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  1. Jason240z, it's the previous version, I bought this less than a month before the new style was released.
  2. I just finished my taxes, so it's time for an update! I'm absolutely LOVING the Mikuni 44s! I need to schedule some dyno tuning this summer with Jeff Winter. Here's a video clip from the SU dyno runs I mentioned before. Sadly, they wouldn't let me touch the engine bay between runs. IIRC the numbers were right around 140whp/tq at 6000 feet.
  3. Yesterday I took a 14 hour round trip drive through the San Juan national forest to pick up this 73. Fairly solid but has some frame rail rust.
  4. I still need to sort out linkage, fuel rail, and initial jetting.
  5. Slow and steady. I chose to get the valve cover powdercoated gloss black.
  6. It's the older version. The resonator sits a couple inches lower than the floor boards. Shouldn't be a problem unless the car is slammed. I just have some Vogtland springs and Illuminas.
  7. I ended up selling my completely rebuilt (by Eiji at Datsun Spirit) "NISMO" 44s also known as the Type 4. I instantly regretted it, and two weeks later bought these Type 3 Datsun Competition versions.
  8. It's been a while. Fujitsubo is a work of art. I can't wait to hear the whole twin pipe system. A freshly vapor blasted JDM valve cover will be hydro dipped in black carbon fiber.
  9. After much disappointment, for an unknown reason, the ZStory header/exhaust did not fit my car so I returned it for a refund. There was no clearance at the trans crossmember and a header primary was touching my steering rod. There is much debate about this on Facebook group DPAN, whether my car is bent, the welder made a mistake, etc. I got a refund and will be installing the Fujitsubo system soon. So far everything fits like a glove, plenty of space around the header. I'll upload photos when the install is finished.
  10. Updates: Installed Retro spec type 1 air dam Installed early 240z front bumper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To do: Install Z Story header/exhaust NISMO Mikuni 44 swap (Harada intake kit, Kameari fuel rail)
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