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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/video/nyregion/100000007052136/coronavirus-elmhurst-hospital-queens.html
  2. @siteunseen @Mark Maras @zKars thanks for the input! Honestly i think its the second time i've lost the clip, i'll check out my local parts store if they have something like that. I was also looking for the phillips/hex m6x25 bolts that are used for the 260z/280z arm rests, mine are warn out. I think MSA sells them for $1 per bolt. Its the the phillips head that is difficult to find.... Anyone have a lead on these?
  3. @siteunseen thanks! I’ll remember to grab all those when I go back into the car, I lost thewjndow roller retainer clip, it comically did the “ping” when it shot out into the grass. >.>
  4. heyitsrama

    Door spacer

    Anyone know where this little spacer goes? And what orientation it needs? It fell out of the door panel when I was trying to get the armrest installed. on a side note, how do you guys get the door panels off without completely ruining the cardboard? It seems that the clips don’t want to release? Special tool?
  5. this looks like a deep fake video, the neck of the actor is doing strange stuff, so is the artifacting around the face. https://github.com/iperov/DeepFaceLab we upgraded here a couple years back to bidets on each bathroom, no more TP waste. 🙂
  6. I wonder the implications of US sanctions on Iran, and how it's making medical treatment within Iran more difficult. I see that there is a "humanitarian" section which allows some medical devices into Iran. https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Documents/iran_humanitarian_20191025.pdf
  7. Looks like they are all NIB, i ordered a set to see how they are..... seems to have a couple more ~$60 not too bad.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nissan-240z-Shock-Absorbers/352977837303?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3Daaeca79954a141e9b082a667d03ee6e7%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26mehot%3Dnone%26sd%3D283790259940%26itm%3D352977837303%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A922f1b6b-6347-11ea-b1b4-74dbd1804acc|parentrq%3Ac79da95d1700a4d21ba94375ffde6948|iid%3A1
  8. the only way i was able to remove my front driver side was to drill out a hole in the bottom then stick a allthread rod inside and beat it out of the housing. Once you get it out its going to be super nasty and a pain to insert a new strut tube inside, so i took one of these https://www.harborfreight.com/power-tools/grinders-sanders/grinding-cutting-wheels/2-inch-polycarbide-abrasive-wheel-brush-94013.html extended it on a rod then through it into a drill to clean the inside of the tube. After that weld up the hole you made and your done. If you're talking about the glant nut that ZedHead is refering to, i welded a tube onto the top of the nut, then used a pipe wrench on the tube, which combined with the heat from the welding, and a 6ft cheater bar it came loose. heres a thread i had about it.
  9. the only thing i can think of is if the internal diameter of the tube is too large it might loose pressure (not sure how important is it for the cam to have pressure).. other than that it looks nice to make it out of 1 section of tube, less stuff to fail.
  10. ill take a look at this when i get home, if i recall i replaced the clutch master with a unit from Beck n Arnley but i should have the old one in storage... Maybe its something i can adjust..... Otherwise you know can always send the flywheel to get lightened and a new clutch 😇 (although i cant seem to find any one local to do this, i called Rebello and they dont offer the service anymore) is TEP the only "known" shop to offer the service ~$300? California Datsun seems to be offering them on ebay ~$200, but not sure if i wanna go down that route... ideally this would be solved with adjustment tho 🙂
  11. @Richard McDonel That works for me can you send me a Private Message with some contact information? Do you happen to have a spare gas cap?
  12. I raced my Z at Thunderhill Raceway, and found a bunch of stuff that i need to iron out before the next track day.... 1. clutch chatter when taking off from a stop 2. Temperature switch does not turn on as advertised.....(fans never turned on) 3. Apparently the Temp Gauge / Oil pressure reading indicates an increase in both.... if i turn on my headlights or the fans kick on. Maybe grounding issue? 4. Alignment + tire balance to get rid of a shimmy. 5. maybe make a towbar for easier / more comfortable drives out to the track....
  13. Power brake exchange in San Jose California can rebuild them, I had mine done by them; if you end up using them have them power coat the booster, they run it through a bead blaster, it should be an additional $20. im not sure if DIY kits are available... I wonder where PBE gets theirs....
  14. I don’t know those VW DSG gearboxes are pretty sweet of you ask me.... 2 seats is a coupe, more than two (or space for 2) is a 2x2. usually thuds over bumps can be the sway bar end links. However with that being said the last wheel thud I was tracking down ended up being the gland nut that holds the strut inside the strut tube.