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  1. 87mj

    Dash Preservation

    Anyone? If anyone has a dash that is not cracked, can you share your secret?
  2. 87mj

    [SOLD] 1973 Datsun 240Z Scarab

    Wow. Who got a bee in his bonnet? :)
  3. I may have found a NOS dash for my '70 I am restoring. I have done a little research about preventing cracks and I am curious if anyone has any updated information they care to add. This is what I plan to do: Store the car in a temperature controlled room that has very little temperature fluctuation. The garage has heat and and AC. Cover the dash and/or windshield when you are parked in the sun. Treat it with Vaseline? Don't use Armor All or similar products. Does anyone have any other advice?
  4. 87mj

    Body line

    I have two cars. One has a manufacture date of 6/70 and the other 5/71. Both cars have their factory rear quarters. The lines do not end on either car but the lines on the 6/70 are much more pronounced than 5/71. Its almost as if the tooling needed to be sharpened by the time May '71 came around. I would certainly call it "less prominent" on the '71.
  5. 87mj

    floorboard rust -what is that coating?

    I realize you didn't photograph the entire pan but from the photos, it looked like surface rust that as you said earlier, was cause by water getting between the sheet metal and the tar mat. Are you sure you pans need replaced? From your photo, they don't look that bad. Maybe blasted and painted only?
  6. 87mj

    Leather seats yey or ney?

    I'm a purist and have an early series 1 car that I plan to recover in the near future. I have the exact same dilemma. On one hand, I want to return the car to as close to stock as I can. Stock was vinyl. On the other hand, those of us old enough to remember know that 240z seats were barely durable enough to last 50,000 miles so most nicer cars are not running the factory upholstery anyway. I have a 60,000 mile car '71 that was reupholstered about 10,000 miles ago. They still look good but I am beginning to see wear along the side bolsters where you enter/exit the car. I don't think you would have that with leather. If I could find leather that looks like the factory vinyl, that would be my preference. The stitching on the sides would need to look original with the tube stitching and so on. Then I would have the factory look with the leather durability. Has anyone seen leather like that?
  7. My car left for the body shop last week. I mentioned to him the condition of the vin tag and he said he could drill the rivets and clean it up a bit. To me, there doesn't seem to be any good way to clean this without removing the ink. Has anyone found a good way to clean it up without damaging it? If you were me, would you have the body shop remove it to get a better paint job or would you leave it alone and tape it up and paint around it? Thanks Gary
  8. 87mj


    This has got to be the worst possible job imaginable. I am not looking forward to it. BTW, how accurate are the MSA headliners. Anyone? Can you tell they are not original?
  9. 87mj

    Need help finding tan (orange) seat covers and door panels

    I believe Motorsport auto and zcar depot both sell replacement door cards. I THINK they only come in black. If you want another color, they also sell just the vinyl and you reupholster them yourself. I am not sure how accurate of reproductions they are. Maybe someone else can chime in on that? I seem to recall they come with the chrome strip across the top. I don't think the replacement dogleg panels directly behind the seats have the chrome strip on them.
  10. 87mj

    Help pricing

    260Z came out in '74. '75 was 280z.
  11. 87mj

    918 percentage? paint suppliers?

    Also, perhaps one of the reasons you see so many 918 cars is the color is iconic for the car & period. People such as myself always wanted a 918 car. Luck brought me to a clean 905 red car instead. But I found a car in need of restoration and plan to paint it 918. So there's an example of one more in the world that didn't exist a year ago.
  12. 87mj

    1970 Series1 240z "barnfind"

    Unbolt those tie down hooks from under the front radiator. Otherwise the transport company might use them. That would be bad.
  13. Just a thought but what if it isn't vapor lock at all. Maybe the choke needs adjusted. Maybe it doesn't fully disengage? Someone obviously messed with it when they swapped the carbs. I have a very early series 2 car with the old style center console. A PO swapped the transmission with the later style which moved the shift lever so my console no longer fit. My fix was to install a later series 2 console with a series 2 choke. Right after I did that, it sputtered on me. It eventually worked itself out but I was freaking out anyway. I thought I was reliving 1979 all over again.
  14. I know this sounds like a solution coming from a simpleton (which it is), but I wonder what would happen if you installed a larger capacity clear fuel filter in various places so you could actually see what was going on. For example, right before the engine, then between each carb and the fuel rail. Maybe even on the return line. I swear when it happened to me, my mechanical fuel pump was not sucking gas from the tank. I concluded the fuel pump was bad so I replaced it but there was no difference. I recall putting the fuel hose in a glass jar of gas and it still didn't suck gas (when the sputtering occurred). When the engine was cold, it ran great. Keep in mind this is coming from the mouth of what was a dumb 16 year old kid but it still haunts me to this day.
  15. I had the same problem back in the late '70s with my '73. I still had the flat top carbs though. I was never able to figure it out. Then I sold the car and got a nasty phone call from the buyer a couple days later. I know this sounds too simple but have you tried making sure your fuel lines are tight and then switch to alcohol free gas? The ID of my fuel lines going from my rail to my carbs are very difficult to remove even with the clamps off.

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