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  1. If you are using the same pressure plate and collar that came out of the 4 spead set up, than you should not have any problems with the height. If the slave cylinder is not leaking and moves in and out freely, than there is no need to replace it. Can you check the fork travel? It should be about 16mm, give or take a couple of mm. If it's less than 12mm, you will most likely have issues with disengaging and gears grinding like reverse. You should be able to push the slave cylinder rod into the slave cylinder about 10mm. If you can not do that you need to do some adjustment checks. Two things can cause that. 1: The clutch fork is not seated on the pivot properly. 2: The master cylinder in not adjusted properly and not returning far enough to open the resivour port. It's not likely to be your master cylinder because it was ok before the tranny swap. Other items that can cause your problems: - Dry input shaft splines. The clutch disc can not slide along the shaft and away from the flywheel. This causes the disc to drag on the flywheel and feels like the clutch is not fully disengaging. Well one side of the disc is not disengaging. Did you try the clutch disc on the input shaft splines before fitting the transmission? - A dry binding spigot bearing (bronze bush or sometimes a ball/needle bearing in the back of the crankshaft) will cause the same problems. It's rare and doesn't happen often. Both these problems will need removing the transmission to fix. I would leave this as a last resort. Try all the easy stuff first.
  2. Sounds like you might have a problem with the clutch release bearing collar. Did you use the one on the 4 speed or the one that came with the 5 speed? There are several different lengths available for the Zed transmissions and easy to mis-match to the wrong pressure plate. They match the pressure plate and not the transmission. A mistake a lot of us have made at one time or other. You can check the position of the clutch fork. Should be about 110mm from the front of the transmission and the fork should travel about 16mm +/- 3mm. So 110mm and with clutch pedal depressed 126mm. If you have the wrong collar, the tranny will need to come out again.
  3. 0.03" is acceptable. The front bearing is not a prsss fit, so you will always have a little movement in the clearance and the C3 tolerance in the bearing itself. Like Mark said, the pilot bearing/bushing in the crankshaft aligns the input shaft. Check it before you fit the transmission. If it is a bronze bush, lightly grease it before installing the transmission. If it is a bearing, it should turn freely.
  4. I wonder why some people do this. Is it because they want to prove it's do'able or simply more money than sense?
  5. Back in 2014 I purchased a set of fusible links from my local Nissan dealer. They sourced the parts from Coutesy Nissan. Wayne is buzy with an update of his electrical diagram and this was a point of discussion. Im not sure if they changed the colors, but the set I received is: 1x Black p/n: 24161-A0100 (YAZAKIFLWX-1.25) 1x Green p/n: 24161-28500 (YAZAKIFLWX-0.5) 2x Brown p/n: 24161-Y0100 (FTX-0.3) In (brackets) are codes on the link insulation. The brown have a different number compared to the manual,. They are brown instead of the original red. That could explain the different part number. Refering to the parts manual en Waynes color electrical diagram. According to the parts manual Pos 19 is the two (outside) links A and C with a value of 1.25 Pos 18, link B and D have two values, which doesn't make sense, 0.3 and 0.5. That corresponds with one brown 0.3 and the green 0.5. Did nissan get this mixed up? Looks like I should have two blacks for A and C, one green for B and one brown for D. That doesn't match the three reds and a black on the diagram. Could be just color changes over the years. Any thoughts on this? Thanks Eurodat
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is a color copy of the 1973 Service manual wiring diagram, Section BE Electrical. (For Manual transmissions)


  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is a color copy of the 1972 Service manual wiring diagram, Section BE Body Electrical


  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is a color copy of the wiring diagram in the 1971 supplement Late model. No "Passing Relay" circuit


  9. Version 1.0.0


    This is a color copy of the early 1971 wiring diagram. Includes "Passing Relay" circuit.


  10. Found it. In Post nr. #129 Hardway changed the vac hose using this method. You could ask him what his experience with this is. @Hardway @Mike This thread might be better in the "help me" forum section? Since it is not really a tech guide atm anyway.
  11. There is a small company here that makes hoses to suite. They don't actuallt preform the rubber hose, but instead they insert a thin walled copper tube. Then they bend the hose to the shape you want. I have seen someone on this forum do it with his vac hoses to the brake booster using a similar method. Trying to remember his name🤔. It will come back to me aventually....
  12. Hi EuroDat, Just wanted to say hello and ask how everything  is going with you and yours. I hope all is well.

    I thank you for the reply to my battery issue. I have company now so I had to put that away for the time being.

    I wanted to also fill you in on my wife's condition. She received a stem cell transplant in Oct of 2015 and is doing very well as we speak. It was a hard road to get where she is now but worth the pain. Easy  for me to say as I did not have to endure it.

    Anyway , so nice to be back on the Z site and to hear from friends like you.

    By the way, the 78 Z I have now, has an unmolested spare, air bottle, jack and tool pouch. Looks like it has never been touched.

    Please keep in touch, John Butcher


    1. EuroDat


      Hi John,

      That is such good news to hear. I hope she keeps going well for many years to come.

      I am at this moment in Australia, but unfortunatly it is not for pleasure. My father past away on the 22nd of September. He had final phase renal failure and has been suffering since August last year. After travelling 28 hours I missed him by 4 hours and he passed away before I arrived.

      Take care and good health to you and your wife.


    2. jcb


      Hi Charles, I am so sorry to hear of your loss and that you were unable to speak to your farther before he passed.

       Take care, John

  13. Version 1.0.0


    This simple document identifies the external differences in the 280Z, 280ZX "wide" and "close" ratio transmissions. Each transmission has a basic description and photo's of what to look for on the transmission.) Specifically for the 280Z and 280ZX models in the USA and Canada. Explans what the Code F5W71B means. Transmission specifications per model: 280Z, 280ZX, Coupe and 2+2. (Does not cover the Turbo model 280ZX).


  14. Version 1.0.0


    This is a list of all the Bosch Jetronics EFI connectors 2-Pin up to 7-Pin. All connectors and "Standard" rubber caps were still available in November - December 2016. Information can be found on the Bosch connectors website https://www.bosch-connectors.com/ BOSCH CONTACT HOTLINE (US) +1 954 635 4543 (UK) +44 151 2373412 (DE) +49 391 6073002 EuroDat


  15. Hi Chas,

    Long time. Do you happen to have a spar of rear bumper bracket that i can purchase?




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. EuroDat


      Hi Takashi,

      I still have a couple sets complete with bolts.

      Cheers Chas

    3. tamo3


      Thanks JLP, luckily I got set from Chas! Thanks for your kindness offer.


    4. JLPurcell


      Anytime I can help!

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