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  1. I'm not touching mine yet. Pretty sure it's unmolested and figure eventually gonna have to have it at least refreshed with seals and seats.
  2. Welcome Mario. Lots of good information and great people on this site. You have great taste in cars.
  3. Fastwoman, definitely looked at the E-Z coils. I felt since they're only vent lines (no liquid to worry about flow restriction) and the bend was so extreme, I'd rather worry about the inside diameter collapse. Plus the stainless springs were cheaper.
  4. Just did this due to the issue of a full tank and a left turn would release gas fumes into the interior. While I had the tank down, had it boiled out and sealed at a radiator shop that also did the Renuzit (?) tank treatment. When the guy looked at the tank, he said it didn't need the full treatment for around $300+ (which I would gladly have paid) but instead boiled it out, coated the inside and painted the outside. Still paid about $200 but should be good for another 20+ years. Also replaced all vent lines and the filler tube (MSA and aftermarket generic fuel lines). Still able to get about 2 of the lines from MSA but got creative with the bends needed for the unavailables. Used a spring inserted inside generic fuel line for the big bend to prevent collapse of the line. Also read you can use the PEX/plumbing brass 90deg elbow to make the sharp corner. Result is a full tank, left turn and no gas smell inside the cabin. Exhaust smell would def benefit from a redo and seal of all tail/hatch gaskets. I'd already done that part in addition to adding an extension to the exhaust and seal of the antenna drain tube grommet. You can get away reasonably cheap except for the tank boilout/treatment. But I look at it this way. I'll prob never have to d*** with this again in my lifetime. sorry for the long post but go for it.
  5. "Take your time, it's a big job if you do it right." Your patience will be rewarded. Like no more heavy gas smell from a full tank and a left turn.
  6. Just redid my tank/hoses and can vouch for the info in the "Rating" link in post#3. I bought a little extra for each different size to make sure I could provide enough length to complete the bends needed. Hey look, lucky post 777
  7. Blue's spot on! Always nice to have a specialty tool that is exactly what's needed to do the job. To reseat the races I've always just inverted the old race and used that as the tool to tap the new into place. Then before it was fully seated and the old "wedged" by the hub, flipped it right side up and drove the new race home. At that point you have the fat end of the old race exposed and just used a punch or similar to drive back out. Don't know if this is that clear but will be evident when you do it.
  8. Kind of minor, but PO replaced the bolt for the thermo housing with a honking big threaded stud and nut. $13 for a brand new MSA housing and the correct bolt. Can't understand why.
  9. Could also take it to any radiator repair shop and just pay to have them tank it and boil it out.
  10. Be careful about leaving the key in the "on" position for too long when testing. From what I've read, it's possible to burn the Pertronix module out.
  11. You can call me Ray. BTW that was also the Gong Show "unknown comic" Sorry couldn't let that blast from the past go without a remark Back to the topic. OOps I'm wrong, it was Bill Saluga.
  12. Could be a couple of bad plugs. Not fouled but are they wet with gas? If not, follow fuel system. If getting gas then check wires. Spark, tho seen might not be strong enough to fire the mixture. Then work your way back to the cap, check terminals, connection of plug wires etc etc. Also, maybe 3/5 valves too tight so when it warms up lash goes out of spec and won't allow intake valves to open enough.
  13. Hey, does that really work??????? Nah, my wife luckily enjoys her rides in "my first love" anyway.............. And of course, she never see the bills for parts anyway.
  14. Little delay checking back in but anyone have the height spec for this K&N?
  15. Hey guys, Anyone run into this issue? Stock airbox on a 1971 240Z. Bought a k&n (Model E-2910) which is correct for the year at all sites I checked. Went to install but it looks about 1/4 inch too tall for the box and when compared to the WIX paper filter ordered from MSA. Box will not seal fully. Seats fully with the WIX. In checking specs, it actually looks like the E-2900 for a 73 would be a better fit 2 inch vs 2.375 in). Any ideas?
  16. Another BIG vote for Dave's kit. It works, it is reversible if you ever want to go back to stock, and it is a very high quality build.
  17. mlc240z

    Upgrades Sept 3

    Partial dweeb, so what the heck did you do? Response time is VERY good, really snaps. So far no dreaded Db errors. Still on a virtual server?
  18. Bench bleed the new master, install new slave, hook up the line and you should be able to gravity bleed the slave. While replacing the interior pin on master rod, look for rounding out of the hole in the pedal where the clevis pin goes thru. Can add some slop when you need to adjust. Might have to add a bushing to tighten it up. Pretty straight-forward install, couple of fun hours and you'll be well rewarded.
  19. nah, Steve. Really not that bad when going new. PO had stripped a threaded hole and put an over-sized stud in place of it. Replaced it cause it looked ugly as hell. About half hour tops. (not including the 48 hours of multiple doses of PBlaster).
  20. Worst case, thermostat housing is only $32 at MSA.
  21. Done. Had to vote for the 70's Camaro. My 2nd car was a 72, loved it. Also, always had a soft spot for those old pickups.
  22. Mike, So far so good. Haven't had an issue and site is loading noticeably quicker.
  23. Same here. Reload/refresh of the page usually gives a "Database error".
  24. Quality is defined by the Customer. If an inexpensive set of screw drivers from Harbor Freight meets your needs - then by Dr. Deming's definition - they are of good quality. They may be inexpensive, but they are not based solely on price - cheap junk. Ahhhhh, Dr. Deming.............someone had ISO 9000 training.
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