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  1. Picture #2 (below) shows the bottom surfaces (front of car points up)... early type (55415-E4102) on the left, later type (55413 E8301) on the right... Enter “differential insulator” in the search function, and you will find a wealth of information about these insulators. x
  2. Conedodger, I am so very sorry for the loss of your friend. Please trust me when I say that I know how you feel. After turning 78 last week, you and I share very similar life experiences, and, with age, comes the accumulation of life experience ghosts which can be, at times, overwhelming. Thank you for sharing and remember the good.
  3. Jerry, not quite sure what you want to do. The filter housing just pushes on the air pump. is this the filter, or silencer, that you reference? As you can see in the photos, there is a rubber O-ring that will resist pulling off the old silencer. Dan
  4. Randalla, when I needed to get to the gage mounts, I found that removing the heater control panel allowed best access with no damage to glove box liner, or anything else. You will need to remove the radio knobs, and the 3 heater control cables, one on the drivers side and two on the passenger side under dash. When removing the heater control facia panel, the map light will want to fall out and hang by it’s power wire so just unplug it, but be aware that the wire lead is short and can be difficult to fish back out. You can now pull the heater control panel out far enough to get behind the dash gages. I use plenty of rags and masking tape on sharp edges so as not to scratch up the center console or anything else. Let me know if this is helpful. Also, this would be a good time to replace all of the gage light bulbs which you can find at Banzai motorworks if originality is important. Dan
  5. I have a NOS antenna mast but don’t want to screw off the tip for fear of scoring the top mast segment. I can tell you that, with the mast fully extended, there is 13.75” of mast filament exposed from the bottom end of the extended mast. hope this helps.
  6. Just wanted to add my .02$ to the conversation, but with no absolutes. As my car was also restored by Pierre in 2002, I was also made aware of a total of 200 proposed VR cars but can’t recall the source of this information. I did find an old clipping in my archives which did reference 200 to corroborate what Chris mentioned, but this obviously is not documented by Nissan or the VR program.
  7. + 2 on all of the above. This is mine which must have been judged to be correct at the 2012 ZCON.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-240Z-1973-only-Emission-and-Weight-Decal-Sticker/274386640417?hash=item3fe2b7de21:g:dKMAAOSw4CRe1~AX
  9. Bart, the fan and clutch shown by Zkars above, is what came on my series 1 when purchased new. These fans were heavy and often caused premature failure of water pumps. It was fairly common for dealers to switch these out for the later plastic fan and clutch assembly when they became available on later Zs. I have the plastic fan assembly on my car and only put the metal fan on for shows. If you use this metal fan, I would make sure it is well balanced and has the correct resistance in the clutch.
  10. AZ-240z


    Perfect! Couldn’t have said it any better! For the past 18 years this site has provided me a sanctuary into which I could retreat when ghosts from Viet Nam, or loss of wife, or loss of parents intrude into my life’s thoughts. These experiences are certainly not unique to me, but I always knew I could come here, or to my ongoing Z restoration project, to chase those ghosts temporarily away. I will forever be appreciative of the depth of knowledge of a select few here who have contributed to my restoration project. If I want anxiety or contoversity, I will just turn on CNN or FOX.
  11. AZ-240z


    Just had to say something. I thought we were about our Classiczcars, not a forum for political biases!
  12. Kats, motorman7, CanTechZ thanks for your clarification. Seems like the collective here as solved another Z mystery, and the auction can proceed for an amazing find.
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