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    If you have either of the 280z or 280zx Analog Quartz clocks shown please PM or email me. Thanks....Ron


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  2. View Advert Clocks wanted If you have either of the 280z or 280zx Analog Quartz clocks shown please PM or email me. Thanks....Ron Advertiser zclocks Date 11/19/2020 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 77 Model 280  
  3. Ha Ha!! I'm laughing cause I have the same problem and I'm older than you. Thank god I have a pull out radio.
  4. Looking at the two side by side looks like the the switch labeling is different in Z Excellence car than mine. Mine matches my manual.
  5. I did get a photo after mega contortions, but my 75( 1/75) is connected as per the manual. D1 hose to D1 on valve and "I "hose to " I "on valve. "T" connection is from D1
  6. If you can remove it maybe it can be repaired. Never heard of one going bad , but after 44 years who knows.
  7. What is the distance between the center of the ball connector of each rod? 5.5 '' on the longer one and 3.5" on shorter ?
  8. Not really. I've had my car for 40 YEARS and still finding more rabbit holes to explore.
  9. The D1 and " I " looks like they are interchanged. I'm going to look at mine and mark them with my label maker. This is something else I have never seen. I will check mine out tomorrow and take a photo. Ron
  10. Good catch Zed... I have a 75 and this is what the manuals says . The "T" in the vacuum line should be connected to the D1 on the vac switch , but is connected to I.
  11. You might try zKars on this site. He does a lot of work on Zcars and has a big stash of parts. Ron
  12. The small gear has 11 teeth and the larger has 64. Both deteriorate over the years without maintenance and they are not available anywhere. Would you be interested in selling your clocks for parts?
  13. Failure of CO is usually high fuel delivery, excess fuel. I have a CA 75 and it has always run rich. I would usually lean out the AFM and that would usually do the trick. Also, check your PCV valve and make sure it's working and not stuck. OOPS, didn't see zed's comment. That's a good idea to drive it at HWY speeds for 10 miles or more before going to smog .
  14. If you going to replace the pump be advised that the aftermarkets don't seem to last . The last one I bought was $95, lasted 7 months, and was only used for about 20 starts. The first after market pump only lasted one year. The OEM pump may be costly but it lasts. Also, the after markets don't fit like the OEM and you have to make several modifications. Yes, 1/2 inch hose from tank to pump , but make sure you use FI hose out of the pump to the fuel damper like Zed said.
  15. This is the location of the FI relay
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