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  1. Sunlight coming through the trees.
  2. When I have a winter project planned in the garage my poor Z has to spend the winter in the storage tent, I don't like doing in because of all the dust and mice. So this year I bought a big roll of the white shrink wrap that they use for winterizing boats and now she's all snug for the winter. I could have worked all the wrinkles out but I didn't see any reason.
  3. grannyknot

    voltage meter

    But then there is the other school of thought that says buying a $30 unit is better because if you fry it it's no great loss. I have a couple cheap units as well as a Fluke 177. I use the Fluke mostly for ohms testing/measuring.
  4. Exactly what I thought, that's why I used electrical tape but thinking about it now I like @ETI4K suggestion of hard nylon washers, by using that method there is an air gap so water can't get trapped behind layers.
  5. I have a working Koito headlight on the shelf. Maybe I'll submit it to BaT😀
  6. I tried to do most of my repairs through the shelf panel that the chimney attaches to, going in from the top entails a crazy amount of spotwelds to remove. That seam on the firewall although it has easy access is a challenge because it is so visible, I have never had to repair that area so I'm not sure of the best way to tackle it.
  7. That battery area can be tricky for sure but you're going about it in the right way, have you checked the fresh air chimney just north of where you are working? It is an area that gathers leaves and is very prone to rust. I like that Lisle spot weld chisel, looks like you would get a cleaner cut but it's hard to beat an air hammer chisel for speed with multiple spot welds.
  8. It looks great, where are you with the tune, is it running nicely yet?
  9. When I was 14 she was 16, my older woman crush.
  10. I just used a strip of black electrical tape trimmed so it wasn't visible, could not stand the thought of putting bare metal on the paint I worked so hard on. The rubber seals are pinched against the door handle 99% of the time so I just snipped the thinnest part of it, removed it and cleaned them and put them back on, it's 4-5 yrs and they are still on there.
  11. My only reason for watching that show after school was Susan Dey.
  12. Perhaps when the FSM was issued Nissan wasn't thinking about 50 yrs in the future with its recommendation of a retorque. With an engine that has been sitting for 30 yrs there is the distinct possibility of rust forming on the head bolt threads. Retorquing on a realitivly fresh engine wouldn't bother me at all but I sure wouldn't want to do that on an old engine, they are set in their ways so to speak.
  13. I think that same guy worked on my Z's as well.
  14. Yup, it is just soft aluminum plate.
  15. Hard to believe that was considered classy at one time, I remember going to the Van O rama cars shows at the Vancouver Coliseum and there would be hundreds of equally classy vans with murals on the sides.
  16. There is some very good reading here, https://www.autobody101.com/forums/index.php?sid=f044bf1f351a02abe241234902095df9
  17. We are such trusting souls here Well the 240 doesn't look too bad at all, very straight forward.👍
  18. The floor pans look like the ones Zedd Findings makes and sells, also the foot well part of the fire wall looks like it has been patched. Do you know why the transmission stick shift hole has been welded up? I'm going to bet there is quite a bit more rust there than you think, there is telltale signs all over the interior.
  19. I've done the same thing on my car during the summer, the engine coolant when at full temp will transfer that heat to the heater core and that radiates into the cab. Although I would not be surprised if the heater valve leaked as well. BaT always says "shows" unless the seller has rock solid documentation of the mileage. That pristine drivers seat says 31,000 miles. I'm not saying the car is this or that but with the price going higher and higher it is just a matter of time before cars that have been doctored start showing up.
  20. Oooooow, that's some serious rust porn, are you thinking about supporting the car on a frame jig to make sure nothing shifts while doing the repairs?
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