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  1. Ive been trying to find oem cv joints for my 240 with no luck. Does anyone know where i can find oem replacements?
  2. After working on the 240 for 4 months and thinking i had it good i found i was wrong. It is idling so bad, ive tuned it and its great when driving but it vibrates really bad when idling and sounds awful. Any suggestions?
  3. I tried the radiator shops in town and they wouldnt do it. I gave up trying to repair the tank and put in a fuel cell till i can afford a new tank.
  4. I have bad rust in my gas tank so i bought por-15 repair kit and it was terrible. Still tons of rust in the tank. Now im going to try vinegar and chain to break it up and if that doesnt work im going to cut it in half, clean it and reweld it together.
  5. Im looking for a new or refurbished 72 240z gas tank. The one i have is rusted pretty good. If anyone knows where i can find one online thats less than 200$ or has one they are selling let me know. Thanks.
  6. the sound stays pretty constant untill the car is actually moving, then it gets quieter. And i think theres confusion about what i mean by center console and thats my fault, its not the center console but more around the bottom of the instrument panel
  7. i cant figure out what it could be because it comes from the center console and you cant hear it when your out of the car.
  8. No, its more of a mechanical clicking. Like someone is clicking a pen through a microphone.
  9. Just a heads up for anyone who lives in middle tennessee or around paducah Kentucky. I found an ad on craigslist from a guy who apparently has a 4000sqft warehouse full of early zcar parts. heres the link if you are interested Datsun 240z 260z 280z 300zx parts call with needs...
  10. whenever my car is running there is a loud clicking sound coming from the bottom the the center console. it seems to quiet down a good bit once i have the car driving but it is extremely loud while idling. does anyone have any suggestions on what it could be?
  11. When my filter clogs it just kills the car. I used a compressor to blow out the fule lines and put a magnet in the tank as a temporary solution untill i have time/money to fix the tank
  12. I used an air compressor o blow rust out of my fuel lines and put an octane booster in the gas that i was told would break up the rust for me. Cleanedy filter out and got a huge pile of rust. Hopefully this will solve the issue with a couple weeks of repeated filter cleanings.
  13. I just bought 72 240z and there is rust in the gas tank/fuel lines. What is the best way to fix this without replacing the parts, and if i have to replace the parts where can i find them
  14. Thanks guys all this helps, ill be sure try these things out when i get the car home.
  15. Im buying a 240z that is getting rust in the fuel from rust that is in the fuel lines, the old tank has been replaced and now the rust that got built up in the lines is working itself out. How big of an issue is this going to be?
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