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  1. Ah! I think there is a difference between the. 240z and the 260/280z racks in regards to that bushing. There are some threads about this…
  2. One of the sources of shake for me was the torque on the tension control arm. These cars seem to be sensitive when it comes to steering…. unless your @siteunseen his car apparently is butter smooth 🙂
  3. It would probably be best to look at the Wiring diagram in the FSM, and double check if all the wires are in the correct spot.
  4. I think the t3 brace is a really good option. I built my own after their model. The body roll is what I wanted to minimize, I felt like when I was in a turn the front of the car was behaving like a wobbling ladder. Small write up here: https://specterbyte.com/cornering-stablity/ good thing you saved some pesos on the outers eh? 🙂 did you get the triangulation back to the firewall?
  5. oooooo very shiny. I think you can run just 1 catch can, and have a splitter that joins right before they input into the can. Something like I've been wanting to run a catch can too, my beef is I don't like how they fit in the engine bay, i kinda want it tucked... Do you feel you chassis flexing in turns on the track? I notice you're not running any bracing.
  6. Oh nice! Hopefully no damage to the car from the fire?
  7. A few years back @Captain Obvious turned my old skateboard veneers into a shifter knob. It’s cool to keep using the old board, lots of memories with it…. Reduce, reuse, recycle I guess 🙂 The new one is slightly larger, so it fits my hands better…
  8. be careful with the bellows/boots, their like $80 a pop 😞
  9. I was not aware of another manufacturer making a left sided inner tie rod, my assumption was that unless you're getting NOS, you'll have to use the double right from Rare Parts. Please update with pictures if you can. 🙂
  10. Some (most?) end up just getting two right inners and then match it two two right outers, that’s why t3 sells two right outers together. I guess another reason to go with moog if you don’t wanna spend the cash on repairing the inner too. When it’s time for the inner to go you’ll need to change one of the outers.
  11. @Ownallday `rare parts` makes a replacement inner rod, i have them on my 260z.
  12. This is how i did it, does your bolt not line up with the access hole? might have to make a little clamping tool....
  13. I think the 240mm clutch setup will work with a stock flywheel as long as the bearing sleeve has also been replaced to match the pressure plate. I was not able to find an economical solution to get my OEM flywheel lightened, it was cheaper for me to order the fidanza one, I called up Rebello and asked if they recommended a shop in the area that could do it for me, but the gent on the phone said that they just order them new/lightend. Take a look at the thread I linked, i have some references to Exedys product catalogs. @EuroDat helped me out when i was looking for parts/fixing t
  14. To my understanding a smaller diameter clutch will bite/engage harder because of the reduced surface area and mass. With the larger clutch you retain the engaging characteristics to be closer to "OEM" yet are able to get the benefit of a lighter flywheel (better throttle response). I'm quite happy with the setup. perhaps others can chime in....
  15. Note this parts list is for a 240mm clutch, I like the feel, others have also advocated for the light flywheel, larger clutch combo. I think this is everything, the Bearing Sleeve needs to match the pressure plate setup..... Coutesey Nissan Part Number Part Name Price Quantity Total 32862-E9300 Control Lever Boot $5.94 1 $5.94 30501-K0404 Bearing Sleeve $24.13 1 $24.13 32710-14600 Seal-Oil $1.22 1 $1.22 30534-E9000 Clutch Release Arm Spring $2.33 1 $2.33 30514-146
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