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    Bought by us in Dec 2017 from the 2nd owner. Very original, zero rust car that lived in Bakersfield, CA for 41 years and Paso Robles for 3 more. Now resides in Irvine, CA. <br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
    -- Car is mildly cammed, with a lighter flywheen and a shorty exhaust (terminating under the driver). Runs strongly and will be a daily driver. Lowered about 1.5". Plenty of little things to upgrade/restore over the next years.

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  1. My kid lost the gas cap from our '72 240Z and I need to buy a replacement. I want an OEM or OEM-like solution and should probably choose one with a chain (the old one didn't have one). I see the $97 option (needs a chain that costs $25) on Motorsport Auto and if I have to, I'll go that route. But does anybody know a better option? Thanks!
  2. Here y'go, Zs-ondabrain: 1972 w/ build date: 6/72
  3. I will participate w/ photos & build date tonight when my kid gets home from school with it. In the meantime, I guess I have to give up on my turn signal switch and buy a new one. He's been driving around for months w/ no right signal and I don't think I can troubleshoot it. Cops in Irvine don't need a better excuse to pull over a teenager in a loud car! I see listings like this one on Ebay. Restored turn signal switch for $199.99. Is this the going rate? I thought it seemed a bit high for the turn signal side, but I don't have much of a frame of reference. I'm OK if the switch I buy doesn't look good because mine was restored by @Zs-ondabrain and the lever looks great - I can swap them out, no problem. So if $200 is high for that switch, does anybody know of a better source, or have a switch themselves they want to sell?
  4. Yes, Trevor is still loving the car. Took a half day recently to go up in the hills just to take photos of it :) Right now I'm most concerned with some minor electrical issues (turn signal not working and no horn) and WATER issues. I took out several CUPS of water pooled on the floor a couple of weeks ago during our weeks of rain. The car won't stand for that very long. I sold a trailer last week that will allow me to start putting the Z in the garage, and we have started installation on a full kit of weather stripping. So far, installed both door strips. Next, door window "wiper" trim to keep water out of doors, and the rear hatch trim. Day by day... This coming year, Trevor will be heading off to college and won't be taking the Z with him. Then it will finally be out of daily use mode, and I can more easily work on it.
  5. Well, it does bear some resemblance, but I wish ours was closer to this one, condition-wise. It is white on red and has louvers on the back - I'll give you that. Trying to get closer to that one day by day. New wheels and rubber probably coming soon, so that'll help. Cheers
  6. My kid went out and had a little photo shoot with our Z the other day… Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  7. That's funny. You're right - it wasn't your post. The names were similar enough (he is Pac_Man), that I didn't notice they were different. So thanks to you, too, Pac_Man, wherever you are. The community of Z owners is a good one!
  8. Looks like the issue is pretty much fixed. Once we got the wndow crank off (PO had used a mangled homemade clip), things flowed pretty well. By positioning the window up and down to see what we had access to in various positions, we realized what the problem was. The nylon nut at the end of the rod from the outside handle needed to be adjusted down (loosened) because the handle was running out of travel before the rod was pushed down far enough. In addition, cleaning and re-lubricating the rotating points we could reach, the whole thing is working better than ever. I thought that once we had removed the door panel we'd have better access to things, but the inside of the door stamping itself gets in the way a lot. Not looking forward to the day we need to do serious work on the door mechanisms. Thanks again for your help.
  9. Thanks, Patcon. It's funny - after my original posting this morning, I found your thread on hybridz from a Google search and I learned quite a bit from it. I guess I'll have to get the door panel off and see what's going on under there. First I have to wait for my son to come back with it from Cars and Coffee. Always more fun to shine it up and show it off than to work on it, I guess :)
  10. (If somebody knows a thread that deals with it, let me know - I couldn't find one) The outside door handle on our '72 240Z doesn't open the door anymore. Its functionality deteriorated over a couple of weeks and now doesn't work at all. The inside handle opens the door, but not all that well. Looking at some door latch mechanisms I have seen online, it looks like there are some return sprints and obviously some moving parts. Is there a common service that can be performed on these to make them work better, or is replacement the only option. And if replacement, does anybody know where to go to find them? MA seems to be out of them. Maybe the fix will be more apparent when we get the door panel off (which we haven't done before). Any advice? Thanks!
  11. Love Robert Cray. Favorite is "Little Boy Big" - listen to that one.
  12. I bought this pair of replacement seat belts at Motorsport Auto today. They are made by Retro Belt. The hardware for both sides is identical, yet the installation is definitely not the same on the left and right side. It seems like the hardware is set up for the passenger side. A couple of mounting mounting brackets have a bend in them, and they are both bent the wrong way for the driver's side. There are no instructions for mounting these belts in a 240Z ,by the way. There is a one-page instruction on some extra work needed to mount them in a '70-'71 (extra hole needs to be drilled in the car), but nothing else. That made the job much more difficult than it needed to be. Has anybody installed these belts and did they have the same issue? I'll call and ask the folks at MA when I have a chance.
  13. So did you ever have to try to find the little "nubs" or "bullets"? I'd be interested if you found them out there. Seems like the kind of thing somebody could 3-D print, too.
  14. A couple photos from the Japanese Classic Auto Show in Long Beach this past weekend. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  15. If you’re in Southern California, don’t miss this event. I missed it last year and was so bummed. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
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