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  1. Can you point me to the carpet discussion? I have not seen that. Facebook? I need to work on my reading skills. I'm a skim reader. It always gets me in trouble.
  2. I have a 60k mile car and a ~110k? mile car neither of which could be verified in a court of law. My observation was the pics of the front suspension seem to have quite a bit of surface rust for a 38k car.
  3. I don't know if I can post a FB link here but just I case. The auction in Auburn is coming up. There are two ways to sell a car there. You can run it across the auction block. They also have a lot in the back where people can put a sign on it. https://www.facebook.com/auburnauctionpark/?eid=ARBi_0r2CkhC1AzyzDR-KB7S69tCBT0yCgpucXhl0qnPNy6Ua3phZL682OarSxdf9of6JJU0XfJB_wZw
  4. So the old Z sent the vettes home? Great. I have been waiting on this day for 40 years.
  5. I installed the barrel clips on the posts of my metal B pillar emblems and push them on without adhesive. They went in great. Then I put the barrel clips on the posts for the rear hatch and hood emblems. They went on just as easily although I had to press them in a bit harder. They were plastic. No adhesives. I haven't installed the front fender emblems yet but I don't expect any problems regardless of outdoor weather conditions.
  6. I posted a similar question a few weeks ago. The recommendation I received was to install the clips on the posts. Then push the emblem into the holes. That would prevent the barrel clip from getting pushed through the back side of the fender. I followed that recommendation and it seemed to work for me. Maybe the librarian can sort this out and get back to us? :)
  7. On one car I have 185/70/R14 that I bought about 4 years ago. For the other car, I bought 195/70/R14. That was just last year. Both sets are BF Goodrich Advantage TA. I don't race or drive hard. They don't see rain either so I have no idea if they are any good. But I have no complaints whatsoever. I am sure they are better than what came with the cars from the factory.
  8. There is a fall in Auburn Indiana each labor day. About 3-4 years ago a '73 went on the block for around $25. That was a high price for that period. Plus it was brown with excessive sanding marks in it. You could drive there. I should also point out that the auction is very large. About 3 days long.
  9. Just beware of the photos verses seeing it in person. That color seems to vary so much depending on the light conditions of a photo. Incandescent verses florescent, sunny days verses clouds and shade.
  10. Personally, I wouldn't buy anything with an aftermarket sunroof. I'm out.
  11. Was the heat wrap really asbestos? I thought I read somewhere where the '73 also came with an electric fuel pump. Is that correct?
  12. I had a bad experience with flat tops as a teenager. I couldn't get them to run right so I took the car in for repair (about 1978-79). I had the carbs overhauled and the guy still couldn't get the car working right after 3 returns. It could easily be my ignorance but I would be scared to death to have them so I remain open minded about the flat tops. But... those hubcaps have got to go. :)
  13. Thanks for everyone's input. Personally, I thought it was a little unusual that a 5300 vin car with a mfg date of 6/70 would have been titled as a '71 and not a '70. When I buy parts for it, I definitely say it is a '70. It was sort of funny looking back. I think if it were advertised as a '70, I dont think I could have bought it. The poor thing was on craigslist and advertised as a '71 for about 2-3 weeks and none of the "series 1" features/cues were included in any photos. Plus it was white and looked more rusted than it was. I popped the hood for the first time and saw the valve cover then looked at the door and inspected the vin & build date. I did a good job of keeping my composure. It was well worth the money in parts alone. Most of the original parts where still there including a fully in tact and functional hand throttle. But the bad news is the restore isn't going as smooth as I would have liked. And yes, I have one of those mid year '71 cars. Buying parts for that car be a little more subjective.
  14. Does anyone know how to tell the difference between a Nissan replacement S30 front fender verses an aftermarket front fender? With the exception of the tabco replacement rockers & wheel arches, etc, front aftermarket fenders always seemed to be black at least from the pictures. And the Nissans were grey. Other than that, I wouldn't know how to tell the difference. I realize it has been awhile since they made them. Any way to tell? Thanks
  15. I have a 6/70 5300 vin that is a '71. :)
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