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  1. And it just went bananas... At 63k would it be possible to do the same to a 240 but for cheaper?
  2. Sounds good. Pretty much what I found in my search...making sure that everything is cut correctly is the big thing. Took a look at that thread and they seem like a potential option. Guess I'll factor them into my cost comparison.
  3. Same here. Would be interested in the measurement as well.
  4. Hey guys. Been a lurker for the past couple of months. Finally getting around to my first post. Come from the world of messing with 90's Volvo's so its been an interesting switch up for me as of late. Currently looking into replacing the suspension on my '76 280Z for a month or so now. Not looking to do any serious autocross or crazy stuff like that, just want to replace the stock suspension with something nice that will look good when done. Looking at the coilover options right now but a little divided on what route I want to go exactly. I've been reading up on the available options and
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