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  1. 87mj

    Series 1 emblems

    Wow. It must have been the installed on the earliest of the early cars. I have been watching for cars with the chrome Z emblem on BAT. There is a car on BAT (I think someone here owns it now) built in 11/69 which still has the white Z emblems on it. I have an emblem on one of the first cars made. If I only had the rest of the car....
  2. I am trying to find the origin of the emblem to the right. At first glance, it looks like a series 1 b pillar emblem but notice the "Z" is chrome. I believe It always was and it lacks a raised border. A couple of years ago, I bought an old car along with a bunch of old parts. The emblem was in a box with the parts. The emblem on the left came from my vin 5xxx car. Does anyone know the origin of the one to the right? They are both the exact same size (even though they don't appear to be in the photos). The casting on the back of both are identical. They are both made of pot metal. The one on the right was mounted on a car at one time. The clips are still on the posts and it has minor pitting. I read somewhere where there are 2 versions of this emblem so I assume this was it. But I was curious when they used them. This was the first one I have seen. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. 87mj

    Seafoam question

    I think it was Sunoco that has a great article on fuel shelf life. Their fuel with 10% ethanol has about a 3 month shelf life. If you want to extend it, their fuel with no ethanol has a long shelf life (6 months IIRC). Their racing fuel has about a year but that is leaded off road only.
  4. 87mj

    Sale or trade on Craigslist 11/69 #525 NOT MINE

    Oh yes and the black leather. It was factory in 1970. :)
  5. 87mj

    Sale or trade on Craigslist 11/69 #525 NOT MINE

    Hmm, is it just me or is intake manifold not factory for that age of a car? Also, I see the air cleaner isn't correct for the year along with the fan. Possible that is not the factory engine?
  6. 87mj

    Did I miss something?

    But it has a 240z hood.
  7. 87mj

    Quest for More Power

    Rebello claims to get an additional 90 hp out of a 2.4. I suspect a person would notice that in a 2,300 lbs car.
  8. 87mj

    Ridies leather interiors

    I have seen those before in other cars. They look very nice. I like them but since they look a bit elegant, I don't feel like they match the car. I am sure they are more durable than the standard vinyl too. If they had a cheaper grade of leather that looked more like the cheap vinyl that came with the car, I would do that in a minute. :)
  9. 87mj

    random z story

    I had a similar situation. A couple years ago, I bought a spare '71 complete engine & transmission on a cart, a spare dash, 2 complete doors, about 10 or so gauges, a bunch of taillights, a spare gas tank, several boxes of parts, some plastic interior, a series 1 AM radio and a complete running and restorable car. I paid today's going price for the AM radio for everything. That was just 2 years ago. I doubt I could do that today.
  10. I have a 5xxx VIN series 1 that I am trying to bring back to life. All NOS door strikes I have seen on ebay et al are bright white. I am absolutely certain mine were yellow zinc along with the bolts that fastened them to the car. Has anyone else seen that on an early car?
  11. 87mj

    Looking for 918 Orange 240z

    I wanted a 918 since I was a kid. I bought a white series 1 in desperate need of some serious love. I cant wait to slap 918 orange paint all over that car.
  12. I took mine off. It would really bother me to see those seams filled with paint. I snapped one of the studs which was very nice.
  13. 87mj

    Fuel Spill Stain Won’t Come Off

    I also vote claybar. I have had good results with that.
  14. 87mj

    FYI - 240Z Dashboards

    This conversation has been going on for several months and no one has purchased one yet. I suspect this is vaporware and there is no such product.
  15. 87mj

    Z cars at the Concours

    Great job. Its good to see the old Datsun finally getting some respect. In high school, my first car was a '73. Everyone loved the big low compression cars of the mid '70s. They were big and had big engines, but they didn't move too fast. There were only two people that appreciated my old 240z. My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) and myself.

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