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  1. no pics of frame damage, sorry please call for additional information
  2. Two 1970 240z's for sale, one in good condition the other for parts. Good one's vin number is #HLS30-14783 with 79500 miles on it. The engine has been rebuilt, chrome wire spoke wheels, about 70% done. The parts cars vin is #HLS30-2018 with 109020 miles on it. The engine has also been rebuilt and has lots of good parts inside and out. Some frame damage to both cars $2000 obo for both cars, need to sell by oct. 12th Please call 609-472-7998 for additional info
  3. I will have all the information and pictures as soon as i can get home, i am in school and my dad is busy with work, these are both his i am just tryin to help in sell them, i will try my best to get pics and info soon thanks brooke
  4. i am sorry for all the confusion about the dates and numbers, i am trying to get interest for these cars for my father who owns them, i am only 20 and do not know all the information aout them, he is not very good with internet and i told him i would find some poeple that would probably want or know someone who wants the cars. one of the cars is 2098 however from reading waht you guys put it must be a 70 but made in 69, and the other one which is the nicer one is in the 14 thousands i think. i will go over it with him when he returns from work and try and have the right details for the cars, i was jus tryin to get ahold of some people that knnow these cars cause doesnt have alot of time to do it himself, i will also get some pictures soon, if anyone can help me then it would be greatly appreciated brooke
  5. the 1969 is number 2098 and is in good condition, i will be taking pictures of both of them soon to post for everyone to look at, the other one is a great one for parts, the 1969 is a perfect one that i started to restore but ended up stopping and is in need of someone to start it up again to get it back to its original look
  6. In burlington county, where are you located
  7. I have a 1969 240z that i have owned since it was brand new and i have a 1970 240z that can be used for parts to complate the restoration of the 1969 z. If any one is interested in these cars please feel free to contact me. Brooke
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