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  1. 87mj

    240z 1970 for sale

    I have a parts car that has the same rust over the top of the battery tray. The battery tray and surrounding area were fine. According to a body mechanic, it is a very easy fix since it is flat metal for the most part. In my case it was caused by the cowl drains getting clogged with leaves and presumably exhaust gases coming from the caps of the battery.
  2. I'm not sure what others think about restoring a car like this. I am going through a restore now. For me, the purchase price of the car is minimal compared to the cost of the restoration. Considering the upfront purchase price along with the fact that this car needs some sheet metal, the price gets high fast. In my case, I am restoring an early care whereas this is a '73. Plus I have 3 cars.... (ok 2 cars plus 1 derelict ) But having said that, if it was cheap and I went to look at it, I would buy it just because. I would politely ask people not to look underneath. Wow my wife would be mad. :(
  3. Yes that car is about 1/2 hour from my house.
  4. 87mj

    V8 '73 in Mecum Vegas lineup

    I never understood why a person would go through the trouble of painting a car but they wouldn't bother removing the nuts from the front strut towers. instead they paint over them.
  5. I would remove those tow hooks and put them in the glove box. If they use them and the car shifts forward, you could damage things.
  6. 87mj

    Series 1 interior restoration

    I have a mid '70 car. It's dash was in terrible shape. I was able to find a NOS Nissan to replace it. From what I was told, it was made in the mid '90s so it still looks and feels new. That being said, If my dash wasn't cracked, there would be no way I would consider replacing it. I would also like to know what everyone does to prevent theirs from cracking. My '71 has cracks but they aren't as large as others I have seen. I have heard that products such as Armor All will dry vinyl. So I have been using Vaseline on the '71. I will store the cars in a heated/air conditioned building so there shouldn't be any drastic temperature changes. I would think that would help but what do I know?
  7. 87mj

    Best place to find a Z?

    My advice would be to be patient. I decided on a whim to buy one. That moment, I started searching and found one on Craigslist 3 hours from me. Rust free 60k mile car. The first one I looked at. The owner told me he had another guy coming tomorrow to buy it and pay his asking price. I haven't been in the market for one since 1985 so I didn't know they were collectable cars. I thought sure there is but I bought it anyway. But knowing what I know now....
  8. 87mj

    1971 Datsun Z-Series 240Z

    No rust. There is a car right now on BAT that has no rust according to the seller. Yet one of the seams in the passenger rocker mysteriously is missing. Filled with Bondo perhaps? I wonder how many rusty "rust free" Z cars there are.
  9. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1967-toyota-2000gt/ I'm aware of these cars, the story behind Yamaha, what they are and so on. Don't get me wrong, I really like them. But if they were worth the same money as a 240z and two cars were sitting side by side, I think the Z has more visual appeal. That is of course assuming the Z isn't wearing its factory hubcaps.
  10. 87mj

    Holy $^!# I bought a turd

    These things so far are nuisances, annoyances and so on. They can certainly be frustrating. But they don't mean the car is a turd. If it makes you feel any better, there is a sure fire way to determine whether or not you have a turd. What determines it is the quality of the underneath, floorboards, frame, sheet metal and so on. If those cost more to fix than you are willing to pay, then you have a turd. Otherwise, enjoy the journey of putting the poor neglected thing back the way she was intended. Don't forget. Just a few years ago, these cars were not worth anything. Consequently, they didn't receive much love.
  11. 87mj

    should I buy this car!?

    What he says... If I ended up with that car, I would treat it like a rust bucket and pay to have the body put back to original. So from that standpoint, there is a lot of sheet metal there that needs repaired.
  12. 87mj

    Metal rear pillar emblem with chrome Z wanted

    If you get lucky and get one of these, I will be amazed. I have one and have been looking for a second one for a long time.
  13. 87mj


    I would have assumed a tumbler, particularly when used with abrasive media would damage the threads on screws. Am I wrong?
  14. 87mj

    Dash Preservation

    Anyone? If anyone has a dash that is not cracked, can you share your secret?
  15. 87mj

    [SOLD] 1973 Datsun 240Z Scarab

    Wow. Who got a bee in his bonnet? :)

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