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  1. Thanks for that very helpful guidance. My 'adjustable' perches have frozen solid (exactly 2 year un-adusted) but as soon as they are freed, I'll follow your suggestions. Do you have guidance on ride heights and where to measure them? with best regards Nick
  2. Hi - of course you're right. Still say Monte Rally specs would probably be closest to the kind of use my car gets. I was under the car today, measuring the rear road clearance (and so indicating ride height?)per the service manual which is given "at the transverse link mount lower end" this is ambiguous - could be the outboard end of the lower wishbone/transverse link or it could be the inboard end where it connects to the cross member. Anyway they give 261 mm without load. I got 170mm outboard and 190mm inboard within +/- 2 mm or so. So if my measurements are correct my setup is lower tha
  3. I'm very happy that JDMjunkies has invested the time and work needed to put together his really helpful article on S30 suspensions. It certainly helped me a lot. I've had my 240Z prepared for long distance rallying and it has an FIA HTP, with the work that lies behind that done. The suspension uses adjustable base spring platforms, and is modified with Bilstein inserts. Both the struts and the dampers were modified by Gartrac (https://www.gartrac.com/) The springs are 2.25 inch OD, front spring rate is 185lbs/in and rear 225lbs/inch. Lengths are 12 in (305mm) front and 14 inch (356 mm) rear.
  4. Another approach - welded in tubes to go with Evojack hydraulic jack. http://www.motorsport-tools.com/evojack-wrc-light-weight-in-car-quick-lift-hydraulic-rally-jack.html Only worth it if your doing a bare metal rebuild - and wheel changing speed is important. It works as advertised.
  5. Dyno results (flywheel) for an L28 prepared for rallying - plenty of torque for street driving too. some weights and spring rates too. Combined DYNO, Weights, Spring, Damper files.pdf
  6. Bryson's always a pleasure to read! As to le jog - lots of it at night and if you're not the navigator you have little idea where you are; but what you do get to see is memorable.
  7. nickmaris

    Rally 240Z with L28 motor

    Modified and restored by Fourway's engineering in the UK, completed November 2014
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