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  1. No pictures , no reasonable opinions ,
  2. To new to the new format to make any observations, HAPPY NEW Z MOTORING YEAR.
  3. Another great AM coffee show, thanks.
  4. Z fan

    My JDM

    ^^^ Driving a RHD car is not challenging, shifting is a breeze , parts do exist via UK and Australia Ebay or at the local NISSAN store , this car has a cocktail of bin parts from a 300ZX/240SX. Lots of attention for sure due to its rarity . The RB20DE has plenty of grunt , but a mill upgrade is on the agenda.
  5. WOW, a parade of DATSUN galore, ENJOY THE RIDE . Thanks for the video.
  6. That whore in a prom dress( your words) is virginal now with all the reconstruction, she is tight . Great thread .
  7. I was in the market for a neat DATSUN/NISSAN, the SKYLINE has been on my radar for a while. Late summer I took the plunge and venture on importing one from Japan. So a clean1989 low miles one owner GTS sedan with service records from a Nissan store in Tokyo Japan is now part of my herd.
  8. I have this one sitting in my garage for sale, if interested PM me >> a plug and play application, complete with an early Z hub adapter and rare DATSUN horn button that will work on a 280Z.
  9. Z fan

    My JDM

    ^^^^ It was purchased from a Nissan store in Tokyo Japan, did all my paper work and shipped to the Baltimore port. Happy as a clam.
  10. NRG makes a nice wood steering wheel with the old racer look>>>
  11. Z fan

    My JDM

    Here my new to me toy >>>
  12. PRICE DROP TO 9,750.00$, here a few more pictures>>>
  13. All good for the nostalgic Z, values are getting up and availability of good specimens low, but if Jay Leno gets one on his herd then the Z will be in the ranks .
  14. YES, I will consider trades but no projects or rusty cars , clean title a must.
  15. To answer a few questions, parts for this NISSAN PAO are easy to find, all mechanicals are from the Nissan MICRA that was available in Canada and Caribean Islands. The power canvas top is in great shape with no rips or shrinkage and operates with no problems. The A/C needs a charge with R12 .
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