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  1. Looks like the first thing he did was strip the orange paint off the wheels👍
  2. Lots of fun stuff today, slave cylinder, starter, alternator, fuel filter, radiator/fan, AFM, throttle body, injectors and fuel rail. Shinny stuff.
  3. Quite a few of your parts made the cut, most of it was in better shape than my stuff.
  4. Funny, I don't remember ever seeing that kind of money. I sure wish I hadn't sold the 1970 240Z HLS30 01955 March/70 now, if I had put a bit more detail into making it more stock who knows what it would go for these days. So I got the engine/tranny in today but before I did I thought I would weigh them, the engine by itself stripped down except for the mounts, no fluids was 304 lbs. With the flywheel, clutch pak, and transmission, 435 lbs, the chain and tackle were 8 lbs. The last pic is as far as I got by the end of the day, I can see light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. Well just to make it more difficult, I bought two new front fenders from Nissan back in 2012 and both were black and both were re pops. Well done re pops but still not pressed out with the Nissan molds. I wish I had taken more detailed pics but parts were still plentiful back then and not expensive.
  6. Here's a couple of pics for everyone who helped hammer this topic out and bring order to the universe.
  7. Rubber overall, I do like urethane holding the steering rack and urethane rag joint on the steering shaft, it is a bit more vibration but it gives you a crisp turn in.
  8. Damn right, there were times I when I covered head to toe in sanding dust wondering how I thought this would be fun - again. I scrubbed out the shop, covered everything in plastic, soaked the floors in water and it worked out okay, not too many floaters to file off. I wish they were new, I couldn't find any so I used the original ones that are in pretty good shape.
  9. Thanks, I'm lucky enough to get get 4 months off each winter so for that block of time it's 8-10 hrs a day 5-6 days a week, I think I have about 2700 hrs into the car so far and I would guess about half of that is sanding and polishing. The paint is not perfect, there are flaws but I' m hoping they are just more noticeable to me. Aw shucks
  10. All years of rear control arms are inter changeable it's just the 280 and maybe 260 rear control arms are beefier. While you are having a look through archives you could search differences between urethane bushings and original rubber, many members here have installed urethane kits only to turn around and remove them and replace them with rubber.
  11. It could be Nissan code 115 or code 307, it could be anything of course but it sure looks like 307 to my eye.
  12. And what is the braking like compared to what you did have?
  13. Welcome to the forum, she is a beauty and my favorite colour combo. The white is a buggar to keep clean but it looks so sharp, I think your door cards are custom covered.
  14. Look at the oil cap upside down. Reminds me of the old story about the guy who brings his car in for an oil change and insists that the mechanic use 710 weight oil, the mechanic says there is no such thing and the guy says of course there is 710 oil, look at the cap!
  15. I just haven't updated in 3 months! I spent a couple of days over the winter just chasing the threads on the entire car, such a treat now to screw in a freshly zincd bolts. Hoping to get the engine/trans in this weekend.
  16. So paint is done and finally starting to put her back together.
  17. And it even has the cast aluminum HURST shifter that we made so many of in grade 8 metal work!
  18. I'll have a look today, I think I still have a set. Are yours not restoreable?
  19. @Tirnipgreen did you ever sort this one out? I have just run into the same thing with the flange on the new ball joint not sitting flat to the LCA
  20. That is exactly what they are for and originally there was a small rectangle of felt covering that slot on the inside to keep water from pushing in through those slots but allowing it to drain out if it did get in, most of those felt pieces are long gone so if you have access to the inside now is the time to replace them.
  21. Oh yeah, they are not really useable without new spring washers. Apparently OBX isn't selling them anymore so glad I got one before they disappeared. They look like a good alternative for a stock half shafts but with a 225 ft/lb torque limit they are not going to handle what your new Futofab axles will.
  22. R200 3.90 with an OBX limited slip, so far it is running great.
  23. A couple of years back I replaced my studs and forgot to bring a wrench with me on the drive, one nut almost off and three others just starting to loosen.
  24. These cars are well supported for wearable parts as well as many performance mods, so really you can go from a Sunday tooteler to fire breathing track car, just depends what your priorities are.
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