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  1. Just a correction so I checked both the cams today and the old and the new one installed both have A2 stamped on it so they are same. Both doesnt have holes. Will report the timing with distributor advance tomorrow.
  2. So guys i just checked the old cam shaft has A1 on it and the one we have put in has A3 on it. Both have no holes on the cams (those are for oil etc. i think in some cams). So seems like we have the right cam based on the table it should be A correct?
  3. OK so based on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_L_engine#L28 Mine came out of a N47 and is fuel injected so it should be L28e. With a cam mark A. I will confirm today and which mark is on the turbo shaft.
  4. Also what is externally oiled came vs internally oiled? are they different in timing? how can i tell which one my car came with? we have the original one off course.
  5. Guys thanks for all the responses. A seriously dumb question since I am new to this car. Mine was a N47 head so it is either a L28 or L28e cam based on the table. How do you find out if it is L28 or L28e cam? As L28 was used just once and L28e/L28et was used in many heads. Appreciate.
  6. Hi guys, so when we got a new N47 head we also got a new Cam. Mine is a 77 280z non turbo. But the guy told me the cam we found was for turbo but there is no difference in the cam. Will turbo cam be ok in a non turbo car? Visually it seems exactly the same?
  7. The number #1 position is set how? Is this the position with distributor fully advance? I think not just asking.
  8. Is this the firing order for 77 280z? Just confirming with your car!!!
  9. I am checking and get back...hang on...
  10. Hi Guys, so i have been working with my mechanic on my 77 280z, it is automatic. The N47 head was cracked so we found a new rebuilt head and engine giving good compression as well. The CAM was old and had plenty of wear so decided to put a new CAM. New spark plugs off course. Gap set to factory. The problem coming in setting the timing. My mechanic is very skilled but obviously he has not worked on 280z before. He says everything fires up nicely but we are not able to set the timing. He says the distributor had to be fully advanced to set the timing. But it should not be this way. It has to align with first cylinder/stroke etc. But when you do that timing is a bit off. There is a new timing kit as well. I told him to open the valve cover and lets make sure original CAM and new CAM is same. Appreciate some guidance here. We are new to 280z and I am almost there to getting the engine fully operational. Need help with setting the timing ... what do you guys think?
  11. So we found cylinder 4 misfire and also coolant in the oil. Seems like there is some issue with the new N47 head holes aligning with the block we have put in. Replacing the head first to fix the leak and try again shortly...my old head was N47 too so not sure why this one is different. It did say N47. update in a few days...
  12. Hi guys, can a bad ECU cause misfire? May be a very general question but want to gauge opinion/experience. Also if I get a new ECU do I need any kind of programming? Even if it is out of a running another 77 280z?
  13. Hi Guys, I have the shop manual but it doesnt show everything, at least at one page. Has anyone put together a vacuum diagram etc.? Mine is 77 280z with AC and EGR. Appreciate any guidance.
  14. The previous head had a crack. Seems like overheating. Engine block and rest of the stuff seems OK. Crack was very micro that couldnt hold pressure test. The mechanic told me it is an N47 head. So we are just going with N47. The engine and stuff have never been taken out all stock so I am sure it has the right manifold. I just got confused by the N42 on the engine block. Thanks for the explanation.
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