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  1. I’ve learned alot about frame rails from john @bad dog parts.com. Together He and I designed the driver side frame rail template for the 75-78 280. I created multiple templates and with his help through the Covid era He designed one that fit. I test fitted it on a 1975 and my 1978. He explained at the time that those indeed were lock down points when the cars were on the ship. He has a vast knowledge of these cars and has my respect. Knowledge base on these cars goes a long way with me.
  2. Friend that information came from a very reputable source. Those are latch points for a mechanism. Please don’t ask questions and then question the response when you receive one. I guess you will pick and choose what you care to believe. Good luck with your project.
  3. The tabs are factory . Those were used to tie the car down in transport. Your car is a late 77/78 model from what I can tell. The channel is deeper on the passenger side by design. They look like the rails are factory. Bad dogs rails don’t have the tabs. I cut mine off for the install.
  4. @Captain ObviousIs your life insurance policy up to date??😂😂😂
  5. I know from converting to cv axles the left side is shorter.
  6. All I can say is Nissan gaskets don’t require adhesive and are reusable.
  7. Powder coated should not make a difference unless the lower face was coated. The Nissan gaskets available at your local dealer don’t require any adhesive., and can be used over and over again as long as they aren’t damaged. Any reason why you did not use the factory bolts? Grab a factory gasket, clean everything and reinstall. Just my 2 cents….
  8. Did you use a factory gasket or aftermarket?
  9. Which dealer are you suggesting?
  10. Definitely stay away from the stainless. Not sure what the issue is but just with gravity feed through the master I had leaks at the MC and the unions. Just received the OE replacement lines. I’ll report back once installed. I can tell you the OE is much more flexible than the stainless.
  11. ZXTurbo/ 2+2 is the 240mm clutch I believe.
  12. That’s a good thing. Is it more of a vibration or a wheel shake your feeling?
  13. Do you feel play in the rack itself? I see where you changed the inner and outer rods. Had a 240 years ago and the issue was the rack it self had slop in it. Just throwing another variable out there.
  14. I was thinking the same thing. Possibly to protect the tank during assembly.
  15. Original sending unit is what you require. From 1978 on the sender has two prongs and not the single stud which is what you need.
  16. Prestone concentrated has always been my go to. Don’t trust the 50/50. This day and age you never know where they are taking shortcuts.
  17. Yarb

    battery drain

    @SteveJ This looks like a corroded or broken harness. What are the chances of having a bad ground connection?
  18. Lots and lots of anti-seize on the pins and housing going back.
  19. Not positive but those straps look like the e-brake cable hangers.
  20. Copied this from @rcv post on throw out bearing sizes.
  21. If you haven’t already, Disconnect the dropping resistor component from the mount. Fully inspect the connections and contacts. It’s in a tight spot. Sounds like some of your issues reside there.
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