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  1. Hi everyone, I put the bushings in a bowl of boiling water for a few minutes. Then I applied silicone lube and even then they just barely squeezed in-but they are in. I had to disconnect the steering lower joint and I stupidly forgot to mark it with some white out. Is there a trick to centering the steering rack before reconnecting the lower joint, or do I just eyeball it? Howard
  2. Thank you everyone. I finally got the bushes after a two day delay delivery by UPS.? There’s nothing in the instructions about using any type of lube. Do these bushings install dry? Thank you. Howard
  3. The shop is Automasters at 7925 Queenair Dr, Gaithersburg, MD. Tommy is the person who helped me. Howard
  4. Build date in the metal plate is 8/74. Is that considered late? Howard
  5. I just ordered this from Energy Suspension. Hopefully it fits tight. Howard
  6. Looks like this is the type on my car. I don’t know if these are made narrower than the stock parts. Howard
  7. Hi Captain: Both passenger and drivers side bushing have gaps on both sides-I can slide them. I’m assuming they should fit snug? Drivers side bushing https://1drv.ms/v/s!AtT8cDSGBCrZhip6qSS48Owlqjn0 Passenger side bushing https://1drv.ms/v/s!AtT8cDSGBCrZhinEXTl5PQazezWm Howard
  8. I took my car to a shop for an alignment. They called after a few hours and said all they could do was set toe in, but they couldn't do anything else. They said that it seems my steering rack is loose and there is side-to-side play. He said either its not bolted tight enough or the two bushings are old and deteriorated. They shop didn't charge me but told me to fix the issue and then bring back the car for the alignment and pay at that time. I noticed that there is a bolt to welded nut torque, then a lock nut torque. I put a socket on the lock nut and it seems tight. Additionally the bolt is not a high torque value (19 to 22 ft-lb) but I'm going to loosen everything and retorque all of them. The steering rack bushings are new poly bushings. If I may ask the experts here on what else I can check that would cause such a loose feeling in steering rack? Track rod-end? I've checked all the bolts in the steering column (flexible coupling, pinch bolt, steering shaft u-joint pinch bolt) down to the gearbox and they are fine. This alignment was supposed to be the final step after 2.5 years of work to get this car road worthy and I thought I was done but now there is more work ? Howard 1974 260z
  9. Hi, My plastic choke cable sheath is broken. The cable inside is fine. Does anyone have any suggestions for alternative replacement sheath? All the Z car parts houses sell cable and sheath together which I don’t need (and is expensive). Thank you. Howard 1974 260z
  10. Hi, What do I do with the metal cylinder that came with my new throttle linkage boot? Howard ’74 260z
  11. It seems that’s what happened as there is a kink or split in the jacket. I ordered a replacement. Howard
  12. Would anyone know the screw size? I’ve bought so many bags of screws that wont work I can start my own screw store. Thank you. Howard 74 260z
  13. Hi everyone: I thought my speedometer was broken so I removed it from the dash in anticipation of having it sent out for repair. I spun the drive shaft on the back of the gauge and it worked perfectly. So I thought maybe the speedometer cable was broken and I tested by spinning it and it and saw the other end spin just fine. I then realized that the square shaped head that goes into the slot on the back of the gauge was actually not long enough slot into the back of the gauge. I tried pulling on it with needle nose pliers but I can't get the cable to extend out any further. It's a steel cable so I don't think it shrunk any. I can't think of any other any other way to remedy this than to bite he bullet and order a new cable? Howard 1974 260z
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