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  1. Well, I think I’ve committed to going EFI right now. I think I’m almost to a point that she might start soon. Going carbs now would delay her debut to the streets of the 21st century. The Cali plates on the car has a registration sticker of 1998. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. 87mj

    Color Change?

    Yes, Yes. I have seen pics of your car every time I log in. I feel as if you are deliberately rubbing it in. The '70 has blue interior but most of the diamond vinyl was too far gone to use. While I still have some of blue interior, I didn't have either door panel so converting to black will be pretty painless. I must agree. I really like the black stripe too. Back in the day, racing stripes were very popular. I am sticking with 14" 195/R70 tires so it should look very dated. Im not sure I am going to like that 1970 transmission though....
  3. The glass can be installed with the frame in place, but it can be challenging. As I recall you tip the front down into the door first at an angle then rotate the back down into the door
  4. Seems odd that they would go for exactly the same nice round big number. They have different histories. One has a 5 speed so is not "correct" and has had the factory-sponsored restoration monkeyed with. It's a resto-restomod. It's a neat story but just seems a little weird, unless somebody with so much money it barely matters just cast a blow-everybody-out-of-the-water bid. The details will be interesting if they come out.
  5. I am sure that it is 100K each. Yes, the 1996 refers to the restored cars commissioned by Nissan for the 1996 re-introduction. I think that they were 70 and 71 models for the most part. I believe that the original plan was for 100 cars, but somewhere in the neighborhood of just over 40 were completed. I am sure that it this information is not correct someone here will give the correct numbers.
  6. I never would've thought to use the stud welder that way...great tip, thank you! Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  7. Cut off wheel(ssss) straightening a n47 head in a kiln
  8. Don't remember who coined the phrase 401Z retirement account but it's beginning to look like it could be true.
  9. I'll send a couple of Z's over to sell in a couple of years when they turn 50 Nice time to retire the cars and me.
  10. Are you sure it's an L head? Doesn't really look like it.
  11. R90C is sold 173,000,000 Yen (about $1.55M) http://bhauction.jp/en/search/lot14.html
  12. For how much did the Nissan R90C sell? I would love to have such a wonderful ride!
  13. There is no short cut to good lighting if grounds are failing and connections are dirty as Steve said. However these will outshine the originals and have a very nice pattern to them. You won't be sorry you tried them. And best of all they are glass not plastic.
  14. I guess it's a trend to have a magic dust in Japan. https://www.slashgear.com/one-of-a-kind-ferrari-365-gtb4-daytona-sat-in-japanese-barn-for-40-years-01498078/
  15. Where can we get that magic dust? I'm going out to the garage now with my leaf blower.
  16. i believe we may be about to witness the effects of the main core (think bell curve) of the 'baby boomer' retirement phenomenon. This will unleash into the classic car market thousands of aging-but-wealthy people with time and a lot of money on their hands and a deep pool of nostalgia that they want to have serviced. There aren't enough Ferraris, Cobras, Maseratis and E-Types to go around, and too many of the other obvious choices are too uncomfortable or unreliable to suit a seventy-year-old trying to relive his or her youth in style, safety and comfort. The days of the $25K 240Z may be coming to and end soon. Only the Porsche 911 and the Alfa GTV tick the same boxes.
  17. You asked for it - here it is! 6 min. long but worth every second https://youtu.be/j1Or4N_O-3A Always fun to see a kid get a wish fulfilled -- even if the kid is taller than you. The first video was shot at around 2:00am - trying to sneak the car into the driveway from a couple blocks away.
  18. Thanks Kats! I have not seen much about Vintage Zs in a very long time. Here is the silver car. http://bhauction.jp/search/lot16.html These cars need a wash! Merry Christmas!
  19. I just picked up an all original unmolested complete 77 280z 5 speed (will be taking possession on Sunday) Very straight and rust free, it been sitting in a backyard for over 15 years, a lot of the paint has peeled/peeling and there is very minor surface rust here and there, too bad as this car it totally restorable...but there is no title and no way to locate the registered "owner" so it will go for parts. Willing to cut off and ship body parts such as the roof, core support, back end ect. Hit me up at tzagi1@gmail.com Pics will be available next week.
  20. Making progress removing the multiple layers of paint. The original color was gold found in the interior underside of storage lids. At some point the car was stripped and painted fire engine red, then painted white. Kleen Strip Aircraft Paint remover works well, I have a can of Eastwood coming soon, we'll see if that makes a difference. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  21. I do have most of what youre planning. I keept the E88 and Stroked the 280 Crank to reach 2753. It feels really good. Revs quick and has a lot low grunt (start at the light without any throttle with a lightweight Flywheel)... Fun to drive. Go for it By the way Rebello is seeling such Kits. I asked him a view years back and he answered You can buy our stroker kit. It comes with a stroked L28 crank (81mm) forged J&E piston, billet long rods and engine bearings.
  22. Held in by four pesky little 4 mm phillips head bolts. You have to remove the inner plastic trim panel that surrounds the window to expose those screws. This is the tough part. The plastic rivets that hold it in are removed by punching out the center with an 1/8" punch, then remove the rivet. Merry Christmas!

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