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  1. zclocks


    Hi Peter, Sent you a PM Ron
  2. zclocks

    WTB 280 quartz clocks

    If you have either of the clocks in the attached photos and want to sell them please pm me. Thanks for looking Ron
  3. zclocks

    75 280Z Garage Sale (with 77/78 parts also)

    Sorry I should have specified. I was asking for a 75 280z electric fuel pump. Thanks
  4. zclocks

    75 280Z Garage Sale (with 77/78 parts also)

    Do you have the OEM fuel pump? Thanks....Ron
  5. Up for sale is a standard 280Z OEM clock for a 75 or 76 that has completely refurbished by Zclocks. Circuit board was rebuilt, housing re-plated, lens polished , wire harness refurbished, and working bulb installed. The clock has been in test for 30 days and keeps fairly accurate time , plus or minus a few minutes per week. The price is $155 . Free shipping within the US. If you have questions please e-mail ron@zclocks .com Thanks for looking.......Ron
  6. zclocks

    Slotted mag center caps

    Hey Gary, I'm sure each wheel is slightly different ( center hole) and maybe the cap dimensions might have have grown over years of production. I could get mine on without shaving them down, but like I said a mallet was needed to remove. Thanks....Ron
  7. zclocks

    Slotted mag center caps

    I haven't started polishing yet and wanted to make sure I had caps and lugs fit the 14"wheels. I did see the other caps on eBay , but they are slightly larger than the MSA. I could get the caps on without removing any material , but it took a rubber mallet to get them off. Also, the stress on the plastic over time might crack the cap. By removing a few thousands the caps fit just like OEM and are easily removed. Ron
  8. I recently purchase a nice set of " Western" slotted mag wheels , but no center caps. Yea, I know not everyone likes the retro style, but it works for me. Making it short I spent many hrs on the web looking for caps. Seems that the most popular is the 2.75 inch push on caps and the ones I was looking for didn't exist. I finally looked at the MSA cat and found they had the 3.183 inch caps.Taking nothing to chance I took a wheel with me to verify that the caps would fit. WELL, they didn't. I purchased one cap with the idea that I could make it fit. What I've discovered is that the caps have a range of interference fit and most of what I was finding, with new caps, was this interference fit was 0.055 inch. This fit would not work with my wheels and I suspect with others. Anything more that 0.045 in and the fit was so tight you couldn't remove the cap by hand. I suspect that over the years the injection mold tolerance and thickness of copper /chrome plate have grown. However, with the use of my magic grinder I took off 0.006 in and NOW it fits very nicely. So if your looking to replace or need center caps keep interference dimension fit in mind. Ron
  9. zclocks

    WTB Western wheel center caps

    Looking for center caps for Western slotted mags that have a 3.183 (3 3/16) inch center hole on wheel. The caps are front push on and can be plastic or metal. If you have or know where is might find these please contact me Thanks.........Ron Ok thanks for your comment Mark. I found the answer to my problem and no longer need the center caps. Not sure where to post the answer, but will link to this post once when I do.
  10. zclocks

    Cadmium vs Zinc

    Hey guys here's another Caution. Be very careful around heavy metals . This stuff is accumulative in you blood/system and might not manifest itself as serious, but it is . lead and Cad can cause major health issues as well as DEATH and genetic defects.Heavy metals are hard to clear the body. Welding throws off many different gasses as well as soldering, yes soldering! Lead levels can sneak up on you if your shooting , soldering or welding. Wear a GOOD approved mask for welding or soldering. Your lungs will thank you down the road. Short story: When I was in an exhaust shop years ago I saw a guy welding a up an exhaust pipe without eye protection(dark lens). When I ask why he said he couldn't see what he was welding? I thought then I wonder when he'll go blind . Not more than 2 months ago I saw a guy on Utube demonstrating a welder WITHOUT glasses. Also, if you do any sand blasting WEAR a Mask. The silicone in sand and many abrasives can cause silicosis. This is caused by exposure to crystalline silica, which comes from chipping, drilling, or grinding soil, and, granite or other materials. ZC
  11. zclocks

    Cadmium vs Zinc

    I've seen this discussed several times here and I'll throw in my 2C worth. I have a plating shop who has done all my plating for clock housings, screws , tubing, and brackets. What I thought was Cad was really yellow Zinc and blue Zinc. Most all of the Yellow Zinc is for my 75 280, but I have a lot of yellow Zinc done for 240 Rally Clock oscillators and mis-hardware. Cad is not as bright as the yellow Zinc. Depending on the chromate used you will have a red or green hue to the yellow Zinc. It's hard to tell after all the years, but a plater can tell you the difference by stripping a plated part. ZC
  12. zclocks

    HLS30-01121 Gets A New Life

    If you need a clock lens with bezel I have several that are very nice . Contact ron@zclocks.com
  13. zclocks

    Removing Clock Arms

    This is a hand tool I made years ago.....
  14. zclocks

    Removing Clock Arms

    I don't think the needle gauge from Amazon will work due to it's size. It might work, but needs to be modified. You can make a similar tool from a cheap pair of needle nose pliers. I did this yeas ago and it works very well. If you damage the hands I do have many in stock. As far as removing the screws on the back of the clock housing it takes the right size phillips and a lot of pressure to remove. If that doesn't work spray rust remover on the screws and let it set for a day or so before trying to remove ZC
  15. zclocks

    Broken Window Roller - Repairable?

    Hey Jim, They do carry it, but might be out of stock. Post if you find the parts or had to make one. The other question is the rubber still good? Mine was shot when I did my resto and had scratched the window.

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