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  1. So when I was working on the gearbox a couple months ago, I knew that I needed to change the clutch // get the flywheel resurfaced. I took advise from some other members and went with a light weight flywheel from Fidanza and a turbo clutch to keep an OEM clutch feel. Because of this I was forced to buy a new clutch collar to pair with the clutch. Here is the thread. Clutch was an Exedy 06030 (Rock Auto) Flywheel was Fidanza 143281 (Amazon) Here are the clutch collar related parts that I used: (Coutesey Nissan Texas) 32862-E9300 Control Lever Boot
  2. Sounds like a rotational rattle, from 0:58-1:08 there is a rattle that follows when you blip the throttle. Does it happen when you are not moving around? Did you ever get around to checking the timing?
  3. I ordered a new clutch collar from Courtesey Nissan Texas a couple months back. Cheapest supplier I found.
  4. Did you see @zKars thread? It was also on the front page...
  5. What options / spec does this one have? Needs a little detailing to get it shiny like the Z. Post the after detailing shots! 🙂
  6. gear reduction starter are plug n play. https://www.autozone.com/batteries-starting-and-charging/starter/p/duralast-starter-16584/860650_0_0
  7. hey @James Que this message board has issues with `.heic` images. If I'm correct these are photos that are shot on a iPhone and might be uploaded from a Mac... You'll have to export the image as a `JPEG` so that other forum members can see the image on the website. I've exported the image and attached it below. I'm not familiar with the safety features for a 280z, but isn't there a triggering circuit for that relay that is related to the oil pressure from the sender? There was a similar circuit added to a 260z to prevent the pump from running in the event of an accident.
  8. I would identify the circuit that had the cooked insulation and start there. Your DVM might have a beep mode where it detects continuity within a wire, you can use this to attempt to see if a particular wire has a short. Pictures?
  9. why not set the motor to TDC and verify the distributor shaft position? I don’t see how the idle would change after a oil pump change…. have you taken the valve cover off? Just to take a peep at the valve train?
  10. I would do an oil analysis, just to see types and quantity of metal in the oil. Also a magnetic oil plug. I run this https://www.ebay.com/itm/311436668470 Magnetic Drain Plug - Oil Sump - M16.4 x 1.33
  11. is this an early 260z or a late 260z? The early 260z might share brake lines with the late 240z. the fuel lines might be different, i can take a look at my late 73 chassis and compare to my early 74... in which case https://classictube.com/model/240z-7/ might work...
  12. dang get this guy a co2 laser and a plasma table!
  13. I don’t have android, but on iOS, you click on the “add files” button, then select from photo library, I assume it’s very similar to android.
  14. Usually when the boosters fail they cause the RPM change when you depress the pedal. Thats a lot of air movement in the video, can you feel where it escapes into the atmosphere?
  15. When the motor is on and you press the brake pedal does the engine RPM change? power brake exchange in San Jose California might be able to rebuild it, they repaired my 74 booster, have them powder coat it too.
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