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  1. Bring a Trailer has this summary for your reference as well; Datsun 280Z For Sale - BaT Auctions (bringatrailer.com)
  2. One of the CanAm Shelby prototypes. One just RNM on BaT for $30,000 https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1989-shelby-can-am-prototype/
  3. The date on the Tennessee title is January 14th. Wow, I'm impressed. 26th wasn't titled until April 1970. 20th made it all the way to Tennessee, and titled, in such a short period of time.
  4. In North America, they were introduced for the 1970 model year even though the official introduction was in 1969 with the idea that orders were taken for a January 1970 delivery. But since you asked, and we are kicking around the differences between "model years", a 1969 build car has several differences from what is considered a "series one" HLS30 by the masses on BaT. I don't know how they would reconcile the discovery of the differences in the real early production cars. So I have to change my answer. See Car's post below.
  5. The car had a huge bash in the left front fender! What was the seller thinking?!?!!! He should have taken the money and run.
  6. The headlight kit arrived in the noon mail today. Very nice. Came with instructions.
  7. Did you but this tool box recently? I saw one a few months ago, but I did not bid on it. I have been collecting more tools also. Just bought a wooden handle screw driver.
  8. Yep, Toyota South is who I ordered them from. I had H4 lamps in several of my sports cars over the years. I recall my first set was made by Cibie'. Anxious to see the lighting pattern that the Kiotos cast.
  9. I've had H4 headlights in previous cars and they are really nice so I was thinking of a set for 26th, especially Koito lights. I just looked them up and Toyota says they are no longer available. I see a seller in Kentucky that I'm going to order from. Yes, they are going to require some custom wiring but it looks like the kit gives you most everything you need.
  10. I sure like to find the oil cooler kit, especially the BRE cast aluminum adapter for the cooler lines. Interpart # 1162050
  11. Steve J; have a look at this website and tell me if these are the same thing you found. https://www.danielsternlighting.com/products/products.html I think these are the same bulbs? Stern sells the wiring kit as well. How much was the Toyota kit? CW-
  12. I found similar results with CHROME markers. CHROME has different tips to choose. GUNDAM has colors; gun metal and a clear coat.
  13. It looks like the 'T' on the right is a smaller diameter?
  14. I just ordered some footage from McMaster. I've ordered stuff from them before. All good high quality. Anxious to see how it looks and fits.
  15. Does anyone know anything about full padded dash replacements from ACCU-Form? I looked up the website and see plenty of dash cap items, but I'm looking at a full replacement dash, pad and all, that attaches directly to the metal dash frame. Any experience out there? I searched a little bit here and just find discussions about dash caps.
  16. So what specie of wood do you think was used? There was a mention on BaT about walnut and maple shift knobs. I really doubt the maple and would suggest light walnut. Walnut comes in a range of color, light to dark, red to brown, and the grain is quite distinctive. Walnut might explain the various colors of the steering wheel as well.
  17. Regardless, the jute is under the transmission tunnel vinyl.
  18. "If I was doing the forensics I would look very closely at where the steel contacts the wood. The inside not the outside. The fine details around the weld beads and where the spokes enter might tell a story."
  19. Now they're arguing over the color and wood specie of the shift knob!?!!
  20. Well, hold on there, Roo. If they were made from one solid piece of wood, they would show end grain which they do not. Further, the grain on the steering wheel does not run perpendicular to the circumference of the wheel, rather parallel to it. Thus your Aston Martin wheel is made from a number of wood pieces, front and back, around the rim.
  21. You are both correct but you are splitting hairs within an incomplete definition, IMO. There are many ways to process wood, similar to our thoughts of processed cotton or wool. In the manner of manufacturing a wood steering wheel, Izumi used a processing know in the industry as "oriented strand". Oriented strand lumber products have been around since the 1940s. Similar to high pressure lamination techniques, the oriented strand process allows tighter tolerances and strength to a reinforced product like the steering wheel. And, the end product is seamless. Great welding photos of the metal rim and spokes!
  22. Oh, you make me chuckle, Zed. Of course a research author would define the definitive. Would you expect the author to say the information was random and fabricated?!?!! "Here, buy my book. I made all this up"! Obviously, the item of misinformation is the subject of this thread.
  23. First thought is that motor vehicle law might require wipers. Second thought is what a delete does to your resale value. And third thought brings my friend C.J. to mind who took his wipers off and custom welded the holes shut on the cowl piece. He was into the 'shaved look'. He used Rain-X all the time.
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