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  1. Do you not need to run lock washers with those copper nuts?
  2. on a side note. holy moly that Z sounds great. Do you have more information about the motor? whats the aluminum tank inside the engine bay on the passenger side?
  3. @panchovisa you can use VLC to open almost any media file. I've been using it for almost 15 years now, its a great open source tool. https://www.videolan.org/vlc/
  4. +1 on the co2/argon blend, someone advised me to use that from this forum, my welds are way cleaner. I have a Lincoln 3200 HD for my mig work it performs very well, but i'm thinking of getting a Everlast 210 EXT for Tig work, plus the AC/DC will let me switch between metals and do other work. There are some Everlast units that can do MIG/TIG/Plasma cutting, they seem like a good deal if you are looking for one machine that can do a lot of work. Consider taking a class at your local community college, I was able to learn a lot, and got plenty of time under the hood (saved a lot of money on material).
  5. You might have blockage inside the line. In the past I’ve cleaned out lines by using compressed air. I would remove the brake cylinder off the line to avoid getting debris inside the cylinder.
  6. Anything that is under the dash should be done before the dash is installed, it can be a pain in the arse to get down there. You did not mention HVAC... Another bay area member nice to see, i think thats 2 new people in the past month. did you plan on doing body work yourself?
  7. dave what rear end are you running on the car? 3.7?
  8. Sounds healthy , how far did you get into the RPMs?
  9. I created brackets that bolt into the two holes above the unit as well as a bracket in the front. check out
  10. @jitenshakun did you change the springs on the car too?
  11. @grannyknot its quite possible, but the shocks should have less than 1500miles on them; Although the use of a lowering spring on the KYB's are not recommended, and probably contribute to faster wear...
  12. I’ve noticed on my Z when I go over imperfections on the road and on some bumps there’s a tendency for the rear suspension to bounce. It’s a little annoying, I was wondering how much of this was contributed from using KYB struts on eibach lowering springs. is it that the KYB strut is not able to handle the rapid compression of the progressive springs in the rear of the car? Could it be something else? Sway bar too tight?
  13. I don't think you would experience overheating with the n42 block, however this is getting outside of my scope of knowledge, I don't have the hands on experience to talk about these topics with authority. You will find build threads on www.hybridz.org that would have way more knowledge, it might be worthwhile to search for some threads there. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=n42+turbo+site%3Awww.hybridz.org&ia=web If the turbo motor you picked up is in a healthy state, i would be inclined to either: A. run it as is, or B. perform a leakdown test, change out some seals, and run it as is.