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  1. If I make a purchase that the seller obviously mislead but I purchased through my credit card, I can dispute the purchase and the credit card company will back me up. That is why I don't have paypal connected to my checking. Only my credit card. I wonder how successful he would have been if he disputed the purchase with his credit card company? Its easy to get taken when purchasing a car, especially an 50 year old Z if you don't know what you are looking for. But this is a little extreme. I think I would have won the battle with my credit card company. I would have told those clowns to come and get their car. BTW, DC Mike, I would be very careful scraping or parting that thing out, especially if you plan to try again. Whatever you sell, you might need very soon. Plus it might make excellent documentation if you tear down another car to restore it (speaking from experience on that one :) )
  2. I have a fear of heights. I couldn't watch while you were turning that thing around. I felt like I was going over the edge. :)
  3. Mine went through the blast/paint process just fine. However, when I put the wire harness in, I haven't bent anything in place yet just in case I need to move things around in the future. I left that as one of my last steps.
  4. It would matter to me. I would probably rather have a non functioning factory radio than one that has had the insides removed. I have a '71 with the factory radio. I think the speaker cone is ripped. So it sounds pretty bad. I bought an AM for a '70 I am redoing. I have no idea if it works but I will install it anyway. If I am going over 40mph with the windows down, I cant hear it anyway. Especially with my wife in the car.
  5. I found it worked a little easier after I removed the torsion bars. Loosen everything. Remove the torsion bars. Then close it. That will take all resistence out. Then reach in there and tighten everything down. Then reconnect the torsion bars.
  6. I think I was misquoted. It seems to happen to me a lot. My understanding was there was a 4 cyl prototype car. Not an S30 with a 4 cyl engine. I don't remember ever reading that such a car existed.
  7. I'm not sure but I theorize that maintaining this body line during the repair of a wheel arch can be time consuming for the body mechanic due to the limited space. Mine told me the line "disappears" over the wheel arch. He claimed he got his info from a local fellow that owned two z cars. I sent him a picture of the lines of my other car. He reluctantly put the lines in the car but he was mad at me for the remainder of the restore. Then he killed himself shortly thereafter.
  8. When I get scammed through an auction or internet retailer, if they don't back up what they sell, I contact my credit card company. They will back me up. At one time, I was restoring an old Jeep truck. I bought 4 refinished wheels but they didn't match. They had variations in the color and the casting. They said I bought 4 wheels. Not a set of wheels so they refused to take them back. My credit card company went to bat for me. My paypal account is tied to my credit card only and not my checking for that reason. If someone purchased a car using Paypal in similar condition as old yeller above and the ad was as deceptive, I wonder if a person would be successful by contacting their credit card company and withholding payment?
  9. I am certain that I read somewhere where they took a 4 cyl prototype out on the American interstates (speed limit 70-80 at the time?). Mr. K decided no way. It had to be a 6 to run on American interstates.
  10. Indy? I'm up by Ft Wayne. I have a 6/70 that I am putting back together. It's decal was silver. The ink wore off and the decal is long gone due to a repaint. I have a 5/71 with a gold decal.
  11. I have a 6/70. Does anyone know when that switched to access panel type?
  12. I read this a little differently. If you like old cars, you don't like girls?
  13. That looks very good. But in my opinion, it doesn't look correct. As odd as this will sound, I don't think the wheel on shipped cars was ever as light as depicted in the brochures. I remember mine being about the same color as what is on my '71. At the time, that car was about 5 years old. All the cars I have seen in person throughout the years had a cherry cast to the wheel.
  14. Right. But somehow he has convinced his customers that he is. That is how he is able to sell cars at 2x their value which in turn contributes to artificially inflated values. Agree?
  15. I owned a '73 in about 1978/79. I don't ever remember seeing any unrestored steering wheel that was as blond as those in the brochures. They all had that cherry tint to them. I sanded my '70 wheel and refinished it with poly. The cherry verses the blond streaks had much more contrast than I remembered so I applied a coat of dye over my poly to "cherry" it up a little. It is now pretty close to how my factory '71 wheel looks. Also, the shift knob never matched the wheel. Does anyone else remember differently?
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