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  1. after my buddy and i gave this mk1 sprite back to the owner he started messing with the wiring (he wanted a push to start button ) and managed to mess it up so bad that the battery inverted its polarity. not sure why he did not just leave it alone and drive it, it was perfect when we handed it off.
  2. 😞 was it a stock cam? Is there a possibility for the valve's to slap the pistons in this case?
  3. View Advert seat rail Looking for some used seat rails, need the passenger side. Advertiser heyitsrama Date 05/11/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1974 Model 240-260  
  4. heyitsrama

    seat rail

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    Looking for some used seat rails, need both sides.


  5. i usually go with Beck, i used their master and clutch cylinder, no complaints here.
  6. https://www.yelp.com/biz/power-brake-exchange-san-jose these guys do a very nice job rebuilding mine; i think they powder coat for an extra $15? $135 out the door, but im local. I think they have a so-cal spot.
  7. you have to modify the mounts on the lower middle valance, they are different between 70-73 and 74 (even though they look the same), air dam type 1 is cost effective and looks great.
  8. Ignore the trashed interior plz, ill clean it I promise.
  9. Howdy, I just wanted to share this super cool shift knob that @Captain Obvious finished for me last week. I wanted to repurpose my skateboard that I was using in high school after seeing these cool 917 shifters online. The Captain took the time to take the sections cut and glued, and shaped it to be just like the OEM shifter. He even was able to replicate the lower plastic portion out of aluminum as a final touch. We decided the correct thing would be to increase the diameter slightly due to having larger hands. With the small increase, I don't feel my pinky hit my palm like the OEM one does. I'd show it inside the car but I pulled off the interior to install the AC!
  10. Ken, Im over in the EastBay, lmk if you need a hand (or an eye)
  11. Howdy, Was planning on ordering AC fittings to wrap up the installation of the vintage air unit. Does everyone usually go the EZclip method? or do people stick with the old crimp style? Ive been debating both, the EZ clip is nice, but the cost of the parts adds up fast, the crimp fittings seem to be cheaper, but the tool is $150-$200! Does anyone know of a shop/person in the Bay Area that will let me bring my own parts and just have them crimp? Or some club member tool rental? Regards
  12. back when i was working for Apple, we used these nylon probe tools for computers because they dont scratch/mar/ are ESD safe. https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Menda/35622?qs=%2BmRqrm7NpdLuWhQqqlmbpQ%3D%3D but this is a cheaper alternative https://www.ebay.com/itm/10-x-Nylon-Plastic-Spudger-Stick-Opening-Pry-Crowbar-Repair-Tools-for-iPhone-FIX/163163899355?hash=item25fd5385db:g:Zt4AAOSwBDlaqo~3 Super useful around cars, i use them for all sorts of stuff.
  13. uh im just throwing numbers out there $40; i cant turn the sun/moon upside down for more visibility like in the second image. (the curse of being tall)
  14. first step is bleeding them, power brakes in san jose can rebuild the booster if need be, but sounds like there is air in the system if its soft.
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