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  1. View Advert want to buy Big Bore SU carbs looking to purchase a pair of BIG BORE SU carbs anything available paypal ready thanks Dan Advertiser 2fourtyzee Date 10/04/2019 Price $400.00 Category Parts Wanted Year 1970 Model 240z  

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    looking to purchase a pair of BIG BORE SU carbs anything available paypal ready thanks Dan


    ventura, California - US

  3. if time permits, ill fix the quarter and throw a nice paint job, put some nice clean interior and finish it off and sell it for much more than that. i have to agree that i would rather stay away from rust than a simple quarter panel replacement. it just takes time and some money. the car is very solid. reason as to why i purchased it.
  4. Never did i say the car was "dented", i was honest and straight forward about the car i was considering selling.. i told him it was very rust free and that it had an accident on the passenger side quarter.. i find it funny how he changes words with dented lol.. this isnt my first Z, i have collected, sold, scrapped, dismantled many Z cars and i know that the majority of them have some serious rust. im not offended one bit.. it isnt like 240z prices are going down.. if i dont get my asking price today or tomorrow eventually within a year or two ill get my asking price and more.. good honest Z cars are becoming difficult to find as we all know.. if time permits i wouldnt mind fixing the car and enjoying it myself. i wish you all the best in finding a good car for those still looking to have one, ive already got a few nice ones, and im finding more and more z cars every couple of weeks.
  5. how about you tell me what a 70 with original paint and no rust Z is worth to you? ive been tinkering with cars for over 20 years, i know a thing or two. so please enlighten me.
  6. spoke to the guy he thinks he can get a rust free and complete z for 3k lol.
  7. im in California and getting ready to sell some of my Z cars. pm me. i may have something that will spark your interest, a series 1 z that is very solid and rust free.
  8. message me through PM or eurolit3@hotmail.com i have many other parts available. thanks
  9. i have one. if you are still looking
  10. i have rebuilt 3.1 stroker motor with brand new 45 webers. My question is what jets should i use to get the car to run good enough to take it to someone who can tune the carbs. the carbs are synced and the car runs and idles great. the car is driveable but between 1-3k it is sluggish im wondering if maybe the jets need to be changed. The 45 webers have stock jets in them. 3.1L f54 flat top pistons 89mm n42 head with big valves and race port 540/290 cam zstory full exhaust system using a stock distributor w petronix ATI damper im located in ventura county CA any help would be great thanks alot
  11. Looking to buy a good used Ashtray as mine is missing a corner piece on the main housing. thanks 2fourtyZ