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  1. Hi Greg,

    Hope all is well. Great video from your last trip to Japan. Great ride!

    I was hoping you could tell me exactly what paint you used to touch up the calendar clock's second hand? Was it fluorescent or simply orange?



    1. hr369


      yep fluorescent.this stuff right here

       ebay link

      hows this for exotic s31 stuff.  factory hitachi 8 track am radio. don't know if its a signal seeker yet but i do know the earlier ones are.




    2. dmorales-bello


      Thanks for the information on the paint. I'm going to do a little touch up on some of the other instruments.

      That's a very cool radio. When I got my '77 280Z new at the dealer I paid an extra $500 for a Clarion AM/FM/cassette/CB radio that was amazing. I could be listening to music and the transmissions from the CB would come in depending on the squelch that I set. Nobody had anything like that back then. Loved it.

  2. Hi Greg,

    I noticed you shipped out those tail lights yesterday and I should have them by Thursday. Thanks very much.

    I was surprised nobody else bid on these. I think your price was fair. Why do you think these didn't draw more interest?



    1. Show previous comments  23 more
    2. hr369


      All parts arrived no problems?

      Do you mind sharing what clear you use for the tail lites and the kind of polisher?

    3. dmorales-bello


      Hi Greg,

      My trip back home was delayed until today. I'mnow at the airport and will be in Miami this afternoon. That's why I haven't seen the tail lights or clock yet. I leave again tomorrow so I won't have time to bench test the clock but I will certainly report back to you later on today as to the condition in which both items arrived.

      To clear coat the lenses I simply lightly buff them manually with a red 3M Scotch Bright Polishing sponge (first dry, then wet), prep them with degreaser and give them 3 coats of 2 part clear coat. I will check the can when I get home to give you exact specs of the clear coat.

    4. dmorales-bello


      Hi Greg,

      I'm finally home for a bit!

      The lights and clock look good and the boxes were in excellent shape. Doesn't look like they were treated roughly at all. Some of the sealant on the lights seems moldy so I may try to re-apply that before clear coating them.

      The clear coat we used is DCU2002 from PPG. The hardener for that clear is DXC9. You first need to buff the lenses with red Scotch Bright polishing sponge, de-grease, apply an adhesion promoter (like "Bull Dog") and then the 3 coats of clear. Once dry I've never polished them any further. They have that wet look already.

      Thanks very much for the lights and clock and I hope we do business again soon. Let me know when you have interesting stuff.

      Take care,


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