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  1. So we found cylinder 4 misfire and also coolant in the oil. Seems like there is some issue with the new N47 head holes aligning with the block we have put in. Replacing the head first to fix the leak and try again old head was N47 too so not sure why this one is different. It did say N47. update in a few days...
  2. Hi guys, can a bad ECU cause misfire? May be a very general question but want to gauge opinion/experience. Also if I get a new ECU do I need any kind of programming? Even if it is out of a running another 77 280z?
  3. Hi Guys, I have the shop manual but it doesnt show everything, at least at one page. Has anyone put together a vacuum diagram etc.? Mine is 77 280z with AC and EGR. Appreciate any guidance.
  4. The previous head had a crack. Seems like overheating. Engine block and rest of the stuff seems OK. Crack was very micro that couldnt hold pressure test. The mechanic told me it is an N47 head. So we are just going with N47. The engine and stuff have never been taken out all stock so I am sure it has the right manifold. I just got confused by the N42 on the engine block. Thanks for the explanation.
  5. I did some more research seems like N47 is the right head. N42 seems like the engine block number. Also how do you verify if this is matching engine with the chassis or trans?
  6. Hi guys, We are rebuilding a 280z engine and the head seems to be replaced. The engine block says 6831M and N42. My mechanic says it needs a N47 head. Does it need N42 which matches with engine block or N47? Thanks.
  7. Thanks all. I think Dexron III for this time make sense. I have used Dexron III-H successfully in a different car so will go with this.
  8. Hi Friends, What ATF fluid to use in the 77 280z. I have the manual but it deesnt say much. Appreciate some guidance.
  9. Hi Guys, hope everyone is staying safe. I have a 280z without a brake booster. Checked on Orielly's and they told me there are 8.5in and 10in version of the booster. Which one does the 77 use? Mine is an automatic transmission if this all matters.
  10. Valvoline MaxLife Synthetic Transmission Fluid - seems to be a reasonable choice. Both Orielly's and AutoZone have this as recommended. Plus it seems to cover range of applications. Unless someone has a differnet opinion. Recommended for use where DEXRON, DEXRON II, III and VI, Toyota T-IV and WS, MERCON(R), MERCON(R) SP and LV, Allison TES 389, Nissan Matic-D, Matic-J and Matic-K, Honda Z-1 (except CVT), Mercedes NAG-1, Mitsubishi Diamond SP-II and SP-III and many others are required.
  11. Yes it says Dexron in the manual. I have been using Transmission Fluid, Moble-1 ATF D/M in my 69 Cadillac. This one confirms to Dexron III-H standard. How about this?