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  1. Correct on the street, I do have the screws.
  2. Yes, that's it. Just the strap in your picture. Thanks for looking for it Charles!
  3. Hope you feel better in record time John, & its something totally unrelated.
  4. Your budget will determine everything, especially in the 240z world. Rust & bodywork get expensive to put right. As many wise members have said, "buy the best car rust wise you can afford" Good luck with your search!
  5. This is in OK about 13 miles from my house. Fueled 2 vehicles yesterday. Have not seen this price point for many years...
  6. Good to hear... Probably works in reverse of the contact being open or closed for the low fuel light. When you get near empty, the light will possibly go off.
  7. Its a complete assembly, a cable with the socket for the bulb on one end and the T connector on the other end. In the pic you can see the black cable running from the broken socket to the connector on the right. I think the socket gets brittle and breaks from the heat of the bulb over time.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to write that up Jim! Nice hoard, makes me always wonder what else is undiscovered out there.
  9. John, looking for the lamp / cable with T plug for the heater control panel. The socket is broken on the 280 I'm working on. Easy to remove, just the 4 screws holding the trim panel on. Lamp plugs in where the black socket is above "Fresh". Enjoy your yard adventure ...
  10. Looking for 2 of the 280z gauge straps for the small instruments. The dash was pulled before I got the car and were lost. Needed to complete the Speedhut gauge install in the oem housings. Let me know if you have some available ....
  11. Yes, its a carbon fiber cover over the stock alloy one.