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  1. wed at 1 pm on the speed channel (direct tv 607) also last weekend in sebring don ahrens gave the competition a new definition of dominance. cd
  2. wow, your fortune has changed drastically from a high of building up a great car and then having it taken from you, now the joy of seeing it returned. i hope your fortune continues to out work your bad luck in a way that lets you keep the car and fix her good as new. best of luck to you. cd
  3. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23038
  4. i just love to hear about a great car getting a new owner who will give her all she is due. good luck.
  5. my favorite picture is the in the link below. if i remember right, it is the fourth picture on the third page after the body strip, in between the convention movie and the one with mr k. http://web.mac.com/cdavidwilder/iWeb/Site/Welcome.html
  6. the long piece in your picture is number 5 in carl's diagram. the short one is number one but the trick is not to ( flip-flop/vise-versa) or otherwise attach number one to the wrong end of the piece with two channels wheels at each end. all in all, i recall 8 nuts holding threads exiting holes from the inside out; 4 at the crank and two each for the pieces in your photo. i normally leave these nuts almost tight and watch the action during the windows full course before forcing any one component into a commitment. grease those channels good and look through the catalogs and blow up diagrams for parts missing on your car because any one miscue can make you try to fix a problem that is not there.... this is one of those fix it deals best done 1 hour before lunch. if it ain't fix i one hour your best off taking a break and attacking it with a clear mind (and a full stomach) cd
  7. good lord will, do you have this info archived in a dewy decimal system or did you pull all that out of your head. i'm impressed and taken a back all at the same time. see ya soon, cd
  8. this car could make a new home in the us of a. i would market it strongly in california as the exchange rate would pay for the shipping. build a "very" nice video and have it appraised. you just might get your best dollar if you are willing to let it leave the island where you can not go visit. cdavid
  9. i came very close to moving and taking my z. gold coast was the city for me, just south of brisbane au. i did visit australia and new zealand with a 2 dayer in fiji. i spent 4-6 hours a day for 6 weeks on the net doing research and i highly recommend it as i was amazed at how much can be learned. a visit can not be replaced by the internet but check out the world fact book and look for expat sites as mentioned above. i recall a 3 week voyage for the car would run $1,000 and at the time the exchange rate was more favorable. the aussies and kiwis were the best of host and i would love to visit more and or join them but the immigration laws are difficult past the age of 34. au has a point system to qualify which included age, net worth, and favored those who were skilled in the industries which they needed professionals. good luck and have fun. cdave
  10. i believe you have a fuel leak under load/cornering. good luck cdavid
  11. this is not a mental condition in it's self, nor is it a detrimental part of being a car enthusiast. it is in my opinion an extension of our hobby prompted by: the need for spare parts, investigating different part and configuration options, the want for something new to do "for our car" and the use of knowledge when buying or picking up a part from a jag, j30 or 240 sx that can and will fit. sometimes i buy or investigate a part option because i've heard (here or elsewhere) and i want to prove or disprove it's viability for myself. i could list the goods, stuff and junk i have on hand but some would make me look the fool and others would only make me a crafty mechanic if it were on my car. an example of this is a non-clutch nylon fan i have which blows so much air the car will not reach 170 degrees in the hot tampa summer. ( it also makes her sound like an airplane ). now that i am done with that configuration i will switch to the csr electric water pump for the new engine. i've had three 81 to 84 mercedes during the past year. these years were exceedingly successful cars for them and the worldwide draw which keeps them on the road means there is easy and many times cheap access to parts ( but it can be very expensive to get them on ). a story about a 2000 bmw with cracked plastic in the sunroof led a friend of mine to the realization bmw will ra pe you when they can. the part was very common to break and the price went up every year until it hit $1600.00. i recommended welding the roof shut and new paint. the bottom line for me is; its just part of my love for the car, driving and being my own mechanic.
  12. i am building a l28(flat top f54) with an n42 head ported to an n36 ect... below is a link to some very good info for most things z. http://www.geocities.com/zgarage2001/heads.html
  13. dear Baruch Rosenberger, i mean mckrack. i have been contacted repeatedly by email from a zcar enthusiast (i mean owner) who once represented himself as mike hunt. i think you know this guy because he seems to know you very well. cdavid
  14. i once knew of a very nice, very low milage early car with some owner added trim, upgrades and improvements. if your car is a true example worthy of being critiqued by the most knowledgeable of experts you could do what this other guy did. but remember, his car was the world's lowest milage 240 at less than 16,000. take a rattle can of rubberized under coating and spray to your hearts content. remove the points and install a petronix unilight disturber, i mean distributor. have some jackass mechanic in ny install 280 mustache bar bushing and then ship it down and back to tampa a few times in search of the correct diagnosis. get some sheet metal screws and drill mount a radiator over flow tank into the side of your engine compartment. drill mount a gold king's crown air freshner tp the dash for the best in aromatherapy. these mods and others will be sure to elevate your car to "pristine early zcar" and one day you might be a trailer queen; i mean your car might be a queen. i will add a picture of this other guy for you to meet at the daytona convention to discuss how to be a responsible person, i mean responsible early zcar enthusiast. the picture is of him in a bad light but then that is how i remembered his conversation with mr. k who was taken back by his brash statements, as indicated by the guy standing next to him. cdavid