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  1. Mart, the thing about FB is most people don't know that to put some car make and models in the ad, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom and select "other' it will then let you type in what you really have. Most just pick from the list and try to get close. 240SX comes up a lot for the Z's.
  2. I took a look at my parts dash and when I pulled the reset knob off there was no clip on the outside of the dash. The inner clip was there and keeps the cable at the correct length though the dash. The manual does not show one either. The knob does fit tightly and may be the only thing that holds the reset cable end to the dash. Something to try before going through a lot of effort.
  3. When I did my set of Toyota calipers I seem to remember having to notch the backing plate about a 1/4 inch.
  4. I have always found the 10mm snap off just fine with a standard socket, no impact gun needed. 😅 How about that double deep though???? 😎
  5. A 72 in Tacoma "Does not run" $1000.00 🙄
  6. A lot of early cars are popping up for sale recently. $17,000 and has an L26, OP says he got it that way.
  7. Hazard is out of a 73, 1 year only, could mean the dash was replaced at some point. I missed that in my picture scans. I think the speedo starts at 20 MPH so the gauges should be correct. Later 0 start gauges have 80 at the top where early 20 speedos have 90 at the top. Maybe just the switch was changed but it had a different plug on the back. The hood has the corners, I did see that, could mean the car was wrecked once in its life and had some body parts replaced.
  8. I expect it will go for more, hard to say how much more but there are always last minute bids. snipers if you will. It does look like a lot of the correct early parts are there. I think it was a 4 speed as the pedals and shifter are there. I don't see anything "automatic" about it. It seems to me the seller really does not know these cars well, as he was asked about the engine number and provided a picture of the casing number. I personally would have a hard time buying a car online without being able to look it over in person. It certainly happens all the time and some are pleased and some are not. Always a bit of a gamble. However it does look like a decent car, although it still needs a lot of work. 82000 miles? look at the brake pedal rubber. 182,000 maybe. That would also explain the engine color = rebuild. Don't worry about me I am not bidding on it. 😀
  9. That's old school, they are Meth Heads now.
  10. The green one looks broken where it went on the coil. the little brass ring. I'd still be interested in the rest of the bits, Jim.
  11. I picked up this flood car a while back. It was originally covered in blackberries. This is after the seller had found it and cut the vines back. He had bought the property at a lien auction and found this there. A 73 that had an F54 280 block, N42 head, and early 4 screw carbs. wide wheels and a number of other savable parts. The price was much better back then = free!! No title as you might expect from this situation.
  12. Mine still has the points, it is a CDI ignition that boost the spark at the coil. The coil connections are the rare part to find, sad to hear to chopped them up. I would have bought them as spares. The are fragile. Here is the ad for it from an old catalog out of Portland OR.
  13. That looks like the Mark Ten B I have on my car. This pic is off eBay but mine is the same.
  14. This still shows the prices are going up on these cars. A car like this with potential title branding, still goes for $5K (after fees) I still can't believe the low prices I paid for cars not all that long ago. I was out buying parts this afternoon. Picked up a set ZX turbo swastika wheels and a set of 4 screw carbs.
  15. It looks to me like the valve cover says Nissan OHC, which might mean the engine is not original to the car. I'm sure it will go up more towards the end of the auction. People are paying higher and higher prices for these cars in this condition, and a lot of times selling the unfinished project a few years later.
  16. The car had been totaled and/or reconstructed, it then has to go the the Oregon state inspection and get the vin re-certified. You will notice the new state sticker had the same vin as the original. This will also mean the car will always be branded as totaled or reconstructed.
  17. About 100 miles for me. Not too keen on the re-VIN or reconstructed title either. Plus it says the seller has to approve the sale. Like I need another project. lol
  18. 5/70 on Copart auction in North Portland. Currently $1100.00 https://www.copart.com/lot/60901521/clean-title-1971-datsun-240z-or-portland-north
  19. I looked in my parts pile and found I have a pair of corners. In decent shape, no dings but some surface rust. If you have interest and zKars doesn't work out.
  20. His other pictures show a part number 63121-N4200 which is a left/drivers
  21. I have some sets, with and without the panels. The wire plugs are different across the years.
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