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  1. What's up Leon! I'm kind of going at a leisurely pace, but yeah, the z needs to get back on the road in a hurry. How's the twice pipes working out for you?
  2. Got my flywheel bolts off using the engine hoist bracket to lock the flywheel in place. I guess installation will be the reversal on the other side.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions! Broke the transmission free today by jabbing the top corner of the bellhousing with the end of a 2x4. (about 3' long) Works like a charm...
  4. Hello Z community, So I'm working on replacing my clutch and I've disconnected everything from the transmission. The motor and the transmission are on separate jacks. I've tried lowering and raising both jacks, shaking and pulling and tapping with a hammer and block of wood, but the transmission won't budge. Any tips on how I can break this transmission free from the motor? Thanks, gtom
  5. Thanks for your help with the removal process, I too look forward getting this car back on the road in better form than I found it!
  6. Thankful for having some help last week from another Classic Zcar Club member to remove the exhaust, exhaust manifold, carburetors and intake manifold. Removing the exhaust was very simple and it came out in one piece. It's not shown in the pictures below because its gone to another home and hopefully put to good use. The rest was a bit of a challenge because we initially tried to remove the carbs and the intake in one piece, but it proved to be futile. First the balance tube needs to come off, then the carbs themselves, the heat shield, allowing access to the head stud bolts. That's it for now. be back to work on the Z next march!
  7. Cool, thanks for the picture. Sounds like a great idea to shed weight and get a cleaner look to boot. After stripping all this down, are the '73 chrome bumpers themselves identical to the earlier bumpers or are they a different design and require modification to use with the earlier type brackets? Thanks, gtom
  8. Thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to look into this modification. After stripping down the '73 front bumper (removing trims and such) will they bolt up directly to the earlier brackets without modification?
  9. Yep, it's not the valves or timing. Car sounds like 'chitty chitty without the bang bang'. As for the emissions parts, I'm sure that's part of the problem.
  10. Decided on a new MSA set up consisting of the coated 6 into 1 headers and premium exhaust. Just arrived. Got the new intake and exhaust stud kit too. Might have a resonator installed at the transmission section later. Hope this system works correctly in the end...
  11. My '73 does have a return spring and I've adjusted so that the master cylinder rod is fully extended in the pedal return position. There is a bit of free play caused by the wear of the clevis at the clevis pin connection.
  12. Yes, the rod on the master is fully extended on the return position with the clutch pedal at the highest possible point. My '73 does have a return spring on the clutch pedal.
  13. Replaced the clutch master and slave with SACHS replacement parts. The old flexible line was in bad shape. Engagement feels much better, but now I can detect clutch slippage. Oh well, I think its time to replace the clutch. Quick question, will the new master and slave cylinders work with the '81-3 280ZX 5-speed?
  14. When can you come by? I'll be taking the exhaust off in the next couple of days before I'm out of the country till next March. I'm in SF, 94118.
  15. Bumper overriders were put to good use, I traded them for another part.
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