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  1. Thanks 240260280 and all, such great responses. I only wish that I had paid closer attention to these details when my car was new (who knew?). Here are a couple of pics/white paint dot on fuel pump center cap screw, and red paint mark on throttle control set screw along with small green mark on same.
  2. Thanks zspert. The support you gave me was a major factor in my car’s Gold Medallion success. There are few with your depth of knowledge and experience with respect to factory originality when talking about the Datsun 240z. The Z community will always benefit from your successes.
  3. Well, don’t leave us hanging! Could you share some photos of your artwork?
  4. Rich, thanks for posting these great pics, and best of luck with your “Gold Medallion” worthy car. Dan
  5. I reproduced this decal years ago and it is being retailed by both Motorsport and Banzai. I am our of town until Monday but would be happy to send you one Tuesday, unless you need it sooner. It is very accurate. Dan
  6. Jayhawks, when searching for parts for my restoration, I pulled a set of Koito (sp) headlights from a junkyard car probably 15 years ago. Never tested so don’t know if they work. If anyone is interest, PM me with offers. Dan
  7. Hi Chris. Glad to hear your plans for 26th and 27th are finally back on track. As you may know, I had reproduced, along with others, the red mastervac decals being sold by Motorsport and Banzai. More recently I have made the earlier ‘69-‘70 mastervac decal, also very nice and yet to be offered for sale. let me know if they would be of interest to you. the second photo is an original decal, the first, my reproduction. Colors, not well illustrated in the photos, are very accurate. Dan
  8. Have you checked for an exhaust manifold leak at the block?
  9. What everyone has said so far, rubber floor plugs, door, tail light, and hatch weatherstripping, take it all to heart. One other possibility is the hole for the antenna drain hose. Crawl under the car to make sure you have a good grommet for that drain hose hole. While you are under there, see if you see daylight between the edge of the rear floor next to the quarter panel.
  10. Often, when a car sits for long periods of time, moisture collects at the bottom rim bead area and causes a little corrosion. I think if you pop the tire off of the wheel and clean up the wheel bead area, that should solve your leaking problem.
  11. I’d be happy to sell you a decal. Given what has been said in the above conversations, your car kind of straddles the annual changeover months. Your choice whether you want the earlier or later Master Vac Decal. The only way you would know for certain would be to look up someone with a vin#/build date close to yours whose car still has It’s original master vac decal. Dan
  12. Hi Carl, thanks for the corrected information on #8987 build date. I was interpolating dates from Zhome data. I modeled the early master vac decal from Motorman7s ‘70 car which has a vin # hls30-02614. Given that, I made the assumption that this early Decal most likely was applied to all 1969-70 cars, but with no information to validate this assumption. Dan
  13. The 1971 decals are $25 each plus postage.
  14. There should be a manufacturer data tag on the drivers side door jamb. It has the month and year of manufacture stamped into this tag. From a quick look at Carl Beck,s Z Home web site which lists owner registration information, hls30-8987 was probably manufactured on 9/70 making it a 1971 car. July is usually believed to be the changeover date from year to year.
  15. Theses are the two booster decals I have made. The bottom decal is for 1969-70 cars, and the top one is for 1971 thru 1973 cars, I believe. What is your vin # or year? Do you know which one was on your car originally? Theses decals are pretty much flawless in reproduction accuracy.
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