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  1. Hey Jim, the red/blue illumination lead you can connect in parallel with the blue +12v power, to see if the bulbs for lighting are functioning. Look forward to your feedback on the chrome pen.
  2. Nice 240 radio Jim! Best of luck with it. The AM signal seekers are the most fun to play with... Zup's approved bench setup is - a 12v garage battery charger, oem antenna, and a floor speaker he has left over from the woodstock era.
  3. If you know you need a replacement, get one from a zx turbo parts car. (in your area it should not be too hard) or Contact member borini63, he has many zx parts. He is in Phoenix.
  4. Nice article. Hey Zup, I'll provide the enclosed trailer, you supply the silver 73 .... The 2019 Hemmings Motor News Concours d’Elegance, taking place September 13-15 in Lake George, New York, will feature a class dedicated to the 1970-’73 240Z, 1974 260Z, 1975-’78 280Z, and 1979-’83 280ZX. We’re still actively seeking entries in the Datsun Z class, so if you’ve got a stock, concours-quality example and can attend, please contact either Kurt Ernst (kernst@hemmings.com) or Matthew Litwin (mlitwin@hemmings.com).
  5. Thanks for the update Dave.
  6. A timely post. working on an antenna right now. When Zup sees this, I'm sure he will reply with his unparalleled 73 antenna knowledge.
  7. I check mine every year out of habit. Got down to 12 F last night here. When I lived in the Denver area, it got down to -30 during the winter of 85. Had just bought a new Nissan 4x4 pickup. Struggled to crank but it started to get me to work. Was a lineman for a cable company in Rochester NY as well before then and actually worked outside in that kind of weather. Those were the days .... Stay warm, those in the north.
  8. Wish you were closer to me than about 200 miles and in the winter, I'd come have a look at it. Verify spark when it's cranking, get a long screwdriver or some kind of listening tube to put against your ear & each injector, again while someone cranks it to check the injectors are clicking. Double check the firing order of the wires. (153624) Pull a couple of plugs to see what they look like as others have mentioned. Could be something as simple as a worn ignition switch good in the start, but not working in the run position when you release the key. Easy to unplug and temporarily change. If necessary, depending on what you find, I can send you a good spare I have to eliminate that possibility.
  9. If there was an "optional" electric fan, it worked in conjunction with the factory AC system, to move more air thru the condenser. My 77 has one, it is aftermarket, installed by the original owner.
  10. Didn't I see you & Zup borrow those 2 helmets from the PLN car in the hotel lobby prior to the trip up there....
  11. Have a safe trip John. Best of luck refreshing that 77 beauty!
  12. I like that! Few car enthusiasts can say that they hit a higher speed going to Road Atlanta than on Road Atlanta. You're tough to keep up with Jim, thanks for a great week!
  13. Great video Steve. Thanks for finding the time and energy to do that.
  14. Watching this with interest.... Would love to fix the only remaining non-functioning accessory on car. Zup & I discussed this at length a few times, when he gets back this weekend, I'll get him to jog my memory of the details. Good luck Dave!
  15. Have not heard from him in quite a while, however, he was on here about 3 weeks ago. I also hope he is ok & nothing bad has happened to him or his 78 Z car. Mark Maras may know more ...
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