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  1. The P/S front fender has been resprayed for sure, not a very good match but nice clean Z. Watching the walk around video you can just feel that warm California breeze, I'm looking a foot of snow out my window.
  2. This a problem many of us have had to deal with, the hinges get a bit worn and sloppy over the years, if you loosen the screws holding the hinges to the inner fender, push straight down on both sides of the front of the hood and tighten the screws while still applying that downward pressure. That usually fixes the problem but sometimes the slots on the hinges have to be notched out to lower the hinge a bit more.
  3. I needed a change of scenery so started on the other side for some variety, still lots to do on the roof but you have to take your victories where you can.
  4. Your Grandad had eclectic taste, maybe don't be too quick to clean them up, as we've seen at some auctions houses that that layer of dirt and leaves fetches a premium sometimes.
  5. But that negative feedback was about a set of those SU's, "Leaky and bad carbs, severe lack of communication, didn’t want to give refund" You'll be very happy with ZTherapy's work, I've sent them 2 sets and both came back perfect.
  6. On that car I ended with some generic bullet mirrors which did the job.
  7. Post on both, there certainly is some cross over between the two forums but also a large number of guys who only frequent one or the other. There is also some great advice to be had over at https://www.autobody101.com/forums/index.php?sid=f044bf1f351a02abe241234902095df9
  8. Very nice shape. Choke cables coming from the passenger side? 1973_datsun_240z_16119573683b6c6730240Z-Datsun-1973-Silver-132.webp
  9. I bought a set many years ago and never did get around to mounting them, I still have them in their original packaging. They are a good solid mirror but you do have to drill 3 small holes in the window frame to attach them properly. If you're interested, PM me, I'll make you a good deal.
  10. Here's an old thread from Ratsun with some good pics of Datsun colours, https://ratsun.net/topic/38158-datsun-paint-and-codes/ Whether or not respraying your car in the original colour will add to its value is debatable, you have a sunroof so your car will never be original again without major work so the shade of paint IMHO is your call, I say paint it the colour you like. This car is reported to be #307,
  11. I used an aquarium heater but have a look at @Patcon plating thread, he produced outstanding results with his setup.
  12. Nice set up, what power supply are you using?
  13. ? are you referring to the hollow fan blades on the Pratt&Whitney engines on the Boeing 777 ?
  14. I'm in undercoat scraping purgatory at the moment and probably for the next week.
  15. The reason that I have read about is a fully welded runner onto the flange tends to crack easier where as a flange that is pinning the flattend end of runner to the exhaust port doesn't. The small tack welds on the outside of the flange hold it all together but allow the different expansion rates to coexist without cracking. It does make some sense but then I've had fully welded headers that have never had a problem with cracking. Maybe on a race car where there would be more extremes it would be different?
  16. I don't think you're being controversial at all, the general consensus among tire manufacturers for age out is 6 years. Sure you can say that the manufacturers use that number out of an abundance of caution and the desire to make more tire sales and that may be true to a certain extent. I'm as stingy as the next guy but I don't cheap out on tires because those 4 little patches of rubber are the only thing that keep you on the road. Brakes don't stop the car, tires do. Traction control, ABS all the rest of those helpers are worthless without 4 fresh contact patches. I can't remember where I saw it but about 15 yrs ago I read an report on how many collisions and fatalities are tire related, worn out, under inflated and old, it was a large percentage. That's when I became a bit of a zealot and don't even get me started on 4 season tires.
  17. I don't get any ads on any sites except when I go on amazon or ebay, don't know what I'm doing right, I just chalk it up to my general lack of computer know how.
  18. Your guy has serious skills, recreating by hand what came from a stamped press is no small feat. Also very impressed with the dash and console, I don't think I have ever seen the leather covered look done well on a 240z before, the workmanship on yours is remarkable. The fit for the speedo and tach is very tight on an original dash, hope he left some allowance for that.
  19. I think craigola actually brought the price down from where it could have gone.
  20. Nissan split the wiring harness up into 3 units for ease of installation on the assembly line, if the connectors are clean and not corroded the resistance will be minimal.
  21. How about the stick on weights, they are quite flat.
  22. Now that's a porous border, all of our cold slipping pass the 49th parallel.
  23. Lots of rust waiting on the other side of the undercoat.
  24. Just don't get into a situation where yours or someones else's life relies on those 4 little patches of rubber to be at their best. Tire compound has a lifespan and it continues to age whether you see cracks or not.
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