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  1. That's a great idea, to be able to remove the battery support to get the sand that accumulates but the battery is secured to that support and also to the firewall by one screw. Worst case scenario, the car stops suddenly in a collision that heavy battery will become a projectile. The hood may or may not contain it.
  2. One of the possible drawbacks of the 90lbs of force or the 4313 cartridge is it requires more closing force than the original lift and at least in my case resulted in the lift support on the body being pushed away and bending. Had to strip the area down and re-weld that support, now the support on my car could have just been weak or poorly welded from the factory, I don't know but for the one lift early cars maybe a 70-80lb lift should be considered.
  3. I tried to donate in my 20's and as soon as they found out about my Heroin using girl friend at the time they told me to get lost. Fear of Hepatitis and HIV I guess.
  4. Not specific to the current problems but have you gone around and clean all of the harnesses body grounds?
  5. I got a bunch of stuff done in the past couple of weeks, when I bought the headliner it came in a small box and was badly creased, I stapled it to some 1"x2" and hung it on the wall, a year and a half later the creases have worked themselves out. So got the headliner hung by the bows, the exhaust system almost finished, the rest of the engine put together, door glass and quarter windows installed. Also the hood and trunk lid are done.
  6. Rockauto, why pay more for the same thing?
  7. I've never had to fool around with the reaction disc but you can bleed the MC by routing some clear hose from the bleed screws on the MC and bring that hose up and immerse into the brake fluid reservoir then just pump the brake pedal until all the air bubbles are gone, without bleeding the air from the MC first you'll never get it out of the rest of the system.
  8. The suspension parts should be identical between the 2 cars so you shouldn't have a problem there, the poly bushings, although they may improve the handling will give the car a harsh ride, if you're tracking the car they will be an asset, if it is a street car you may regret your choice. There are a number of members here, myself included who have installed poly bushings only to turn around and replace them with fresh rubber bushings. Sand blasting then paint or powder will give you great results.
  9. I think so, it's still attached to the wiring harness, I'll drag it out tomorrow.
  10. Having parted a few BMW's I have quite a collection of Bosch relays, what kind do you want?
  11. Maybe post this thread over on Hybridz, or Ratsun, much better chance of finding someone who has tried it one.
  12. Beautiful, you can also install the wheel/tire to the strut, lay the wheel on the ground and stand on it while tightening the gland nut. Looks like a nice rust free car.
  13. hmmmmm, " An aggressive street muffler for the performance enthusiast where clearance and space issues need to be addressed and want a quieter sound." An aggressive street muffler with a quieter sound? Although it does sound pretty good here if you FF 1min. 50 sec.
  14. What do the crank journals look like?
  15. I have used the head bolt holes and old head bolts to pull the block out, never had a problem.
  16. Here is my old workhorse, hard to beat a Schumacher, the old Motormaster 10amp I use exclusively removing rust through electrolysis. I can leave that thing on 24hrs with no problems, that's something I don't like about new chargers, they are so "smart" you can't use them to remove rust.
  17. Jeff, you have to build the engine now, bring it up to the potential of that nice pan.
  18. I was on a roll this afternoon,
  19. Thanks, slipped right by me.
  20. You will almost certainly get a better product from an independent distributor specialist than you will from rockauto , of course it will cost more. You could also have a go at it yourself, those dizzys are not very complicated, pretty basic to teardown, clean and reassemble.
  21. Sound deadener and wiring harness is in, she's supporting her weight again and ready to install the engine/trans this weekend. The car will sit a lot lower when the weight is back to normal.
  22. Age 10 Major Matt Mason Age 11 - 61
  23. Back in the 70's every car smelled like gas, it was normal. Mmmmm, leaded gas, I miss that smell.
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