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  1. Correct, the P90A has hydraulic lifters if still original and does not have the timesert solid lifter mod.
  2. I know, spark plugs are $2.50 each, its outrageous!
  3. The 73 front bumper is different from the earlier 240 bumpers. It was the first iteration to comply with the new North American crash standards for that year.
  4. Likely the very last time that beauty will see snow on its tires ...
  5. Maybe request a refund for 10,000 miles of unnecessary rear tire wear .... (only 1 tire unless you have limited slip)
  6. More than likely from sitting dormant for 12 years, the fuel has gummed up / seized many or all of the injectors causing them to not spray fuel with the pulse. Try to listen to them while a assistant is cranking the motor. They make a distinctive click sound, a stick or long screwdriver held to your ear works well.
  7. A nice happy ending to the problem, even included a fried egg sandwich ..... nice job Steve.
  8. The efi fusible links are available for Banzai Motorworks .... https://www.zzxdatsun.com/catWiring.php
  9. Matt As far as your budget goes, you should be able to find a good condition drive-able 280z depending on your location. If you are in the Chicago Lake Forest area, pretty much count on shipping a car to you which can get expensive and eat up a chunk of the money. Of course, luck can strike anywhere, If its the California Lake Forest, a local low rust car becomes much more possible. The pacific north west states are a good source for the car you are looking for. Best of luck with finding one!
  10. The drums have a maximum wear spec for the steel liner, it is stamped on the oem drums. Measure & compare. Inspect the wheel cylinders for evidence of leakage, also check the adjuster to ensure it moves easily for the self adjust feature. Clean assembly before reinstalling drums and final adjustment.
  11. What brand is the new pump Dave?
  12. Great news! Thanks for the update Jim, and glad all is well.
  13. Thanks for posting that Phillip. Power may be out in Jim's area for a while today preventing him from getting online. We all hope Jim A & his wife went thru the storm without incident.
  14. Our local club had a car show / get together last Saturday at Superior Nissan which is one of our sponsors. We managed to field 21 cars, a radio station did a remote from there, lots of people stopped by. All models were represented except for a zx, even a Scarab. Zup went home with a medallion, but it wasn't gold... Started off cold but warmed up by noon & turned into a fun day. Plans are to do it again in the spring.
  15. I wish he did, no one deserves it more. The key word there is "eligible", I believe it is up to the judges discretion in their final meeting whether or not to award the gold level award.