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  1. how does the roof not fall from the snow weight?
  2. Howdy, I wanted to clean up this old vent before installing it, I’m a little concerned about damaging the chrome on it, wanted to know if anyone had advise about this, don’t want to ruin/damage it. regards
  3. My old 240sx had something similar to release gas. if you start drilling and using power tools to clean up there, make sure you throw some rags into the intake and exhaust ports, you don’t want any shards of metal falling in there at all. I think the drill/tap/loctited bolt would work fine. Maybe you should test this out on something old before you do it on your car. Junk yard had a bunch of scrap you can test it out on before you actually go to the head.
  4. I ended up finding a blue point crimp tool for RBS #12-#6 and #12-#6; if you need someone to make a hose for you reach out, dont wanna let this tool go to waste.
  5. heyitsrama

    Stroker 3.1.jpg

    @wheee! did you build the AC bracket yourself? Sanden compressor?
  6. California Prop 65 was intended to make polluting water ways with any State and Federal acknowledged carcinogen/substance that might cause birth defects. You can read more about the labels https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65/how-chemicals-are-added-proposition-65-list In this case I would guess that its lead; you know the element that's causing all sorts of issues in Flint, Michigan...
  7. I have a 260z that had 1 modified 280z seat rail, and a no passenger seat. Been reupholstering seats for the car, just want to put in rails that work are not super janky. Still looking for rails. 👀
  8. @grannyknot did you machine that die yourself? looks great
  9. do you have 240z seat rails? I need both sides.
  10. bump bump, still looking for these plz. 🙂
  11. No way I have a set of those and they are too large, pn. k9882 ?
  12. Did you replace them with OEM boots? It looks like MSA has an option for something that’s after market, they advertise a good fit; anyone have experience with this? https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic20o01a/23-4459
  13. after my buddy and i gave this mk1 sprite back to the owner he started messing with the wiring (he wanted a push to start button ) and managed to mess it up so bad that the battery inverted its polarity. not sure why he did not just leave it alone and drive it, it was perfect when we handed it off.
  14. 😞 was it a stock cam? Is there a possibility for the valve's to slap the pistons in this case?
  15. View Advert seat rail Looking for some used seat rails, need both sides. Advertiser heyitsrama Date 05/11/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1974 Model 240-260