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  1. I asked about the high revving. One of the carbs ( I think just one ) is making a spitting sound, while idling and while driving. What is that a sign of ? Thank you very much.
  2. On my 71 , my Mikunis idle nice, but after I drive it for a little while and stop - and while i'm driving, they rev high. What can I do ? Thank you very much.
  3. I'll look for my old ones. I don't throw anything out. Thank you very much.
  4. I have the TTT control arms and Arizona Z mustache bar. My bushings have fallen off a couple of times. I found one on the road, luckily. I put a thin piece of rubber around the bushings to help hold them on. In the pic, there are threads inside the control arms. What are they for ? Thank you.
  5. Thanks. My front airdam is from Lithuania. I hope to get a splitter for it. It's a rocket. Lightened fly wheel, aluminum driveshaft, 4 : 11 diff, 300ZX axles, on and on. I have red TTT horns for the triples I should of put on for the pic. The engine bay is wire tucked also. Battery behind passenger seat. Thank you.
  6. I've been working on my favorite car ( The 240Z ) for a few years now. It's finally driveable. I knew nothing about working on cars when I started. Engine work, electric, body work, etc. I learned everything. I did probably 97, 98 % of the work myself. I never touched a spray gun before I painted this car. I painted it the same way and the same colors as the car I owned 50 years ago. I owned a 71 Z back then and this one is a 71. I'm trying to find out the vin no. of the one I owned before. The paint job turned out really nice. The whole car looks 100 times better in person. I still have all kinds of goodies to put on it. I still have some work to do to it, but I'll be doing that a lot in the future. Here's before and after pics. It made it so much easier to come onto this site when I had a problem and get answers to help. I couldn't have done it without you. I really mean that. Thank you.
  7. Here's a pic of connector with 2 GR and 2 GB wires. It's next to steering column by the other 6 pin connector. The 1 GB wire isn't very visible.
  8. I don't know what I did but it's not blowing now. On top of the combo switch, H/L module, their are 2 black wires, 1 goes to the 6 pin connector, then is connected to a GY wire and then goes to the fuse box where there are 2 wires, GL and RL going to the same pin. I thought all black wires were grounds ? Thank you very much.
  9. I got the brake lights to work. Major accomplishment. I have 2 GR wires and 2 GB wires going to connector by column. Not on wiring diagram. Plus other wires not on diagram. Thank you.
  10. I'm working on the grounds. I found a 4 pin connector behind the gauges. It has the small pins. It has a lw wire that goes to rheostat, bulbs, radio. 2 other wires that I can't remember what they are. It has a black wire on 1 side of the connector ( going to ground, I checked ) the mate on the other connector is a 1 inch white wire, apparently cut. I have no idea how it got like that.
  11. I've been working on the electric for about 3 weeks. My brain is getting a blown fuse. Thank you.
  12. The small white wire that powers the stop light is connected to the big white wire on pass. side. 1 side goes to voltmeter (swap) and other side goes to starter motor and alternator. Is that too much power ? Is that right ? What else does that small white wire power ? MSA fuse box.
  13. I keep blowing fuses for park/tail/amp. What is amp ? I see on old fuse box, ammeter amp. I did the voltmeter swap. I'll check wires again. Thank you.
  14. I have no idea how it got that way. Thank you.
  15. That's where I got them. Thank you
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