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  1. I’m in the process of doing the exact opposite of what you are doing. Send me a pm. I’m in central Florida.
  2. Hello James, Welcome to the Forum. Just removed my 280 bumpers. Are there any differences on the brackets required? My understanding is the 240 bumper will bolt directly on. If that’s the case do you manufacture the brackets as well. Thanks
  3. I’m looking for the rubber shift boot trim ring. Any chance you have one?
  4. View Advert Clutch & Brake Pedal Assembly 280z Converting my Automatic to 5 speed Transmission. Need pedals and hardware. Advertiser Yarb Date 01/30/2020 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1978 Model 280z  
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    Converting my Automatic to 5 speed Transmission. Need pedals and hardware.


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  6. Yes Sir that’s the one I was speaking of earlier. Do you have a manufacture preference on ball joints etc. The rear suspension had a lot of OEM parts still available. Not so much for the front from what I’ve seen.
  7. Good news...Thanks for clarifying that for me. My production date is 1/78. Not sure why some suppliers list 78 as being different.
  8. Like to get some clarification if I can Please. After looking through many posts that might provide an answer for me. Is the 78 model steering rack different from the 77 and older 280z racks. I’ve checked the Nissan parts listing and can’t find any difference other than the 240 p/n listings. What I’ve found is when I search for a replacement for the 1978 it’s either not available or on back order. The only site that show a listing is Buy Auto Parts and it’s back ordered. My manufacture date is 1/77. Can any one clear this up for me. Appreciate the help.
  9. Silvermine sells the came axle I installed. Spoke with them at length and my binding seemed to be caused by the axle being well below horizontal. Jacking the control arm towards horizontal relieved the binding. Continuing on with rear brake install and will be able to check everything at ride height.
  10. Ryan, speaking of modifying the bracket, The diameter seems ok the thickness of the bracket seems to be the issue I’m having. Is this what you were referring to? I have a 78 S30. Looks like I need to grind off about 1/16” where the clip will install correctly. Also the hardware kit for the 240sx caliper has two aluminum “ horseshoe clips”. Is that a shim that’s needed? john
  11. I don’t understand why these are being marketed by different sources. Selling the weld on plates and being told to use the 300zxt axles. I now realize they don’t fit properly. I used the Track Automotive axles which I guess I will try to return. Silvermine offers the axles but we’re more expensive.
  12. Need some help troubleshooting a problem with the cv axel installation. Bought the adapters from Silvermine an had the flanges welded to the adapters. This was the final piece to rebuilding the rear suspension. I understand there is a left and right 300zxt axle which I ordered. During the install the shafts were extremely tight and difficult to install. At first I thought they were not seated all the way but that was not the case. I did verify that the axles did have compression but still very difficult to put into position. The axle hubs spin easily until t he shafts are installed. After the shafts are installed it seems like they are binding due to the pressure between the axle and the diff. Double checked the cv axle p/n’s and they are correct. Can anyone shed some light on this? So close to being done with this part of the build. Thanks for the help everyone has given so far.
  13. Installed the mustache bar without the offset washers. Seems to line up well.
  14. Thanks, What do you think about the slanted off set washers that come in the kit. I was told by Whitehead they are used for leveling. OEM doesn’t require them. Just wanted a bar to bolt on and put my rebuilt suspension back together. The other concern is once it’s installed it’s mine.
  15. The piece I’m concerned about is it does not lay flat against the diff if you use their offset washers. I don’t see anyone else doing that. I’m considering returning it and going another route. Looking for some advice?
  16. 1978 280Z Manufacture date 1/78 just checked out Techno toy and their bar requires in-house modification if it’s a s31 diff being used on a S30. Interesting.... Zed I misspoke my R200 is not a Z31 300Z 83 280ZX
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    Thanks for getting back with me. I’m looking for 15” wheels and have found a set. Thanks again.
  18. I got an email from Mike and explained the situation. The bar does not lay flat against the diff. It’s suspended by the washers which is completely opposite from the OEM bar. I’m up grading to a 200 and thought it was going to be a simple bolt on. I’ve rebuilt the entire rear suspension and a little Leary of installing it. He had never heard of anyone else having this problem with stud length. The R200 came from an 83ZX which has a different mount but the raw diff looks like my 180 except more robust. I’m having a hard time believing this is the design. He did say the thick side of the washer goes towards the bottom on the inside and reversed on the outside. Following that advice leaves me a very short stud length. He also said it would be ok to leave off the outside washer if need be. Totally Confused on what to do.
  19. The aluminum washers for the diff studs. They are offset in thickness. Let me try to explain this another way. There are four aluminum washers that mount the bar to the differential. Each washer is in the form of a wedge. I assume they are for offsetting the angle at the diff when mounted. The problem is if you use washers front and back the studs are to short. I’d say 3/8” protruding through the hole.
  20. Attempting to install the R200 diff using Whiteheads mustache bar. The unit has offset washers tie wrapped to the bar front and back when I unboxed it. Not sure what they are for. Tried to contact them by email and left a vm. Need some help from anybody familiar with this product. The mounting hole seems a bit large and would have a lot of play on the rear of the diff. Not sure what I’m missing here.No possible way to use the washers. Studs protrude out 1/2 inch withe the aluminum washers.No way near long enough
  21. That’s the direction I’m heading. I’m ordering the brackets but not sure on the length for the stainless hoses. The other issue is there looks like some type of harness on the middle of the hose. Some illustrations for the 240sx show them with and without the sleeve.
  22. I’m, interested in making an offer. I’m in central Florida and have no idea what the shipping costs would be. Maybe we can work something out if the shipping cost isn’t tooo crazy. Thanks,
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    Are these wheels and tires?
  24. Yarb

    280z Disc brake conversion

    Decided to go with the 240sx conversion. Main reason is it’s strictly for the street and the parts were easy to source. What I didn’t realize was the 14” wheels won’t clear the caliper. Now looking for a set of 4 lug 15” rims and tires I can use during the build process. Can anyone recommend a temporary solution as far as make and model preferably a steel wheel that I can use until I’m ready to buy the wheel and tire combination at the end of the project? Thanks again for all the help out there...