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  1. Often, when a car sits for long periods of time, moisture collects at the bottom rim bead area and causes a little corrosion. I think if you pop the tire off of the wheel and clean up the wheel bead area, that should solve your leaking problem.
  2. I’d be happy to sell you a decal. Given what has been said in the above conversations, your car kind of straddles the annual changeover months. Your choice whether you want the earlier or later Master Vac Decal. The only way you would know for certain would be to look up someone with a vin#/build date close to yours whose car still has It’s original master vac decal. Dan
  3. Hi Carl, thanks for the corrected information on #8987 build date. I was interpolating dates from Zhome data. I modeled the early master vac decal from Motorman7s ‘70 car which has a vin # hls30-02614. Given that, I made the assumption that this early Decal most likely was applied to all 1969-70 cars, but with no information to validate this assumption. Dan
  4. The 1971 decals are $25 each plus postage.
  5. There should be a manufacturer data tag on the drivers side door jamb. It has the month and year of manufacture stamped into this tag. From a quick look at Carl Beck,s Z Home web site which lists owner registration information, hls30-8987 was probably manufactured on 9/70 making it a 1971 car. July is usually believed to be the changeover date from year to year.
  6. Theses are the two booster decals I have made. The bottom decal is for 1969-70 cars, and the top one is for 1971 thru 1973 cars, I believe. What is your vin # or year? Do you know which one was on your car originally? Theses decals are pretty much flawless in reproduction accuracy.
  7. I’d you need the decal for your booster, I have reproduced the correct decal for both the 1969-70 240z, and 1971- 73 cars. Dan
  8. I am going from memory, but I seem to remember that the sending unit is keyed so it will only go in one way. also, no need to bend the float arm. If you look closely at the float arm pivot point, you will find a set screw which allows you to adjust the travel of the float. hope this helps. Dan
  9. Check out the above series of posts about manifold finishes. Dan
  10. Thanks, Jim. I have a spare early radio in need of a faceplate that I, too, need to check out. Looking forward to seeing how yours radio and chrome pen checks out. thanks again Jim. Dan
  11. Jim, very nice job refurbishing a beautiful example of an early radio. Could you tell me about the chrome pen you ordered, ie., source and performance? Thanks, and I really hope to see you and your car someday. Dan
  12. Nice to see my car getting a little recognition in the first three pictures of this article.
  13. Just to clarify, this is not my, nor do I have any interest in this, auction. As an aside, I bought my splashpan 15 years ago for $25.
  14. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-240Z-Z-Splash-Panel-NOS-Ultra-rare-122317-3/382316818276?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
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