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  2. Bart, the fan and clutch shown by Zkars above, is what came on my series 1 when purchased new. These fans were heavy and often caused premature failure of water pumps. It was fairly common for dealers to switch these out for the later plastic fan and clutch assembly when they became available on later Zs. I have the plastic fan assembly on my car and only put the metal fan on for shows. If you use this metal fan, I would make sure it is well balanced and has the correct resistance in the clutch.
  3. AZ-240z


    Perfect! Couldn’t have said it any better! For the past 18 years this site has provided me a sanctuary into which I could retreat when ghosts from Viet Nam, or loss of wife, or loss of parents intrude into my life’s thoughts. These experiences are certainly not unique to me, but I always knew I could come here, or to my ongoing Z restoration project, to chase those ghosts temporarily away. I will forever be appreciative of the depth of knowledge of a select few here who have contributed to my restoration project. If I want anxiety or contoversity, I will just turn on CNN or FOX.
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    Just had to say something. I thought we were about our Classiczcars, not a forum for political biases!
  5. Kats, motorman7, CanTechZ thanks for your clarification. Seems like the collective here as solved another Z mystery, and the auction can proceed for an amazing find.
  6. I have one more observation about the bat car that others may be more knowledgable about. I would rather make my observations here rather than commenting at the auction site so as not to bias prospective bidders with unsubstantiated observations. In photos # 97 - 101 on the auction, I noticed that the rear window defogger electical connector and its sleeve are “straight”, or “in-line” with the wire leads. All of these electrical connectors with their sleeves that I have seen are made with a “90 degree” wire fastener incorporated with these connectors to accommodate the originating location of the defogger wire leads. Would this “straight”connector possibly be particular to ‘69 - ‘70 cars, or is this possibly a purposeful modification? What say you! Dan
  7. I agree with all of 26th-z comments, and that a 5/70 car should not have the air filter flapper snorkel system, which this car does not. Chris, are you saying that you see the air filter flapper snorkel system on this car, or did you mis-speak? I was excited to see all of the original yellow paint markings, the spring tension clamps and not wire clamps on the fuel hose connections to the fuel filter, a very original feature, and the very early master vac decal which no one to my knowledge, other than me, has reproduced, and I haven’t sold any. The hazard flasher switch is also missing the ON-OFF decal. If this car had its original exhaust system, I think it could compete with the Franklin Mint car. Just my take!
  8. Why bend the float arm to compensate for inaccurate readings. If you look closely at the float arm pivot point, you will see a small set screw. This set screw, when loosened, would allow you to change the sweep of the float arm in relation to the pickup contacts thus changing the tank fuel level readings.
  9. Here are some posts from an archived thread started by Kats, whom I consider one of this sites authorities when discussing the S30’s restoration. Dan
  11. I believe you are correct. The left and right pieces go in the driver and passenger foot wells. The T-shapes piece goes under the seat. There should be two of these, one under each seat. The two top right center pieces go behind the seats and under the plastic tool covers. The shape will dictate which side is which. The small piece below those, bottom right center, is a piece that fits in the right rear deck behind the right rear wheel housing. Not sure about the gray piece. Hope this helps. Dan Edit: Do a search for “Jute” and look for Kats posts to find correct orientation of footwell pieces.
  12. Both of the emissions decals that I had reproduced are gold. And the real decals shown that I used to copy are gold. I was not able to find any gold repros, thus my need to make my own.
  13. DannDZ, when I restored my car, I needed the correct emissions decal for my 1/71 car which was imported through Los Angeles I ended up having the correct 71 emissions decals for both car that entered the country through California, and all the other domestic ports of entry. These decal are very correct and have not been offered for sale yet, but would sell to anyone interested. The first picture is a reproduction of the third picture, and the second picture is of both the original and reproduction California decal. Dan
  14. Hi Kats, I am glad that my experience with a car originally purchased new on 3/25/71 helped confirm the reasons a redesign of the oil pressure gage/sender combination was needed. I had used the 90psi/6kg combination with the good results that you describe, but I needed to use the 140psi/10kg combination to retain the originality of my series 1 car. During periodic maintenance, my mechanic, who has worked on these car since the mid 1970s, confirms my oil pressure with a direct reading gage knowing that this was a problem from the start. It also, as you say, gives me peace of mind. Sorry, I am no help when talking about S20 engines in Z432 cars, but wish I had this Z432 problem. 👨‍✈️ Dan