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  1. That's interesting as i did not find any clips like these nor any double sided tape. Badges were metal, i will try these too.
  2. Heating and prying worked pretty nicely. Just a bit more patience and go slow. And there was an abandant wasp nest 😆
  3. Hey Guys, what is the best way to take these off? i am planning to get the car painted. I tried access them from inside by removing the inner panels but no luck. Looking at the new ones they have 3 pins. Should I just use a heat gun and pry them out with a screw drivers? They are a bit beat up too!!!
  4. Headlight front marker wiring rubber plug this one plugs into the body where the wires go into the engine bay. Is there a reproduction available for these?
  5. I am ok, i found the 3rd nut behind the plastic wheel wells.
  6. Guys, took the two bolts out holding the front side rubber bumpers to the main front chrome bumper. Rear end of the side bumpers is help to the body near the side markers by something which i cannot locate from inside. I am hesitating yanking it out. What is that holding them?
  7. Thanks guys would certainly contact Ron this time if this is the recommendation.
  8. Looking at the tread Zclock does restoration vs guys in IL can do a quartz conversation. I am not sure how long the mechanical movement will last. They are old school and can go bad anytime. I am leaning towards quarts movement.
  9. Hi, anyone tried this? mine doesnt work and I suspect old mechanical parts. Anyone tried quartz conversion?
  10. Last time I locked my doors my ignition was in ON!!! Luckily I had found a spare few days back tucked in a small bag and tied to the inside of the front fender by the previous owner which saved me from some pain.
  11. I am sure not many folks had seen this. Found one rarely…the knob that opens and shut the air duct near the legs/knees on the driver side 🙂
  12. I have not pulled the door panels out to see what is wrong but my door locks really are bad and the key barely move the lock up etc. even the key is bend. These original keys are also kind of not as hard. Has anyone replaced the 2 door locks? is it easy and any recommendation what locks to get?
  13. Coming along… Appreciate the support of all you guys. It has been the lifeline for this Z.
  14. Will live with this for now …
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