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  1. Just another quick update. The Z is almost on the road, I had few minor electrical issues and I'm currently waiting for a new brake master vac. My new seats finally came in from Japan after waiting almost 2 months due to Covid-19.
  2. Looks fantastic Chris. Do you still have your Maxima rear brake setup?
  3. Steve, Problem solved! I checked continuity and everything was fine. I opened up the hazard switch again and bent the contact tabs further out and that solved the issue. Thanks so much for your help again and hopefully everyone can learn from this.
  4. Thanks Steve, I had a look and still can't figure out why I have no turn signals or rear brake light. Looking at that diagram, it appears that my issue would be the hazard switch. I took it apart and cleaned it thoroughly and my hazard lights work perfectly. My issue might be the wires going to the hazard switch. How much voltage should I be getting on the wire going from the turn signal switch to the turn signal relay under the dash? BTW, all relay's are new and working and yesterday I took the turn signal switch apart and also cleaned it thoroughly and lightly sanded the tabs. This is really frustrating as prior to the hazard lights not working the turn signals and rear brake lights were working perfectly. I'm puzzled at this point Any other suggestions? Thanks again,
  5. So I found this topic and I had the exact same issue. The fuse box fuse connectors were corroded, I cleaned them and the hazard works perfect now. However, now my turn signals won't work..
  6. I was about to create a new topic as I am having the exact same issue. Only difference is I have power coming to the brake light switch. I have ran out of ideas at this point. Let me know if you end up finding the issue. Can you elaborate on which switch this is? are you referring to windshield washer pump? I have is disconnected at the moment. Thanks.
  7. Hi all, Just a follow up on my build I had @grannyknot over today helping install the L28 and the install went great despite spending most of the time looking for the correct hardware ? thanks for your patience @grannyknot Looks like I will need to purchase a new pertronix igniter kit as some how the previous owner decided to cut the main wires that feed the igniter.
  8. I just did this recently and for sure it's not an easy task, I even tried ratcheting straps without success. I lubed the seals with silicone spray and trick for me was to fasten the first top screw (facing the front of the vehicle) the bottom screw directly underneath and applying appropriate pressure. Hope this helps.
  9. It's been a while since my last post. I finally got the Z back mid January and made some progress. Brake lines complete and suspension installed Engine bay harness installed. I still have to figure out the engine bay relay's as they did not come with the car for some reason. Trying out this new window gasket from Spaenaur #825-065 as my Z did not have any of those "S" clips that attach to the OEM fender rubber seals. I decided to go with wider Watanabe's 15X9 -13 rear and 15x8.5 -6 front and run the marugen shoukai fender flares as I'm not happy how my rear quarter panels ended up. The painter messed up the body line and the inner lip of the rear quarter is full of filler. Plan is to get the differential in this weekend and doors. If anyone is interested I have my Watanabe 15x7 for sale, shoot me a pm for details.
  10. Thanks, I actually have a nice set of 15x7 watanabe's that I plan on using ? Body shop is called rt_auto11, you can look them up on instagram. They are located in Scarborough near 401 and Kennedy.
  11. Just a few updates while I'm waiting for the z to get back from paint. R200 refurbished with new seals and fresh paint. Painted hood hinges and a few misc. parts. Got my tank from gas tank exchange (local gas tank restore business)
  12. Hi everyone, Decided to post my current build . I started this project back in July of 2017, my initial expectation was to build a nice somewhat daily driver and possibly do a few track days. This is my first attempt to restoring a vehicle, prior to this I've never attempted anything remotely as complex as this. As always what I thought would be a simple project ended up being a much bigger task. I started with a $200 flux core welder and ended up borrowing @grannyknot Miller welder, that alone made a massive difference and cannot thank him enough for all the help and guidance through out this build. Details of what came with the vehicle when purchased. -L28 fully rebuild (according to the seller) -5 speed transmission out of 86 300zx -R200 rear differential 3.54 ratio My current plan is to build a period looking 240z with a few mods here and there such as, z432 rear spoiler, xenon front air dam and recently purchased used rs watanabe's 15x7. I will be posting pictures as this build continues to evolve.
  13. It's going to be 904 kilimanjaro white, although British green did cross my mind at one point...
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