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  1. dude a quart of oil for every 30 miles is alot. what was the issue?
  2. That looks like a rad car, do you get track time with it?
  3. It’s worth it, I wouldn’t lie 😔
  4. All I'm saying is when I step through mud I don't clean my boots with a towel. IP addresses can change day to day because they are (usually) dynamically assigned by your ISP. (unless you pay $$ for static IPs), but yeah mine shows 10 miles off from where I am. Zed do you have any browser extensions installed? I don't see that many ads when i turned off my blockers, @siteunseen might be onto something with adware. https://www.malwarebytes.com/adware/ Edit: websites that are usually browsed by men tend to have “male enhancement” ads, I get them and I’m not 30 yet, I also get hair loss supplement ads but I have all my hair...
  5. Ad networks are pretty complex, I'll try to find some technical articles that explain how they work. IIRC there is a broker network that is selling the space on the web-page, then there are companies that are figuring out what ads space to buy based on your data that they have collected and profiled. I think there might be a amount of configuration that the website admin can tell the exchange to have, such as no adult content... but in the end they need/want ad-revenue. Ads can get super nasty based on the websites that you visit, the things you have searched for, or any other digital crumbs that can be picked up on. But also can be based on what other people on your network are doing, remember your IP is visible and shared for all users on the home wifi. Ad networks can probably tell which users belong to which site-request from the same IP with relative ease. There are even ad-tracking hidden within emails, there is a invisible 1pixle image sent with some emails and when the mail application opens the email, it fetches the image from the server. This request can be tied back to who opened what email and when they opened it. Have you found ads that are relevant? It looks like on my personal browser I'm blocking ~13% of traffic, on the DNS (Network) level filter this is blocking ~30% of outbound traffic.
  6. https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock There is an installation section that will take you to the installers for your browser. Seriously install it, it makes web browsing faster because it’s killing off sub-processes that websites are kicking off. Smaller digital footprint, and no ads. have you considered a bidet? I got 3 of them, very eco-friendly. Just wished it had a pre-heater mode for those cold winter nights.
  7. @AK260 I gave up on the p4070, it was too loud and really annoying to drive with. Swapped it out with an Airtex 8016S, this past Monday. Have a track event on Sunday so we will see how it holds. So far it’s much more quiet in the car, very faint at idle, but still can hear it when the car is off. Hopefully it works out for my use. Shame the p4070 was too loud, never had any issues with it.
  8. @siteunseen There’s some dudes on YouTube that paint cars with those HF guns.
  9. @240ZBUILTBYME Actually I was using a brass coated steel brush on a flexible dremel to clean the bulb holder for the license plate lights. https://www.ebay.com/itm/45Pcs-Brass-Wire-Wheel-Bowl-Pen-Polishing-Mix-Brush-Set-for-Dremel-Rotary-Tool/133398533650?hash=item1f0f2c1612:g:iv8AAOSwkWRe~Ft1
  10. I’m interested to see how you re-wire everything, and what you use for connectors. When I got my car the front engine harness was cut out, so I had to find another donor harness and put it together. I actually want to go back pull it all out and start over. So yes! Progress pictures, part numbers, the whole lot.
  11. Probably fake, can’t pay with cryptocurrencies? that’s interesting.. I feel like there was a thread similar to this a couple months back...
  12. I was driving the Z around today and realized that the throttle pedal sits further back than the clutch and the brake (which seem to be resting together). Is this normal? Or is something bent? Its pretty substantial, it makes heel-toeing the car a bit awkward, the distance to WOT is also short due to this...
  13. +1 on the milwaukee impact, also consider their 3/8 ratchet, I bought a refurbished on from https://www.cpomilwaukee.com been abusing it without issue.
  14. Some purple power will clean that right up. Don't use it on aluminum tho. (theres a ford f150 joke there if you look hard enough)
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