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  2. That was a good idea for a dial indicator mount surface!
  3. Nice!! What head gasket (thickness) was used and how tight was it between pistons and valves? Is the head shaved and how much in that case? //Andreas
  4. First, Clarification: I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade. But there is a rather interesting conundrum here, and I never could resist a good mystery. Anyone ever play "Clue"? Now, I realize this is a lot like the blind men and the elephant, but somehow the limited clues make things all the more interesting. I checked and found I was wrong about the exhaust shielding thing; that was only on Cal. 280s like mine. However, the exhaust pipe looks awfully fresh in those surroundings, and with a finish that looks more aftermarket than Factory. On the other hand, I am confident in stating that all 280s were sprayed on the interior (including the tunnel) with the body color, and barring a misleading color rendition, the ash tray pocket seen at the top of the tunnel is not blue, nor is the flat area in front of the shifter. I am also confident that the undercarraige shots clearly indicate a fair number of miles on the chassis. The roll bar and its fixing bolt head, as well as the forward faces of the susp. arms are definitely not just muddy. Going to the interior again, the steering wheel, the seat covers, and the shift boot show the kind of dust consistent with that found on the engine and exterior, while the rear carpet and tower vinyl look very fresh. And so does the spotless, blemish-free dash and its very, very clean gauge lenses. Now, the fact is, that there is no reason to remove the center air grills to replace a radio. But one would have to do it to install that flawless dashboard. I'm inclined to propose that the 350mi probably came with the dashboard, that was not on this car when it left the Factory. The whole paint issue is fascinating. It will be interesting to see what the first good wash reveals. I can hardly wait for more clues
  5. Mark,

    I tried to reply earlier regarding the chrome trim on the rear surrounds, but somehow I ran afoul of the site administrator, so I'll try this way.  The chrome trim is not perfect, but it's a lot better than one would expect for a 40 year old car.  I'm going to try to make it to Edmonton tomorrow.  After going through three cars to make one good one, I have a mass of surplus parts.  I'll be the guy in the plain-jane white GMC 1/2 ton.  Cell phone 403-341-9207.  

    Thanks again for the invitation.


    Richard (d***) McDonell

  6. Lash pads installed ! .525 lift and still room for the valves and pistons to share. Waiting on a adjustable cam sprocket and still debating on the balancer . Thinking about spending the $$ because I want to use it on my L32 eventually . Also waiting on some hardware to finish buttoning up things .
  7. As a manufacturer they did have a business license to sell vehicles to the public as a motor vehicle trader. At no time before 2014 did Aston Martin buy and refurbish cars to sell back to the public. They happily restored a car for customers though. I had a continuing conversation with the managing director about buying cars, restoring them and selling them off their own forecourt at Newport Pagnell which is what they have ended up doing, once they became a separate commercial entity from the factory. Have to say I would believe the MD on any Aston Martin matter before I would listen to your drivel again Alan. Have been called Roo for over 20 years, many people know me by that name in various walks of life...they seem to think its feasible and believable. Had no trouble getting the data on the 432R I was looking for, many generous knowledgeable people were happy to share the information, just as I happily do with my Aston Martin knowledge. The only dubious character I have come across in the "Z" world is yourself. Roo
  8. JLPurcell


