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  1. I want to do this soon! Thank you so much for doing this! I really appriciate it!
  2. I just heard about this from Tony Adamowicz last week. I wish i could watch the race tomorrow, but I will be racing myself. Please, for the love of God, record the race and post it to youtube or send it to me! PLEASE!!!!
  3. Aluminum is weak and gets damaged easier than steel in my experience. The pressure plate bolts got ripped out of the Aluminum when I was autocrossing my Z. I actually Prefer chromoly, or a heavier flywheel. It makes more torque! Faster up hills!
  4. I just installed the Semi-Solid Urethane mounts in my mildly built 240z. It is tuned at 140 hp to the wheels with the l24, Cam, high compression head, headers, and SU carbs. It was rebuilt and able to withstand high RPM's, 7,000-8,000 range. I primarily use this car for Autocross, Gymkhana, Off-road Rally Racing that is Sanctioned by San Diego Club Racing and it is comfortable and reliable enough to drive to work. I drive Highland Vally Road (an extremely tight & winding mountain road) every day to work, so I tear apart stock mounts and go through sets of tires and brakes every 3-5 months
  5. i bought 240z with rear bilsteins the greenish yellow, but the fronts were not. they have thick shock shafts, unlike the tokico and kyb's. I'm thinking of using them if i can find a pair of used front tokico's.
  6. dat260 says 107.9 mm is stock. That is 4.248 inches....... and mine is 4.5 inches or 114.3mm {thicker}....
  7. So the stock volume is 44.7 for my head, according to the link. I have a used head with some machining, possibly. I have no history.... my head mikes out at 4.5" exactly if that means anything?:beard:
  8. I just need to know if anyone has done this before and can tell me how much to mill off the stock head. and how thick it was afterwords:knockedou
  9. this car is awsome!!!!
  10. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions! I don't have photoshop so I can't take the truck out, I wanted to though! I sure hope I win! That would be so cool! Sorry, I am not mentioning names, unless I have to, I am protective of her privacy. Trust me, she gets enough trouble from the guys without me adding to it. She is a "good girl", stays out of trouble and I respect her for that choice! Thanks again and I appriciate every vote (so does my friend)!
  11. my z is fixed man! ! thanks anyways! I sold my t-bird and saved money for a year to fix her!
  12. I am not sure, all i know is that my 73 240z is all stock with the origonal engine. I'll check tomorrow when i have some light.
  13. This is what happens when you lag on a rear brake job. Left rear cylinder failed, r/h rear wheel locked up at over 110mph on the 78 mountian pass one year ago; 100 mph tagged a guard rail going sideways. I now have Toyota calipers with vented rotors up front, and 240sx calipers and disks in rear. All SS lines, and high volume master cylinder with dot4. I am broke. don't be dumb like me.
  14. subtle_driver


    Only if I get a free issue!! !
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