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    Original owner of 73 240Z with 70K miles. Its in pieces, I mean everything has been removed. My Z is at a body shop, were they are cutting out rusted sections and welding in new metal. This is a restoration back to mostly stock condition. The engine was completely stripped down and rebuilt only replacing the rings. The struts have been replaced. All suspension & drive train was media blasted primered & painted. My second Album post shows all the bodywork that has been done. Now my original 113 green paint is now back. Really happy with the quality body & paint work of Chassis Masters. Notice that the fenders & doors are not on the Zcar.

    So the next chapter has begun, putting all the pieces back on. Started with all new brake, gas, & clutch lines. Leaving the fenders, hatch, hood, & doors off till all the re-assembly is done should minimize damaging the paint. Will add to album as things progress.

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  1. I am putting my gas tank back in and can't recall if there is any clamp that holds the filler line to the tank? would fit over the fill line in above picture.
  2. crshowers


    Any chance someone knows if this wheel is still available to buy? To me this is the classic wheel for a 240Z. Thanks Crshowers
  3. crshowers


    Back in July 2015 I posted this album: This album shows the bodywork that has been done. I will follow with an additional album showing the painted Z (original color) and starting the re-assembly. Craig
  4. I also would like to hear from fellow members on selecting a complete street performance exhaust system. This link from Zcarguide was helpful in getting somewhat of feel for the sound of different systems. . Also I found this link Whiteheadperformance which provides some round numbers on what to expect when moving off a stock system. I would like to hear from those who have installed these systems. Are you still happy with your selection? When you installed your system did you have to make modifications to get things to fit? When your driving on the highway is the noise level too much to have a conversation with a passenger? Any other tips you might want to share with a fellow Z'er. Crshowers 73 240z getting put back together
  5. Thanks for your honest reply. It’s always helpful to hear from a Z’er who’s been there done that. Any other weekend Z’ers converted to rear disc brakes?
  6. Thanks for getting back. My reason to convert is simplify maint. But is it worth it? It’s just going to be used for shows Sunday drives. What changes did you do to booster & master cylinder.
  7. I am considering the Arizona Zcar kit. 1 year later how are they performing for you?
  8. I have a 73 and looking for a shop to re-chrome my bumpers. What shop did you use? where you happy with the work? How much did it cost.? Thanks Crshowers