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  1. Hi, I think i have a air leak on the bottom of the cannon manifold flange. Would anyone know how thick the flange is at the bottom where it shares the same mounting point as the exhaust header?
  2. What setup are you using to measure A/f ratio? Thx! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Xavier Ortiz
    •  #1

    Hello everyone!! I have a Z car 240 and I need to found  an automatic transmission. If somebody  know where I can find them  let me know  by my email [email protected]gmail.com 

  4. Ok some updates. I installed a home depot spring to the throttle linkage. Then I sent the car off to a specialist. He got the car running(as did I) but it takes a tremendous amount of gas to get it started and then with the slight touch of the gas pedal the carbs spits like crazy. He put full chokes on and the car wouldn't start, then he started covering some of the carbs air horns while starting it and finally got it running. He stated the carbs are not giving enough fuel to get the car started. He will check if the chokes or jetting needs help. Would the idle air mixture screws prevent it from cold starting even if the chokes are on?
  5. I'm guessing this would work as a return spring, but I would need 3. https://www.piercemanifolds.com/product_p/lt5000.htm
  6. Thanks guys. they are 40dcoe151’s, Italian made. From what I know it’s a stock cam and engine is stock, I did just install headers 6-1 and a full exhaust from motorsport auto. I believe pipe diameter size is 2.5.
  7. ok guys some good news. I got the carbs back from a rebuilder, got the car to idle at 950-1000. It needs some fine tuning. From what I am understanding there are 2 main adjustments, mixture and idle speed(throttle stop). Also I can't get the synchrometer to read below 5 and some 7. Also what setup are you guys using for the main throttle linkage return spring? I am using the 280z adjustable hook and I bought a metal linkage(don't want to use the original plastic ball rods) from that to the crank, just need one more metal linkage from the gas pedal to the crank. Does someone sell a kit to mount a bracket on the valve cover and a return spring? I was told to go to home depot and get a spring, unsure which one to get. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for much for the info!
  9. anyone have a replacement for part number: 08214-83010, apparently Nissan said this was on back order.
  10. lol. ok so ordered the 280z linkage, i’ll try it out next weekend.
  11. does anyone make the actual rod that just goes in or the only way is the cut and weld the original? I would like to keep it with just a rod and not put a cable for now.
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