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  1. If ZKar doesn't have one I have a couple of other sources that might. If you do find one I would have it rebuilt. There's a good place in nothern CA which charges like $190 , but they do a really good job. My damper looked go after I removed ,but the rubber was cracked. On the car it was wobbling about 1/4 in.
  2. You might e-mail zKars and see if he has one. I tried to find one for my 280 and couldn't so I had mine rebuilt. Not cheap , but better than no air. Ron
  3. Location of PVC. If in question easy to remove and clean with solvent. If you can shake it and it rattles then it's probably ok.
  4. So you had a internal oil cam and spray bar? I was told by a Z mechanic if you used both you wold have very low oil pressure. Ron
  5. Good pix of the cam. Looks like you have so damage. Could be the oil galleries in the spray bar are plugged. I would remove the spray bar and make sure they are not plugged. Also check the holes in head that attach to the spray bar to make sure they are open. Also, I think there are gaskets the the spray bar attaches. Make sure these are not leaking. As a note: I'm not sure that the 77 had a spray bar. My 75 cam was damaged (loud lifter noise/couldn't adjust out) I replace the cam with a 77 or I believe it was a 77 cam. The new cam was used and had holes in the cam lobes . This elimin
  6. When that happens I usually say" I 'm here to take the secretary out to dinner! Something else I saw in a previous thread about damper pulley. This is near and dear to me as I just had to do mine several months ago. The damper should not wobble.
  7. I snipped it from your video , but couldn't tell if it was plugged. A couple of vac sources are all vac lines suspect due to age, dip stick seal, pan gasket, maybe, cover plate, like where yours is plugged off on intake manifold. and valve cover gasket.
  8. Hey, I think I see an open vac port. This should be plugged
  9. I've tried to follow this thread and it appears you a have a lot going on. Been there and done that . Don't give up you have to work one problem at a time and you will get there. The valves should not make that much noise. If they were adjusted correctly you should hear an even clatter. If they are tooo tight they wouldn't make much noise. In an earlier thread you mentioned spray bar gaskets. Do you have a spry bar on this car or do you have an oil hole in each lobe? you can't do both or you will have very low oil pressure. If you have a very flat lobe you can not adjust out the noise.
  10. Patcon, Yes, I think most of the time the chargers can be repaired. Their not like a clock....LOL Ron
  11. This is a great topic especially if your looking for a trickle battery charger or one to replace a dead charger. I had the tan 5 AMP charger pictured for over 40 years and it finally died. Well my neighbor helped by hosing down the charger with water. Anyway, Instead of replacing the diodes I just tossed the charger and started looking for a new one, what a shock. I tried three new charges that died before I went looking for a SEARS unit like my old charger. I found the two Sears charges as pictured on eBay. The 5 AMP is my " go to" and the 6/2 AMP is a backup. These are v
  12. Thanks for the quick return. Your clock is the standard mechanical and not quartz. Thanks any way. Ron
  13. Is the clock in the car a quartz? Thanks

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    If you have either of these two Quartz clocks and would like to sell them please contact me at: ron@zclocks.com or PM me . Thanks


    seal beach, California - US

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