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  1. Yes, it might be a partial conversion - or - it might be a V8 swap calling itself a Scarab. It could also be a Scarab without any of the Scarab pieces. A ghost Scarab perhaps. Of course, if there was any legitimate value 'as a Scarab', it wouldn't be in that condition now would it?
  2. I think Carl is intending "expected value" rather than an intention of sale value. I also think Carl premised fairly well as that would be around my "expected value" of my cars. Chris is showing us really nice workmanship. "The restoration work on the one that sold for $70K+ would take a year or two of the owners work, and an addition $60K to $80K to duplicate, on top of the purchase price of the car to start with. $70K for 240Z in that condition was a bargain today." $80 - $100K in my opinion. Plus the original cost of the car.
  3. No, that's not a Scarab. We have a good couple of threads on Scarabs in the archives. Member 'ZRUSH' had a Scarab.
  4. Don't agree with your item 4 comment, Av8ferg. You are only talking about North American oil. You gotta remember; the price of oil is the price no matter what ground it comes out of. The oil companies didn't do anything with the leases before. Not renewing them didn't change anything. And we don't want them drilling on our land anyhow. I live on the Gulf. We already learned that lesson. Besides, we export the crude surrounding the pipeline issue. That doesn't do us any good. I think the context around the "End All Fossil Fuels" expression contains the pledge to sustainable energy for our future energy independence. You know, the day is coming when we will run out of this stuff. There's only so much of it. Its a shame that the price of gas is so high. I do remember 25 cents a gallon (old fart). But gasoline isn't going away any time soon. Oh, and your talking point for number 4 is "New Leadership". Yes, isn't it great to have leadership again?
  5. Fun to see us talking about rally cars again. We had some great discussions back in 2006 - 2007. I was told that this car is HS30-00026 adding a little pedigree to my beauty. I still have a massive collection of images which were 'hoovered' back in the day. Hope the restoration is the best of times.
  6. Let me begin by saying that this was an experiment to capture what I believe was the original 'finish' of the bottom of an early 240-Z. Originally, 26th was covered in a dealer applied bituminous undercoating that covered everything down there. Fortunately, a good amount of original factory build stuff was preserved. Factory markings and paint dabs, for instance. When I scraped all that off I noticed a texture to the original paint coating - a real heavy orange peel texture. 27th was not undercoated and exhibits the same. For 26th, I did not try to mimic any masking of the application that may have defined the areas applied at the factory. You have to take the car apart or crawl up underneath to criticise. The Raptor has a lot more texture than I expected however I am quite happy with it. I think it's going to be a bitch to clean. Raptor comes in black color and this was mixed with 907 green. I would say it is a shade darker, but it shows well and I am happy. Next time, I'm going to thin the paint a little more and try for a smoother texture.
  7. This restoration shop is a full service business. Classic Car Restorations in Bradenton, Florida. Complete services from paint and body work to interior work to full reassembly. Many thanks to Brian and his crew for excellent work and specific attention to detail. They fixed some poor welding work and fixed some other metal that had been covered over in Bondo. Once I get the car rolling and running, she will go back for the interior installation - butterscotch. For 26th, I chose a two stage acrylic with a clear coat. The underside is textured in a colorised product called Raptor. I decided to texture the wheel wells and inner fenders. The interior finish is just the base coat which is why it looks a little dull
  8. It has been one long journey. Three different body shops, years of storage, but she will be coming home next week to begin the reassembly process. Finally!
    Worked perfectly. Had the file printed full size, tediously cut the templates out, fit in the car, cut out the tar mat material (tediously again) and installed. I like the fit. Measurements seen good. Cutting out the template and material was the worst of it.
  9. Yea, I agree. I would think that the symbols would be worn, not the thickness of the knobs.
  10. I take great delight in the pictures too! Great pile of snakes!
  11. Hear are some pictures of the exhaust manifold I found for 26th. This was just after I had it ceramic coated and I was testing the fit. It came with a metal shroud for the air filter pre-heater tube bolted to the manifold. That's what those tapped holes are for. It has full casting nipples. Yours were ground off, Kats! My thought about this manifold is that the flow and pressure is about the same as a set of custom headers. I read some report that dyno tested the cast manifold against the headers for the gain in horsepower.
  12. You know? I have scans of that exact catalog also! The exhaust tube kit, 20000-E7276 shows up in my 1971 USA Datsun Competition Parts Bulletin as 99996-E1040, $180. That included mufflers but if you wanted the megaphone tail pipes, that was 99996-E1041 for $48. By 1973, the USA comp catalog # was 99996-E1045 and the megaphones were 99996-E1042.
  13. That's the car he was driving the first time I met Bob. That's a vintage picture!
  14. Kats, 26th came originally with air injection type emissions system but no fuel vapor recovery tank. I do not plan to install the air injection. I have the non-emission intake balance tube as well. 27th, on the other hand, will have the stock emission system when I get to rebuilding her. The one good radio I have will go to 27th. For 26th, I have the optional 8-track / radio.
  15. "Punter". I have never heard that term. Thanks for the smile!
  16. Same no. Only a full sheet. You know, maybe on a 280Z. I wouldn't know that much about a 280Z.
  17. Very nice exhaust manifold, Kats. I had the same idea for 26th and installed a 'U98' casting I bought in Australia. It does not have the dimples for the air injection ports - smooth transition. I had it ceramic coated so that it would not rust.
  18. The 'water seal screen' means 'vapor barrier' and it was 6mil PVC "visqueen" plastic sealed to the door with white polyurethane sealant. The sheet had cutouts like this but as I recall, was clear, not black. https://www.ebay.com/itm/265471089859
  19. Ah...Here you go. 17251-E4101 is the original filler cap superseded without date by 17251-E4102 (with chain). The filler neck 17212-E4101 changed to E4102 with it, but again, no date listed in the parts book. The rubber flap, 78818-E4100 is the only listing. My cars have the flap. I still have a brand new one that I bought in 2013. It is labeled E4100.
  20. HLS30-28726 would be a 4/71 manufacture date. You'll want to check Carl Beck's site Zhome.com for particular dates / serial numbers of changes. Sounds like you have the correct ash tray and lighter arrangement on the console and the hole in the dash is just bare. Pull handles on both sides is fine as would be just the passenger door. Jute and carpet under the seats / tool covers.
  21. I didn't mean to rob this thread but I enjoyed the comments. From 'wooden skis' to 'Lange Bang'; yea, she's the Lange bang all right!
  22. That's an authentic 1969 poster for Lange Ski Boots. 69 was around the time buckle ski boots were introduced; when the snow ski industry really took off. I had a pair of Langes and metal composite skis by Head.
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