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  1. When I got my car it was sitting for 14 years and the AFM had clear silicone around the cover . I opened it and found that a butter fingers mechanic unwound the spring. I reset the spring and replaced the coolant temp sensor, all injector connectors with injectors,and new FPr and pump. Car stalled and would not start. I had no spark or injector pulse. I put a new Ignition transistor under the dash and a new pick up coil in the distributor. Also I cleaned all the grounds and added two more grounds
  2. If the timing Chain tensioner broke you could have jumped time. To verify rings pull all plugs and put a little marvel mystery oil in and then compression test if it rises then it is rings. No change could be stuck valves or bad head gasket. Make sure when you do a compression test you let the engine spin over 4 times to get a correct reading .
  3. I do not have a garage but I will tell you what I have. 1. 1978 280Z 2.1972 Chevy C-10 long bed (I have owned this truck since 95) 3. 1967 Jeep J2000 Pickup (my sons project) 4. 1999 Chevy suburban 5.2002 Volvo V70 (wife's Driver ) 6.1989 Jeep Cherokee beater 7.1979 Apache tent trailer Not mine but stuff I am working on 1. 1978 CJ-5 2. 1969 K5 Blazer
  4. As a master auto technician. If you have a leak and need to get home to repair it I use Alumaseal powdered stop leak. In 40 + year old cooling systems you can create more problems then fix with bars leak. I had a 70 Chevy that was so bad I had to get the block hot tanked and cleaned , then replace the water pump, radiator heater core and alll the hoses. My 78 was so bad the radiator weighed 27 pounds
  5. Here is a link to what he made . I will get pic's of the hoses on the blazer today Extended Rear Brake Line
  6. I am working on a clients 69 K5 and needed braided brake hoses. I could not wait a week for them so I found out East Coast Gear supply could make D.O.T approved Brake hoses that day. The best part is I watched the entire process and Chase the owner explained what made them D.O.T Approved . The ones I could get on line would have ran 150.00 to 200.00 plus shipping. I picked up a set for 90.00. I plan on having my 280 brake lines done by him in a few week said it would be less then the K5 lines.
  7. Well I think I have seen it all. Some of the issues I have dealt with were just plain dumbfounding. 1. Glued nipple on cold start valve. 2. Phone wire on fuel pump power. 3. Foam around trans because of torn boot. 4. Last but not least MAF spring was sprung Found this trying to figure out a rich condition. So lets hear your nightmares
  8. Well built my own relay worked great. Drove car down to get something to eat after 30 min of sitting I went to leave and no start:mad:. I get the car home run every test in the FSM and bible. I am loosing signal from pickup when I have a hot soak.I ordered a new pick up and will let you know.
  9. Actually figured it out I did not have a 6 pin connector but used blade terminals and one ring terminal
  10. The windshield does leak because of a huge gap in the rubber. it is on the list . Steve I will let you know if they say they do not have it. What is needed to build one?
  11. Well my car has sat for 14 years and it runs great I cleaned all of the electrical connectors then applied dielectric grease. the car started randomly cutting off well I have checked it is the ignition relay. I pulled it out and apart it was full of water so I cleaned it with contact cleaner and it wroked for about 30 seconds . So I ordered a new one from courtesy parts. My big plan is with in the next 2-3 weeks I am going to replace all the relays. is ther any thing else I should be worried about ?
  12. The interior is in really good shape I just need to get carpet. I also need to figure out my turn signals and high beam head lamps and wipers
  13. I plan on it for a while but might get a set of BBS later
  14. This is my build, I was originally working on it for a customer when his work van blew the engine. He traded me the car for installing the engine. Here is what I have accomplished so far and how I got the car. When it arrived The engine needed some tlc I replaced the Valve cover gasket, intake and exhaust gasket, water pump, thermostat. I also repaired the fuel injector connectors and the po installed new fuel injectors, I also install the torn boot between the MAF and throttle body. The true talent was completely removing the EGR from under the intake (wait before you complain) some time in the cars life the EGR port was filled with corrosion and was cracked under the intake. I spent 8 hours removing the whole EGR system and plugging the six holes with pipe plugs. Here is the engine bay clean up pics with a new aluminum rad. Last but not least I hand hammered a floor pan cleaned up the interior
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