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  1. I just couldn't think of a way to build a booth in my garage and have any room to move so I blew the place as well as I could, draped everything and soaked the floor down and it turned out pretty well. Some trash but nothing a nib file couldn't handle.
  2. I'm missing something, why is there so much slack on the tensioner? That looks like a new chain, ideally you should not see the plunger at all.
  3. It kind of looks like the shepards hook has been welded to the linkage, maybe they wanted to eliminate the slop.
  4. Little update, my new Lincoln 3350 arrived yesterday, I love it. Big viewing window, much more adjustable headgear, the 4C tech gives some natural colour to objects and everything appears to have more contrast than the old green filter. One of the features I like best is there is a slot on either side of the viewing window that lets you slide a set of cheater magnifier lenses up and down into the position that is best for you to see with. Cheater lenses are great, I can see the puddle now when tiging. The helmet comes with a nice storage bag, a total of 6 exterior clear lenses, 3 inner clear lenses and just what I have always wanted; a Chip Foose doo rag, I think I'll use it as oil rag.
  5. @Blitzed, so sorry, Jeff is absolutely correct, I went out to the garage this morning to check and didn't notice the hub hiding behind wheel. So no, your wheel won't be pushed out. Thanks Jeff I have the vented rotor/Toyota caliper but a 16" wheel, not the stock 14"
  6. Yes, the spacer goes on the outside of the brake disc so it will move the wheel and tire farther out so it might hit your fender lip more often. You could roll the lip on the fender or you might have to install a spacer at the top of the spring, if you have coil overs then just screw the adjuster up a few turns.
  7. What exactly are you going to do to it? It looks in pretty fine condition now, but I understand perfectly the desire to just take things apart, no judgement here.
  8. Those SU's look like they are fresh from ZTherapy. A real cream puff, looking forward to the pics.
  9. This a valve cover wet/vapour blasted with my home made unit, not enough air pressure so not very aggressive. Very fine glass beads then Gibbs oil.
  10. I'm the guy that suggested that to Ken because I had to do it myself once, an NPT tapered thread will work but the best way is to have it welded up properly, got to keep the judges happy.
  11. Bravo! That is a much needed part, thanks.
  12. That is a white plastic air breather with some undercoating on it, the wire, no idea.
  13. You're going to laugh but a dollar store pool noodle works great, closed cell foam, a 3/4"deep cut length wise and slip it over the pinch weld, cut it to height if needed and it sure doesn't $6.00 usd per foot.
  14. I read back a few pages but couldn't see any mention of a heat shield, are you going without one? A shame to hide those beautiful headers though, this would be a perfect application for Scotty's transparent aluminum.
  15. Is there some list of interchangeability of oil filters? I ask because the oil filter for my Subaru Outback has shrunk over the years, the current filter is smaller than the filter on my lawn tractor! When I got the car ten yrs ago the oil filter was 3x as large, the photo is the current Subaru filter PH6607 next to the PH2 filter for my truck. Just looking for a decent sized filter that will fit. Thanks, Chris
  16. grannyknot

    77 280z

    Steve, what is the answer, I'm not getting it? Is the propellant from the inverted can cooling the module perhaps?
  17. I'm covered I guess I should have said new ZF rails.
  18. You can weld the BD rails on by them selves or over top of new stock rails, Zedd Findings floor pans and rails work perfectly with BD products. Like Mark said, you will need to scrape and grind those shitty welds to find out just how bad they are then repair those repairs. There are lots of welders here if you get stuck and need some advice. From below the floor pans look pretty good.
  19. I did the same thing a few years ago on a healthy L28 and it took 28 seconds for oil to make it up to the cam, the wait is a bit nerve wracking.
  20. Kevin, you want to turn this around 180* and have the rubber bumper just touching the cross member.
  21. And if that is the case the cheapest way to remedy that is to install the new seal a little farther in or out from the stock position, only talking about a 1/16", just enough so the lip of the seal doesn't run in the groove.
  22. "Some small dents" ? I would hate to see what you call large, the whole back is crushed.
  23. It's the metal insert that pushes the side seals out and creates the seal, without it it will leak. Getting the metal insert all the way in can sometimes be a pain but the handle of a screw driver is a good tool for the job.
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