    He said that he can meet you close to the Interstate on Sunday, if that works for you.
  9. The last five or six years? So when I was posting about Aston Martin Works Service's past and continuing activities on this forum - with relation to the claim of the 'VZ' program being "unique" - more than ten years ago, I was predicting the future? I'll add that to my CV. No, I was stating a fact. The "alternate reality" is the one where the 'VZ' program is "unique in automotive history". Pure fantasy or just more USA-bubble type introspection, you choose. It's the same as the 'conversation' on BaT where nobody is allowed to mention the 432 or 432-R, but mention of the Toyota 2000GT, Honda NSX and even Mazda Miata is just fine and dandy. Deluded. Aston Martin Works Service - just the same as any other UK-based business - do not need any 'license' to sell cars. Especially what are - essentially, just like the 'VZ' program cars - refurbished used cars with their original identities intact. Some people here will no doubt believe you, but it simply isn't true. What 'license', and issued by whom? Nonsense. Noted that we appear to be on first name terms now. Presumptuous of you. Apparently you still call yourself 'Roo', as you did when you asked me to give you data on the 432R. If you had introduced yourself with a feasible and believable name I might have considered it. I think my spidey senses were right.
  10. Yesterday
  11. The surprise dropping of the trailer for the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick has given fans of Japanese nostalgic motorcycles a cool throwback to the 80s. In one scene, Tom Cruise’s character whips the cover off his old bike, a Kawasaki … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  12. FOUND SMOKING GUN!!!! I finally found the source of my miss and sometimes backfire thru AFM. With all the things I had done I didn't look at the spark at the plugs. So...... I removed the spark wire at each plug, plugged in a spare spark plug and started the motor. Each plug was firing, but VERY weak. To cut to the chase the ignition coil was the problem. Let me rephrase that....I was the problem. I remove and replaced the coil many years ago for whatever reason. The Primary side coil resistance is supposed to be 0.40---0.55 ohms, per service manual for the 75. The Fire ball I put in there many years ago was 1.6 ohms. This might not seem to be a big change , but when I replace the coil with a "Flame-thrower -2" what a difference. The new coil has a primary resistance of 0.6 ohms , but try and find a coil today which is 0.4 ohms is not possible. I know I have my OEM coil , but at the moment I can't locate it .BTW this new coil is used with the OEM ballast resistor. This is a good day!!! PS : I should give credit to a u-tube guy with a site called "Restoration for beginners". He seems to have good understanding of basic mechanics and after watching his segment on ignition systems, which covered coil replacement, he ran into the same problem with selecting coils. Oh yea his car is a 78 280z.
  13. These are still available for sale. Need them gone so I can go ITB. Willing to let them go for 700 shipped CONUS.
  14. Bump these are still for sale. Want to go ITB, willing to let these go for 1150 shipped CONUS.
  15. View Advert 75-76 280Z Clock For sale is a very nice 280z clock that keeps excellent time. The circuit board was rebuilt , mechanical internals cleaned , lens polished , set knob re-blacked and lamp replaced. Thanks for looking......Ron Advertiser zclocks Date 07/19/2019 Price $155.00 Category Parts for Sale  
  16. Time Left: 29 days and 10 hours

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    For sale is a very nice 280z clock that keeps excellent time. The circuit board was rebuilt , mechanical internals cleaned , lens polished , set knob re-blacked and lamp replaced. Thanks for looking......Ron


    Seal Beach, California - US

  17. I'm going to say around $600.00 - $800.00 depending on condition. Don't know your height but I'm 5'7" and my knee would hit the bottom of the steering wheel (with seat back all the way) whenever I put my foot on the brake pedal. It got to be kind of a PITA after a couple of years.
  18. I'm going to go look at this unknown year Datsun truck this afternoon. The seller is a person of few words. And what words are utilized are often misspelled. They say "did I mention the transmission is out". Not sure if that means it's in the bed or gone completely. Assuming everything is there, and rust is at least manageable, how much are these trucks in this state worth? I don't have high hopes, but it's something to do on a Friday afternoon after work. Sent from my Coolpad 3310A using Tapatalk
  19. Just a heads up.. The pillar emblem for the early Fairladys are allready being replicated/made in Europe.
  20. Yes, 918. It looks great, I just hadn’t seen it up close in real life. I’ve only seen one 918 Z in my life and it was 200ft away going the opposite direction on an interstate. I'm stoked for it, but I was a bit surprised by it. The photos you find online are no way to tell, and it wasn’t the original orange when I bought it. I held this photo (found somewhere on this site) up to the samples and they were really close:
  21. Did you go with #918? That's what i have and it has a brownish tint too. It looks darn good though to me. Here's a shot of mine right after a cutting and wax.
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