Watching this with interest.... Would love to fix the only remaining non-functioning accessory on car. Zup & I discussed this at length a few times, when he gets back this weekend, I'll get him to jog my memory of the details. Good luck Dave!
  12. S30Driver

    rear wiper

    Have not heard from him in quite a while, however, he was on here about 3 weeks ago. I also hope he is ok & nothing bad has happened to him or his 78 Z car. Mark Maras may know more ...
  13. S30Driver

    ZCON 2018

    That is fantastic Mark, be great to see you again! Let us know what day you & Kathy arrive.
  14. S30Driver

    Noob looking at A 1977 280

    I agree with Av8ferg , but would offer 3k to 3500 and go up from there. Plenty of help on here for the simple efi system, no problem there. The rear hatch area appears solid, which is great. Looks like 110 color to me. Here is a 2 for 1 picture for you Cliff, me and a well known 73 240z....

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