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  1. Thanks everybody, I'm excited and nervous. If you have anything to contribute to the discussion on BAT feel free to participate.
  2. View Advert I put my Rebello 260Z on Bring A Trailer Since I've been a member here for the duration of my Datsun(s) ownership I'd like to share the sale of my last Z with you all: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1974-datsun-260z-35/ Advertiser Kurbycar32 Date 11/21/2019 Price Category Cars for Sale Year 1974 Model Datsun Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)  

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    Since I've been a member here for the duration of my Datsun(s) ownership I'd like to share the sale of my last Z with you all: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1974-datsun-260z-35/


    Manteca, California - US

  4. Unfortunately I need to sell mine. I just finished getting mine spiffed up and ready to go
  5. Long term update: The alternator listed here and the one that fits the 1982 Caprice use a 10.414mm (0.41in) wide belt, and my Z motor uses a 13mm belt system. The actual belt that zKars used is a 13mm (1/2") belt so the original instructions are correct but this cross reference section is not. Initially the 1982 Caprice alternator bolted right in and with a thinner belt it seemed to work OK. Under heavy load, perhaps due to my 3.0 Rebello motor, the thin belt gets thrown. I was able to source a replacement pulley and am happy to report that with the correct pulley everything appears to be working correctly. I attempted to find a better cross reference with a 10SI alternator that came with the correct pulley but I never found an OEM equivalent, though I did find several advertised for tractors that looked right. Here is the pulley info: Delco Alternator Generator Belt Pulley 3/8 7/16 1/2 in Wide Single 1 Groove 10SI
  6. +2 I also have one, a Fidanza mated to a centerforce. I love it
  7. Is got 89mm Nissan KA24E pistons in it. They appear to be "reversed dome" style dished pistons. Also remember that here in California the highest octane fuel available is 91, and its got ethanol in it. While I only use the best (garbage) gas available it runs fine in day to day usage. I also told Dave that I prioritize daily driving over power so he may have chosen dished pistons to match that request. This thing makes plenty of power without flat tops so I have no regrets.
  8. My Rebello motor is an N42/N42 combo at roughly 3 liters. Even 3 years ago neither Rebello or I were able to find a serviceable N42 head. We sourced 5-6 of them but most were degraded past what could be used. Luckily my car already had an N42/N42 setup so instead of swapping motors with a replacement he rebuilt what I had.
  9. Thats wrecking yard material, but this guy probably has one: http://www.zspecialties.com/
  10. Yeah, we really need to know if that was a 10mm socket.
  11. Pick 'n Pull does in fact sell whole cars. They always have at least a dozen cars in the front of the lot gated off from the parts cars for sale. I cant promise they will let you buy a whole car from the salvage area, but they do sell whole cars.
  12. For reference my Z came with maybe a 3/8 pipe connecting my header to the balance tube area. The balance tube also had a connection to the water system. Your car doesn't have the flat top carbs so I don't think you can restore all the connections. Your best bet is to plug that hole, but that's already your plan.
  13. Howard, I ran a brass plug on my early 260z for at least 10k miles and only replaced it when I installed a new header. Speaking of headers, didn't I send you one with the car?
  14. I'm very happy with my MSA 3-2-1 exhaust plus resonator. The resonator really killed the freeway drone and took the edge off of the loudness, but it still sounds super healthy
  15. Can confirm, best option out there. Prior to his work there wasn't a good system for mounting 240 bumpers on a 260 and even now the other systems are just copies of his work.
  16. The claims that seafoam is a mechanic in a can or cleans up carbon in one shot are dubious, but the stuff has its place. I use a bunch of it on my dirt bikes here in California, home to high ethanol content gas that was never approved for use in my dirt bikes. Ultimately the stuff is a solvent that burns well enough to use on fuel systems. My typical use is cleaning out bike carbs but I also find that if I drain the carbs before storage and also spray some sea foam up the overflow tubes they don't clog up in storage. Other chemicals probably work just as well but I find in this application seafoam does work better than WD40
  17. Frankly the 260z is almost completely overlooked outside of the Z community. Like @rturbo 930 said the 280 headed towards GT car style in that its longer and heavier. To me 280's feel more 80's techno-fantastic vs the 240/260 vintage feel. The 260 is an improved 240 instead of a whole new car like the 280. My 260 has 240 bumpers on it and even people with Z's assume its a 240 because they haven't seen a 260. From the outside I think the only give away is a different set of tail lights.
  18. OP: Are you familiar with the 260z? They get a bad rap because the motor was choked down with emissions compliance and the bumpers were larger, but you wouldn't be dealing with those things on a modified car. The way I see it a good 260 is a 240 with upgraded electrical and a stiffer chassis. I'm getting close to putting mine on Bring A Trailer
  19. Darn it capitan you are making me look bad. I spent probably 3 days rebuilding the hvac control system and its not nearly as nice as your system.
  20. Concours question: Lets say we find a car thats been perfectly preserved, like cryogenically frozen or somehow brought from back in time. Since its essentially factory perfect how well does it score in a concours style car show?
  21. Have you considered posting it on Bring a Trailer? Those guys are nuts for Z's lately, ill probably post mine up there this summer. If you put my username in there (kurbycar32) I think they send me $100
  22. Pretty darn close, ask me how I know. My motor is very close except for the cam (Rebello custom vs Isky) and Dave estimates it a 285hp+ on SU's and he claims 300+ on triples.
  23. Kurbycar32

    Forging Ahead

    THIS is bad arse
  24. Verify your fan clutch works. I also drilled 2 1/8" holes in my new thermostat when i had a similar problem in my Z. It allows the warm water to surround the thermostat a bit easier and in my case it started opening correctly. Its an old hot rodder trick and supposedly not necessary with a good quality thermostat but those seem to be hard to find. Google it
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