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  1. Hi everyone, Decided to post my current build . I started this project back in July of 2017, my initial expectation was to build a nice somewhat daily driver and possibly do a few track days. This is my first attempt to restoring a vehicle, prior to this I've never attempted anything remotely as complex as this. As always what I thought would be a simple project ended up being a much bigger task. I started with a $200 flux core welder and ended up borrowing @grannyknot Miller welder, that alone made a massive difference and cannot thank him enough for all the help and guidance through out this build. Details of what came with the vehicle when purchased. -L28 fully rebuild (according to the seller) -5 speed transmission out of 86 300zx -R200 rear differential 3.54 ratio My current plan is to build a period looking 240z with a few mods here and there such as, z432 rear spoiler, xenon front air dam and recently purchased used rs watanabe's 15x7. I will be posting pictures as this build continues to evolve.
  2. It's going to be 904 kilimanjaro white, although British green did cross my mind at one point...
  3. I'll post more pictures tomorrow of how it looked when it was purchased back in June 2017.
  4. This is how the car was when the previous owner purchased it in 2013 I believe. I was told it sat under a carport from 1991 to 2013, in fact the proof of insurance slip I found in the glove compartment confirmed it was last insured in 1991.
  5. Greenville, but I believe the car was originally from Virginia.
  6. Yes, It's Alex! I know and I really appreciate it! the Z is getting high build primer tomorrow and should be painted late next week.
  7. Hey everyone, I have finally decided to join this forum. I'm currently restoring my 72 240z and will create a thread soon detailing my build. I bought my 240z late June in 2017 in South Carolina and started an extensive restoration. Like most people, I thought it was a much easier task and had no idea the amount of work and time needed. Having said that, I absolutely do not regret that decision and can't wait to finish it. I believe this forum will help me answer all my questions and concerns. I would like to give a big thank you to grannyknot as he has been a crucial figure helping me through out this build and I'm fortunate to live close to him 🙂