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  1. Hi Jerry. Just a thought. If originality is important, my car’s riser tube is original. the outside is some kind of fabric and is very close to “sailcloth white”, a paint I used to refresh mine. See pictures below. btw, good to see you back! Dan
  2. Scroll down to #6 and you may find what you’re looking for. https://www.mgexp.com/forum/mgb-and-gt-forum.1/clark-cars-of-prescott-arizona.2955328/ Dan
  3. There is a rubber O - Ring inside the silencer that slips over the pump interface, so should just carefully pop off. Hmmmm,———— wonder what a new one would go for on eBay?
  4. After seeing this thread, I had to go out to the garage and check out my D612-52 dizzy I picked up on eBay, supposedly off of a barn find parked in 1978. Also came with a nice set of Sumitomo plug wires dated coded 1977. anyway, after tearing it down, it also only had the single spring, FWIW. Dan
  5. This may help describe this parking light switch location.
  6. Maybe this will help in clarifying my my posts on the 918 formula. here is the formula on the can of 4ounces of touch up paint I just bought. I’ll leave it to the experts to decipher the numbers. Dan
  7. The first formula I posted that had the Red Orange amount misprinted Was actually 490.?. This number in the updated formula I just got on 4/1/2021 is very close at 491.0 as seen in my last post. For a valid comparison, the mix size for both formulas is 96 oz (3-quarts). I am no expert in deciphering paint formulas but where is the big difference, site? The amount of touch up paint they mixed for me was just 4 ounces, so maybe that is the confusion in the columns of numbers.
  8. Wally, yesterday I went to my Finishmaster paint supplier in Phoenix for some touch up paint. Here is the correct paint code for Nissan 918 Orange by DuPont ChromaBase paint which was used on my car (see previous posts for pictures) for all who may be interested in the correct factory finish color. Dan
  9. Why would you need to remove these items if they are perfect? Cover them in plastic and paint the car!. you won’t find an original or good facsimile of the headliner or diamond vinyl that would pass as a good reproduction, but I could be wrong. The foam on the back of the headliner will tear.
  10. Thanks, Wally. My car actually came off the deal’s showroom with slotted mags. When restoring the car, I found this set of hubcaps with their date matching steel wheels, (matching my car’s production date) on eBay. Seems the seller’s dad, when purchasing his 240z about the same time I bought mine, had the dealer replace these with slotted mags and stored these originals in his attic for the next 40+ years.
  11. Much appreciated, @siteunseen . @Wally , I got the car out into a clear Arizona morning for a few pictures of the 918 finish taken with my iPad.. I included an under-hood picture for color contrast to validate the orange hue.
  12. Sorry Wally, I would only be guessing. The first number looks like a “1”, and the other numbers could be ” 0 or 9 or 8”. Given the other additive codes, a local auto paint supplier could probably figure the “Red Orange” amount. I’ll try to get a whole car picture tomorrow, but here are a few in-garage pieces.
  13. Wally, Pierre Z did my car restoration about 19 years ago, and he also did most of the restorations in the Vintage Z Restoration Program just before my car. Needing some touch up paint myself, I just came across this label and believe it to be the base coat paint used on my car. The label, seen below, includes the formula and manufacturer. Disclaimer if you decide to use this, but thought it may be of interest to everyone. Dan
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