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  1. Shorting the two going to the start circuit would not be any issue I think? That’s what the switch is supposed to do in N and P anyway?
  2. How many wires go to the inhibitor switch? i have not looked under but I was thinking is it safe to connect both and bypass the switch?
  3. Just an update for you guys, I got the replacement ignition relay today and tried it with the same result. No change. Issue is somewhere else now...
  4. Just tried this procedure on the new ignition SWITCH (pic above) and same effect. What is the best way to test the seat belt relay function here?
  5. @Zed Head u r right the remote starting works just by supplying 12v to the pin. Other jumper is not needed. Also, i tested the voltage at the positive terminal of the coil (assuming ignition coil): - At ON there is no voltage - When I move the key to START i see 12v Appreciate everyone patience so far guys. I think we are not far away from getting to the issue... Also, why do u say the ignition relay is not in the starter circuit? The FSM page i posted clearly says there are 3 parts of the starter circuit Starter Relay, Ignition Relay (not Module - correction) and Inhibitor switch.
  6. It ran after I bypassed the ignition relay with a remote starter switch only. I was having this issue intermittently before when sometimes the ignition relay just used to click vs sometimes it worked. This time I believe it gave up altogether and now I am all up to remote starter only.
  7. Yes the voltage was tested at ON. I have not replaced the ignition relay. I do expect a used one coming in next week. let me try measuring the voltage coming into the relay. As I suspect it is ignition relay causing issue.
  8. Tested voltage to ground at on and start at this black white wire in the white connector - left bottom wire and seeing nearing nothing like 50-60 milli volt on the meter.
  9. The starter solenoid is good - it is original and rebuilt from a reputable shop. There is no voltage at the terminal to the starter.
  10. I have not bypassed the seat belt relay. How do u do that? jump the black/yellow wire? Asking because guys here dont mind sparking 😃
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